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                 01/20/2018 09:51 PM  
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02/18/2009 11:43 AM ID: 77098 Permalink   

4chan /b/ Tracks Down Cat Abuser


A site many call an Internet hate machine or cyber-terrorist group that gained much notoriety for DoS attacks against the Church of Scientology tracked down two men who abused a cat and then posted the video on YouTube.

The video shows Oklahoma teenager Kenny Glenn in a black balaclava lifting his cat Dusty up by the neck then slamming him against the wall. He then starts slapping Dusty in the face and turns the shower on, drenching the cat.

If there is one thing that can be said about /b/, it's that they love cats and have a history of dealing out vigilante justice. Within hours of the video's posting, /b/ had assisted the police in tracking down and arresting Glenn.

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  ...I despise animal abuse...  
and I never thought I'd say this...but... Go, Cyber-terrorist. Go.
  by: Dayron   02/18/2009 11:52 AM     
I pulled this story from a variety of sources.

I should also point out that he has been detained but no charges have been brought by the DA as of yet. The cat Dusty is staying at the vet until the investigation is complete.
  by: Rayn     02/18/2009 11:53 AM     
  They found another video  
So now he's facing two charges of animal cruelty
  by: baraka     02/18/2009 12:11 PM     
  Poor kitty  
I have two cats that look very much like the one in the photo. It saddens me that anyone can take pleasure in abusing animals (or people for that matter).

This is as sad as the military puppy-dropping story a year or two ago.

I'm a cat person more than a dog, but I don't find cruelty to dogs any better than cruelty to cats and even to some degree birds and fish. (I really don't like birds or fish but there's no reason to be cruel.)
  by: StringBlade   02/18/2009 12:12 PM     
It's actually quite interesting to read about how they tracked the kids down and how they got the attention of the police.

The Internet can be a very powerful force for good or ill. In this case good, but I fear it will be (and perhaps has been) used for ill.
  by: StringBlade   02/18/2009 12:27 PM     
good find string.

/b/ gets pissed when you mess with caturday.
  by: Rayn     02/18/2009 12:37 PM     
  Dramatica has an article on it.  
  by: Rayn     02/18/2009 12:42 PM     
  I was not  
aware of this. This is relevant to my interests. Way to go /b/. I just accidentally all over this justice!
  by: hedk45e   02/18/2009 01:22 PM     
  They should keep an eye on these two..  
I have always believed this is a start to the problems of the future. So when an audult tells you something like well I did do this or that to an animal when I was a child, avoid them at all costs.

Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine itself to animals. “Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives,” wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer. “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” according to Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Studies have now convinced sociologists, lawmakers, and the courts that acts of cruelty toward animals deserve our attention. They can be the first sign of a violent pathology that includes human victims.
  by: captainJane     02/18/2009 02:08 PM     
  @ Cap'n  
I've heard that too, Jane. I remember a newspaper campaign (The Sun, I think it was) to set up a register of animal abusers. It would serve as a list of potential suspects should the scum move on to abusing people.
  by: Maggie the Cat   02/18/2009 02:40 PM     
  Scumbag kid  
If I could get my hands on him, I would risk my freedom to throw that little prick against a wall, repeatedly! Good thing for him I don't live in his neck of the woods. Kenny Glenn is a coward, and should be beaten unmercifully. Lets see how he likes being completely in fear of his life. Ooh that little bastard. Mom should have aborted that piece of trash.
  by: homegrown420     02/18/2009 02:48 PM     
  For Great Justice!  
  by: Rayn     02/18/2009 03:15 PM     
you are so, so right. These psychos are not mad at cats, obviously. Their real target would be human beings if they could get away with it and maybe someday they will.
  by: gryphon50a   02/18/2009 03:21 PM     
  What a...  
...Sick, Sadistic mental case. Gets off on intentionally injuring/irritating a virtually defenseless cat and has the balls to tape it and post it on youtube. Imprison the creep for years, his life has no value. i would love an hour alone with him... and not in the intimate sense.
Little Harsh? Yes and i dont care what i sound like.
  by: pineal420   02/18/2009 04:10 PM     
One person's cyber-terrorist is another person's freedom fighter.

I don't know what else this organisation has been up to, but from this report so far they have two thumbs up.

As cJ alluded...this sort of behaviour is about power, power over the life of another creature, and the thirst for such power - control over their life - is one that grows the more it gets exercised. Guns are the short-cut for humans, giving a false sense of power and self-esteem, which is why so many pathetic people turn to guns. (ooh, bait! bait! bait!). Rape is mostly viewed now as about power rather than the need for sex. It is about dominating and control, power over another.

Violence against a small creature like this in such a way is sick and twisted. Whether you are religious or not (I'm not, really) we are in a superior position in this world, as it stands, and our morals should extend to protecting those we choose to care for by taking them in.
  by: chiffington   02/18/2009 04:12 PM     
  I haven't seen  
Annon this bent on vengeance since COS.
  by: Rayn     02/18/2009 04:19 PM     
  I live in oklahoma  
is there any way I could get their address and phone number!??

+kudos for links
  by: m.i.a.elite     02/18/2009 04:25 PM     
  Scroll down for info.  
  by: Rayn     02/18/2009 04:43 PM     
I've heard of members of /b/ engaging in "real life trolling" where members have actually tracked down people and harassed them at their homes, etc. Supposedly some girl who took some nude pictures of herself on a webcam was identified through myspace, etc, and before long they had her address, and the contact info of her parents. Her father was contacted, people showed up at her house, etc.

At least in this instance they are using their wits and numbers to deal out some vigilante justice on a real piece of @$#%. From what I know of 4chan and its inhabitants I have very mixed emotions - but if they're going to use their abilities for good then my opinion may very well improve. Besides I was pretty amused by the attacks on Scientology as well. Lol.
  by: spiggy   02/18/2009 05:00 PM     
Just been trawling through all the links. This Kenny kid has brought and incredible shitstorm down on his own cowardly head.

Richly deserved it is, too. The poor cat looks nothing short of desperate in those pics.
  by: Maggie the Cat   02/18/2009 05:18 PM     
  go /b/tards!  
i hate to have to say it but sometimes vigilante justice is better than your standard variety.
  by: crazedvampyress   02/18/2009 05:24 PM     
HBO did a special on "The Iceman" Richard Kuklinski, who was a hitman for the mob, and killed something like 200 people. When asked if killing people ever bothered him he said something like "it does nothing for me" and "I don't feel anything when I do it."

He also started off torturing and killing cats and dogs for no reason. I would definitely keep my eye on this kid if I knew where he lived...

does anyone have that address, by the way?
  by: barryman9001   02/18/2009 06:41 PM     
You need to edit your first section where you refer to them as "men". Those two are far from men and are nothing but pathetic little boys.
  by: ronny_cordova   02/18/2009 08:41 PM     
The best course of action would be to give this info to the police and let them handle it. But when the system fails, I'm all for vigilante justice!
  by: pariahpoet   02/18/2009 09:33 PM     
  @ Pariah  
They did that too. Lol. But after giving the info to the authorities, no one was goin to sit around and wait on the slow arm of justice to resolve the matter.
  by: spiggy   02/18/2009 10:30 PM     
When you get that address, come over and pick me up! :P

  by: captainJane     02/18/2009 10:38 PM     
They're not terrorists. There are no terrorists!
  by: H. W. Hutchins   02/18/2009 10:51 PM     
  Good for /B and all of 4chan  
I wish Dusty a healthy recovery. I hope this kid is convicted and that he is dealt with outside of court as well.
  by: lolcats   02/18/2009 11:16 PM     
  Yeah rules 1 and 2  
Obviously mean nothing to some...
This is cancer.
  by: japh   02/18/2009 11:20 PM     
ebaums made me do it.
  by: Rayn     02/18/2009 11:37 PM     
You cannot stop the internet hate machine, nobody can. zOMG!

But to be serious, it's good to see anon do something helpful for once. Those little bastards are lucky the cops stepped in when they did, otherwise some less than mentally stable anons might just go after those little animal abusing shits.

@ Maggie The Cat, nice name. My kitty's name was Maggie May Muggens, she was a tiny calico that came as a stray my mom took in. She unfortunately died in October 2007, six months later to the day that her boyfriend, Buttons J. Pussycat passed away. :(
  by: JakeTheMuss   02/19/2009 02:40 AM     
  Thanks, Jake.  
I'm sorry to hear that you lost little Maggie and Buttons. I love all animals but I really am a cat person. They're like chocolates, though. You can't have just one! (I have three.) I hope that you've opened your clearly loving home to more cats. There are so many in shelters.
  by: Maggie the Cat   02/19/2009 10:45 AM     
yay for /b/! Maybe animal abusers will realize that this bullshit will not be tolerated.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   02/23/2009 07:22 AM     
  /b/ Good: 1 Bad:500,000  
I'll hold off on patting 4chan on the back. They've ruined a lot of people's lives or at least given people a lot of harrassment that wasn't necessary. Like when those idiots got access to some girls private (provocative) photos and then passed them out to her parents, neighbors, fellow students, and her college faculty over the net..for seemingly no reason.
  by: veX   04/03/2009 11:15 PM     
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