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                 01/18/2018 06:57 AM  
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02/06/2009 02:57 PM ID: 76823 Permalink   

UFO: Quality Photo Taken on the Coast


Mark, 35, from Poole is a professional photographer, on this night he was accompanied by his girlfriend Amanda Hickey, 37, his intention was to snap some pictures of the seafront buildings but they captured more than they has intended.

As he was shooting the film he had noticed nothing unusual but later on returning to his home he checked the footage of his camera on his computer, he was taken aback to see very clearly what appeared to be a UFO.

Nick Pope, said: “It is an amazing picture, one of the best I’ve seen in some time. Most pictures are taken at night and just show vague lights. With this you can clearly make out a structure to the thing and it is a classic UFO shape.

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The UFO sightings reported doubled last year.
  by: captainJane     02/06/2009 02:58 PM     
doubled the reporting on shortnews :)
  by: mostra   02/06/2009 03:26 PM     
  "It is an amazing picture?"  
"one of the best I’ve seen in some time?"

give me a break. it looks just like every other UFO picture ive ever seen,
a very tiny, blurry , picture of what looks like a saucer

I want to believe...but i don't really think i do anymore
  by: calculon   02/06/2009 03:39 PM     
  I believe ...  
... but I know there is no way it will happen anytime soon.

The only way I see us ever making contact is going to require LOTS of change on this planet.

Probably won't happen in my lifetime at least ...
  by: Daev     02/06/2009 04:08 PM     
  @ Daev  
I only caught this one by chance today!
I really don't know either as well as that I don't know if I want to be around should something or someone make contact with us out there, we are pretty messed up as people and what I am worried about is, would they be worse or would they be revolted by the few that are sick here and secondly would these aliens presume us all to be the same??
  by: captainJane     02/06/2009 04:40 PM     
"The only way I see us ever making contact is going to require LOTS of change on this planet."

not at all... infact going this course if we could design and form of transportation worth a damn, that would cause us to be a threat to them (over the last 75 years we've been harnessing the power of the atom; that was a signifigant step, and since then is when the alien sightings started with greater frequency) contact would be widespread here, not just the crazy guy that spent year binge drinking, but a scientists or politicians, especially with such a politically fractured world as opposed to a united race as you'd normally think of in terms of advanced alien life... though they'd bee meeting all the wrong people "take me to your leader"... big mistake... we're still primitive enough to shoot at them before making contact or being shoot at first... in terms of peaceful relations, yeah we would have a long way to go before exterestrial peaceful relations were formed... would you befriend a neanderthal?, knowing he'd have no problem killing his own kind for petty reason , much less something truelly alien... i imagine any peaceful alien race would think the same way

about the article this looks like a superimposed image, with the kind of camera he's using there's no way only that part would be completely out of focus, and it if was moving too fast for a clear image where the motion blur... i declare this as fakery.
  by: HAVOC666     02/06/2009 04:43 PM     
  take me to your leader  
I just realized how embarrassed I'd be if the American government were my representation to an alien race.

I guess all I could do is hope that some secret government agency doesn't try to dissect them upon meeting them.
  by: Trevelyan   02/06/2009 05:13 PM     
  Astronauts' ...  
have gone into space and will continue to do so as long as man exists and NASA will always presume it is our right to search for any form of evidence; yet our world would be suspicious should anything land on our soil and as Havoc has mentioned the atom bombs, how do we know what effect this may have had on other planets? Would anything picking up these signals up see this as a threat? Scary thought, huh ?
  by: captainJane     02/06/2009 05:28 PM     
  Looks exactly like  
all of those photos that were shown to be the result of an internal component in a certain kind of camera. The story is even the same.
  by: Fratley   02/06/2009 06:08 PM     
  With "quality photo" evidince like this...  
...I wonder why the UFO crowd suffers from a lack of credibility?
  by: captainchainsaw   02/06/2009 06:19 PM     
  It's Iron Man!  
... or a Winnie the Pooh balloon.
  by: theironboard     02/06/2009 07:23 PM     
I just realized how embarrassed I'd be if the American government were my representation to an alien race.

There is a cure for that, if the American Government was to be the rep you could always shoot yourself.
  by: Hellblazer     02/06/2009 07:24 PM     
  Not a "Thunderbird"  
Look at the photo at the source; it's clearly an X-wing. We've finally made contact with the Rebel Alliance!
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/06/2009 07:32 PM     
  Not an X-wing  
It is clearly a pinata that must have broken free from a tree and floated away.
  by: John E Angel     02/06/2009 07:47 PM     
  Oh ye of little faith  
"We've finally made contact with the Rebel Alliance!".Ben_Reilly
I am hurt you do not believe the un-believable @ Rielly

  by: captainJane     02/06/2009 08:11 PM     
  Um... People.  
If aliens were advanced enough to travel here undetected, from light years away, and were able to decide that there was in fact "intelligent" life here, what makes you think that same alien civilization wasn't dabbling with every single bit of technology we've been delving in to for the past millennia?

Too quick to speak before thinking on this one Havoc, humans are only a threat to themselves, and weaker creatures. Nothing else. A super advanced race would be capable of wiping out our entire population without having a scratch put upon whatever sort of "ship" they'd be using, if they even needed to use material objects.

Of course, a civilization of beings that has progressed past the age of the atom bomb without killing themselves off would be a bit more reasonable than to attack us, no?
  by: Dekar   02/06/2009 08:51 PM     
That sounds like alien-talk to me ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/06/2009 09:19 PM     
  It's an (alien) hang glider  
Underneath you can see a body with a dangling leg (or tentacle).

On the other hand, if you consider the bright yellow/pink spot on top as some kind of glow and the red-brown-red as the actual UFO, you'll see a brown cubic formed structure -three sides of this cube are visible- with protruding rectangular red panels attached on each side, which seem flat and angled. Antennas are placed underneath. In other words, it looks exactly like this one:

Guy must have used some pretty good zoom lens or did any satellites fell out ftom the sky lately?

I'd say, artifacts due to superimposed imaging and wanderings of the mind. They already fooled me once with the Face on Mars pictures. "Fool me — you can't get fooled again". What a disappointement when the new hires pictures came in. [conspiracymode]But of course NASA tampered with the pictures[/conspiracymode]
  by: Fonzo   02/06/2009 09:50 PM     
  The Sun  
Should be a blocked source. Its reputation is not exactly good.

For all not in the know, The Sun is an English tabloid... well known for its nude "page 3 girls".
  by: p_g_chris   02/06/2009 10:25 PM     
  I think...  
TIB nailed it with the Winnie the Poo balloon. If we had 98 more of them we could get Nina to sing a song about it. (99 Poo Balloons)

Was the original picture there already blown up and cropped, and then they enlarged the "craft" and recropped? Otherwise... I assume this guy being a pro would have a wicked digital camera that you could zoom WAY into the pic and still have decent resolution. After reading "QUALITY PHOTO" and then reading the article I was disappointed to see the source.

I believe in aliens but I dunno if all of these recent sightings are "them" or not. Top secret military projects, etc would make more sense but who knows. I agree with Dekar: "whatever sort of "ship" they'd be using, if they even needed to use material objects." I've always wondered if we did see an actual alien space craft if it wouldn't look like some orb of light and they themselves be more akin to some sort of angelic trans-dimensional being, rather than some little dudes in a metal craft.

I think we (as all past cultures) tend to project what we know of ourselves upon the unknown in order to make more sense of it.
  by: spiggy   02/06/2009 10:41 PM     
  Good article  
Just a nit-pick - I'm assuming you ran out of characters before you could identify who Nick Pope was...
  by: Mister crank     02/06/2009 11:46 PM     
  @ p_g_chris  
The sun has changed a lot in the past three years, it is not the best of papers but we get a lot of good stories come through it we don't get with other papers or news sites.
Should you be want something different and or when you when you post a summary again maybe you should take a leaf out of my book and give it a go.
  by: captainJane     02/07/2009 12:15 AM     
  Eat a lot of Psilocybin shrooms or ingest some DMT  
..Alien beings/entities will communicate with you, no joke their. Mushroom cap resembles a flying 'saucer', mushrooms are the only organism we know of that can grow and flourish outside of earth's atmosphere in space, they literally come from OTHER WORLDS. the chemical name of Psilocybin is O-phosphoryl-4-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine.. 4-hydroxy is the chemical substance that is only Found in these psychoactive mushrooms, NO OTHER NATURAL ORGANISM KNOWN HAS THIS IN THEM. Mushroom resembles a Penis in its look, also The sperm from a male resembles the Spores from a mushroom. Eat the Flesh of the Gods(teonanacatl) and meet the higher powers. Our own evolution is the result of ingestion of DMT and Psilocybin over time by our prehuman ancestors.

Im in an 'odd' mood at the moment so forgive me if i come off as a 'treehugging-pseudoscience-babbler'
Anyway lol the picture really does look like every other UFO picture i have seen. Interesting nonetheless

  by: pineal420   02/07/2009 02:53 AM     
so what planet did you arrive from? :)
  by: captainJane     02/07/2009 05:13 AM     
.. I'm coming down from the Mescaline planet at the moment. Great way to spend a friday afternoon i tell ya, stoned out of your gourd off some potent psychoactive cactus brew. Im sure none of yall know anything bout that tho

I have learned : If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed. Q(*.*Q)
  by: pineal420   02/07/2009 05:41 AM     
The object in that picture is a runaway weather balloon being propelled by swamp gas.
  by: fuzz64   02/07/2009 07:43 AM     
What in the world do you know about cameras? The type of camera has nothing to do with the depth of field of the image. Nor does it have anything to do with the resolution of the object at that extremely high altitude.

It does have *everything* to do with focal length and pixel density of the digital single lens reflex camera sensor. From the looks of it he is using a wide angle "L" series canon lens. This lens would make it difficult to resolve anything at high altitude..period... it's just too small for the camera to pickup any detail.

As far as it moving too's entirely possible. If he used a tripod and was indeed taking pictures at dusk you really wouldn't be able to tell how bright it was out...or how long his shutter was open. I've taken many photos at night that look as clear as day using a tripod. Everything in consideration it could have been a 15 second long shutter and he caught a moving plane in motion. In the shot you'd have caught the entire motion of the plane between the open and close of the shutter.

I'm not disagreeing that it's most likely nothing...or maybe an airplane or artifact on the sensor of the lens... but don't use supposed "facts" to make your argument.
  by: luc1ddr3am     02/07/2009 08:22 AM     
That's a quality photo?

Is it just me or does it look like mr incredible?
  by: splicer   02/07/2009 10:06 AM     
captainJane is seeing more UFOs due to increased exposure to The Sun.

I just glanced at the headline and already knew who posted it and what the source was and guess that several others thought the same.

I don't comment much and usually try not to get personal - but seriously CJ your posts are getting a bit doolally.

@ pineal420: Do what you want and shut up, you nicampoop. Your experience is exactly that - your personal experience.
  by: MouseJunkie     02/07/2009 11:10 AM     
  O ye of little faith  
The same people that joke about the subject are the intellectual descendants of Galileo's persecutors. You can also be sure none of these individuals have seen one for themselves, but lo and behold every individual and skeptic that has seen one with their own eyes has become a believer themselves. Conservative estimates say 10% of all Americans have believed they have seen a UFO. That's roughly 30 million people. Even if 29,999,999 of them were mistaken and could be disproven with all the bogus theories, and just one was 100% real, that still makes the phenomenon true. But in reality a a good majority of sightings are unexplainable. If you think the government can't hide something like this think again. Every time a human government establishment is threatened with the unknown its promptly buried in the highest levels of government. History repeats itself! They can't have the people circumvent their control and self-determined rule. Think if average civilians acquired this technology. A craft that flies 1000's of mph/kmph with an unlimited fuel source and interplanetary travel. Hmmm. How could they ever extend their rule? They've been trying to answer this question for a long time I can assure you.
  by: DoubleTake   02/07/2009 12:46 PM     
  @ All  
Youve only gotta see which newspaper it was in to realise, Its A JOKE.
he only people who read the sun, sorry Look at the pictures are those who cant read..

No disrespect meant there CJ.But the sun Oh come on now....
  by: steve2045     02/07/2009 03:07 PM     
I still say they should have made it bigger and more impressive. Still looks like mr incredible to me.

You ended up making quite a few assumptions DoubleTake, like for instance having any real proof to even talk about. Alien craft chasers have yet to produce anything that would be considered real proof, sure you can say the government took it, but then you're just saying that the lack of proof proves it exists which is a logical fallacy. The shear reason most alien craft chasers don't call them selves that is the idea that they really don't know whats flying around hence, unidentified flying object.

I mean seriously a great deal these suckers are just con artists that want money. In the end some people just like to take advantage of those that are easy to confuse and manipulate.
  by: splicer   02/07/2009 05:51 PM     
We tend to think, "ohhh, UFO, that civilization must have EVERYTHING". But let's consider how technology grows. We don't have interstellar travel, but 100 years ago we didn't have flight, either. And 50 years ago we didn't have any computers (to speak of). If we discovered a method of interstellar flight this year or even this century, would it make any real difference in how we think? On how we interact with each other? Would it matter a damn in how happy we are? The point I'm trying to present is this. Interstellar flight, by itself, is only another technological step and isn't any sort of promised land.
  by: Terryeo   02/07/2009 06:08 PM     
its a quality night photo?
did he have night mode on?
i wanna see :D
  by: Nipper650   02/07/2009 07:40 PM     
Some assumptions, yes, but the matter of the subject is still alive and more thriving than ever, in all circles, especially top military brass. You say I can't prove it, I can say no one can disprove it. Religion cannot be proven as reality, yet millions flock to the chapels based on a single faith of a deity no one has seen, heard or felt. A story much different than that of the UFO field. I agree with you, most UFO evidence can not be proven, and based on very circumstantial evidence and witness testimony. However, a jury can convict based on enough witness testimony and circumstantial evidence. If UFO's were on the stand the jury would convict without recess, and would symbolically give it the chair. A conspiracy is a conspiracy and just that. You get enough independent people with prestigious backgrounds and very correlating stories things will add up to the point you know there is no random chance. People have lost their lives, their belongings, their safety, their families, their jobs, even their freakin dogs over release of this information since the beginning. Galileo could never have his theories proven until well after his death. Just because we don't have the means to prove it at this time doesn't mean it should be portrayed as fantasy. In fact we should be working together to put this to rest one way or another.
  by: DoubleTake   02/08/2009 02:24 AM     
  I've given this a negative report  
Even the journalistic void that is The Sun mocks this picture with it's Thunderbirds comparison.

And yet the title reflects some kind of evidence or proof with it's Quality moniker.
  by: tantryl   02/08/2009 09:55 AM     
  @ tantryl  
You do put your self up on a high. A very self important person, indeed, It must be great believing it.Lmao

Don't worry when you make the effort to actually do a summary, should you actually make a mistake; which by the way I did not I will not be as childish to do this to you in return.
I don't have an ego so no problems

QUALITY was mentioned in the source, by the way!

Passes the nit pick comb to tantry before leaving.
  by: captainJane     02/08/2009 05:49 PM     
I find at least 3 spelling/ grammatical mistakes.

cJ - don't take it personally!
  by: p_g_chris   02/08/2009 08:44 PM     
No problem with it being put that way.

Where? And are you American or English we have differences in spelling,
If you are right it is a surprise to me that admin did not notice this has been in for days.

There you go Tantry you missed on a dig there.
  by: captainJane     02/08/2009 09:00 PM     
  by: steve2045     02/08/2009 11:36 PM     
  Don't worry cJ  
All your friends will pull up your score, 'cause they like you and don't care about all the mistakes you make.
  by: tantryl   02/08/2009 11:37 PM     
  @ tantryl  
Her eis my hand bag, go on, just get it over with! :P
  by: captainJane     02/08/2009 11:42 PM     
It's not really a problem, because your submissions are always interesting, but since you asked :-)...

"they captured more than they has intended"
- Should have been "had intended".

"As he was shooting the film he had noticed nothing..."
- Debatable, but mixing past continuous tense and past perfect tense is not ideal. Should be "as he was shooting, he noticed nothing".

"... checked the footage of his camera on his computer, he was taken aback..."
- Comma should be a semicolon or a full stop. Actually the whole second paragraph could use a couple of extra punctuation marks.

"Nick Pope, said: 'It is an amazing picture...'"
- Should be "Nick Pope said, '...'"

And you forgot to close the quote at the end of the third paragraph.

:-). Keep it up though, I'm always interested in your posts, just like I'm sure everybody else is.

I think the contention comes from a clash between your fringe (and often emotional) interests, and a very sceptical audience.

And I speak English English, as opposed to Microsoft English :-)
  by: p_g_chris   02/09/2009 02:33 AM     
  In fact  
the tense thing is definitely wrong..

Saying "as he was shooting the film, he had noticed nothing", implies the 'not noticing' occurred *before* the 'shooting'.
  by: p_g_chris   02/09/2009 03:52 AM     
Get you cap and clock back on, we have not finished here yet.:)

"they captured more than they "has" intended" I thought I had written had.

Usually that would have been noted and repaired so well spotted. :0)

"As he was shooting the film he had noticed nothing..."
Correct @ debatable and I beg to differ on that.

Nick Pope said: 'It is an amazing picture...'"
- Should be "Nick Pope said, '...'"

Why? Many papers use different methods for this I am no professional and I have never claimed to be but this is one way and my choice, many ‘professional’ reporters alternate their use I have noticed .I did miss the close of quotes.
So agree and disagree!
It is a shame you are not an expert on dyslexia, you may be able to find me a cure.
Another couple of people come to my mind here to on this subject. Walt Disney got by exceptionally well even though he suffered with fatigue from as early as ten years of age and then we have Churchill who became an officer in the British Army, a historical writer, artist, then made it as a PM. He is also well remembered for his dyslexia and coping with it.
Funny this started off as a UFO subject and turned into an English lesson.
I wonder how stupid people clicking on this site think we are and if they will come back at all.
After reading all this, it may be interesting to me but I cannot vouch for any other visitor that encounters this site.
Thank you for your time, that was really good of you, it is always good to share and learn.:0)
  by: captainJane     02/09/2009 12:05 PM     
They call it "burden of proof" for a reason DoubleTake, it means you have to prove it's true before it can be disprove otherwise it's just a waste of time and effort trying to disprove that something still isn't true.

The only reason you even talk about conspiracy is that you believe it somehow supports what you're saying but it adds no real validity to any of it. Also allusion to galilei is just another thing that just makes you look desperate to find anything to support said house of straw.

Oh and popularity doesn't make it true either. I would use religion as an example but it looks like you believe in that too.
  by: splicer   02/09/2009 12:21 PM     
  The UFO subject...  
I'm not at all opposed to the idea of alien or other spacecraft visiting, watching or dare I say...waiting...

However, I'm tired of the constant extreme-limits talk. So many people always decide they know how to speak for others.

For those who are absolute skeptics then anyone who shows a belief or even slight possibility of the existence of aliens is an all-out loony.

On the other side, if you 'believe' then skeptics are all narrow minded godless hate-mongerers.

Well, here's one to confuse you all - I'm a skeptical believer.

This photo really doesn't look like much to me beyond a blimp with a sign on the side. It is travelling from left to right (with a slight angle for height).

I would love it to be a real, clear, image. I really would. However I also think that being a professional photographer then allowing such poor abuse of a photograph just shows a lack of character...and lack of character is what makes me distrust the cheesy grinning 'notice me, please!' picture at the source.
  by: chiffington   02/09/2009 01:25 PM     
...and in reference to my previous post. Why anyone could class themselves as a 'believer' in actuality is beyond me.

I know I used the term to describe myself, but that was more for your understanding than how I really feel.

Look, the fact is that you know, or you don't know. If you don't know - learn. If you can't learn, then learn how to learn.
  by: chiffington   02/09/2009 01:27 PM     
Religion has never been an area of much interest of mine, so who's really grasping at straws? Scientific analysis overwhelmingly supports further study of the subject. Burden of proof only exists in the present tense, as we cannot look into the future in a crystal ball, therefore your argument is moot. For example, most people agree on this site, Dick Cheney has set up Halliburton with lucrative military contracts. Does anyone have any proof yet? No? Hmmm...using your argument, there must not be any validity to it.
  by: DoubleTake   02/09/2009 03:30 PM     
If you don't believe in religion then I apologize for saying that you do. But I do find it very odd that you would use it as an argument. Especially since to a non-believer it just furthers my point of people being easy to manipulate.

Scientific analysis supports further study of everything, even things we believe we've fleshed out. I'm not saying not to prove it i'm saying try to get proof to prove it otherwise it's just a work of fiction. Unfortunately no one has gotten anything that can truly be considered incontrovertible proof hence why I mention the function of burden of proof. Kinda sorta maybe one day in the future doesn't further any of that at all and that is a true moot point.

While there is no direct evidence that dick helped haliburton get those contracts people believe he was the one since he has had and still has a financial tie to it and that would be a linking point to the actual proof of haliburton getting a majority of said contracts. But yes societies law didn't punish dick because proof doesn't exists that he was the one that did it hence why he's not in trouble. Again though popular belief doesn't make it true it just makes it popular.
  by: splicer   02/09/2009 08:26 PM     
  I really don't can't say I believe ...  
so will have to keep on searching, but this is a subject I have always wondered about.

"Look, the fact is that you know, or you don't know. If you don't know - learn. If you can't learn, then learn how to learn."

That is good advice.
  by: captainJane     02/11/2009 03:34 AM     
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