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                 02/25/2018 12:24 AM  
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02/09/2009 04:09 PM ID: 76895 Permalink   

Rabbis Military Booklet told Israeli Soldiers to Show 'No Mercy' to Palestinians


The Israeli Defense Ministry has admitted to the distribution of literature by military Rabbis in which Israeli troops were told to show no mercy against any Palestinians in the recent military actions carried out in the Gaza strip.

The booklet in question quotes, among others, far-right rabbi Shlomo Aviner, telling troops: "When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers … This is a war on murderers."

The admission of the publication was sent to a member of the Israeli Parliament by an aide to Defense Minister Ehud Barak and clearly warned that the booklet "evidently contained certain content unsuitable for military publication."

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  Attago, Shlomo  
A man of God, through and through.

Which is why I'm through with men of God.
  by: Mister crank     02/09/2009 04:50 PM     
  Not exactly  
a surprise. Their behaviour is pretty scummy at the best of times. It's just a shame that no world leaders have the backbone to tell them when they're in the wrong. I guess all that "human rights" stuff doesn't apply sometimes for certain people.
  by: Maxx20     02/09/2009 05:48 PM     
Was it not one of Gods commandments that we shall not kill. Or is it not in the Jewish scriptures?
  by: evilrat   02/09/2009 05:49 PM     
  Thou Shalt Not Be Nice  
The Old Testament said 'Kill everyone, they are all guilty!'
  by: theironboard     02/09/2009 06:00 PM     
  Any day now  
the UN will step in and end this atrocious mess once and for all.
Good ol' Shlomo wants you to take his words to heart. So..let's go!


  by: polkaspotted   02/09/2009 06:14 PM     
The UN is powerless as long as the US is able to use its veto power. The middle east will never see peace until either the US is out of the picture or the US stops blindly supporting mass murder and genocide.

With the way the economy is going there is a good chance the end of the US as we know it is near. Which is a whole other story altogether. Anyhow that is my take on it.
  by: slavefortheman     02/09/2009 06:25 PM     
The end of the US is near? How near, dare I ask?
  by: caution2     02/09/2009 10:15 PM     
It sounds crazy but its not as outlandish as you may think. If the economic crisis continues to get worse, we may see what happened in Iceland happen right in the US as well.

There has already been a Russian economist to speculate on worse case scenarios that showed how it could create a fracturing of the US union itself.

The great depression should not have been a "great depression". If anything it should have been a minor recession. Because of the actions of the Federal Reserve it made the problem even worse.

Here were are around 80 years later asking ourselves how did this happen when all you have to do is simply look into a history book and see how this has all happened once before. The Federal Reserve created the 1st Great Depression and now they are fostering in a 2nd one...

If you remember Germany in the 1930's was in total chaos until the Nazi's took power. But this chaos was nearly all economic in nature. People were looking for answers and thought that Fascism and National Socialism and even Stalinism were the answers!

If this kind of attitude takes root again, we can imagine what could happen in the US if such a scenario were to occur.

If you look again at history you will note that this actually almost happened here in the US as well. Look at the case of Governor Huey Long from the state of Louisiana. He was a populist leader, had his own private army and was well on his way to becoming President of the United States. There was a very distinct chance he would have won. Also possible was his him bringing with him to Washington, his style of "Democracy". Its very possible he may have brought a type of socialism or even fascism with him if he had not been assassinated.

Never rule out "the impossible"...
  by: slavefortheman     02/09/2009 10:38 PM     
  @ Slave  
I'm no economist (only took Macro and Micro) but I don't think the US is in quite the same boat as Iceland. The US is able to make its own food with plenty left for export. In order for us to fall to the Great Depression again, we'd need another huge drought a la the Dust Bowl to go along with our current economic crisis, but even that probably wouldn't be quite as bad with modern crops and genetically modified plants and such...
  by: Ub3rTristan   02/10/2009 06:37 AM     
I know why I hate Rabbits.
  by: Blackwidow   02/10/2009 12:02 PM     
I agree mate, America's real good at making its own food. Problem is I'm not sure how long you're going to last on McDonalds and Peanut Butter.
  by: Blackwidow   02/10/2009 12:32 PM     
Food production is all well and good but how do you buy that food if you have no job? Any not to mention the possibility of deflation followed by massive hyperinflation. That being said it is possible that if you did have money, you still may not have enough.

So far we are on pace to beat the Great Depression...

Layoffs and unemployment are increasing at a much higher rate than during the depression.

Also during the depression the US was a huge exporter of steal and other goods. Now the US is an importer. It is the total opposite.

How will the US purchase the goods/materials it needs if its money is worthless around the world? Just last week the treasury was selling off a big hoard of bonds and there were almost no international buyers.

This means that other nations no longer want to support our lavish lifestyles on their dime.

The US may not totally collapse but it definitely will be knocked down several notches in terms of global standing if we keep up this pace.
  by: slavefortheman     02/10/2009 03:14 PM     
The biggest thing to worry about I think is not economic depression. The general way people think is to lean to extremes during an economic depressed state. People may be more inclined and accepting of fascist ideologies.

This is how people like Hitler and Mussolini came to power. These are the scenarios we really need to look out for. The last Great Depression led to a world war. Hopefully this new one will not.
  by: slavefortheman     02/10/2009 04:22 PM     
We are already there. I just saw BAnk CEO's raise their hands like school boy one by one, as they were begging for hand out.
  by: chakubanga1   02/13/2009 03:38 PM     
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