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                 01/22/2018 05:33 PM  
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02/18/2009 03:01 PM ID: 77102 Permalink   

Teen Arrested for Texting, Hides Phone Down Her Pants


A 14-year-old Wisconsin girl was arrested after refusing to stop sending text messages in class. The teacher had warned the student multiple times before calling the school's police officer who tried seizing the girl's phone prior to the arrest.

The teen told the officer that she didn't have a mobile phone then proceeded to try hiding the phone in her pants. The teen was then arrested on charges of disorderly conduct for disrupting class, disobeying the teacher and lying to the officer.

The texting teen had her bail set at $300 and was suspended from school for a week. The teen's father praised the school and said his daughter crossed the line. The teen later tried sneaking back into school twice and earned two trespassing tickets.

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  I hope they ..  
keep on her case, if she is let of lightly now she will think she can do as she wants later on, I know this from experience.
  by: captainJane     02/18/2009 03:22 PM     
  woah woah woah....  
/Charged with disobeying the teacher/ wtf kind of law is that?
  by: JeffyP   02/18/2009 03:58 PM     
She was charged for disorderly conduct and the following reasons (disrupting class, disobeying the teacher and lying to the cop) were part of the disorderly conduct I think.
  by: vash_the_stampede     02/18/2009 04:05 PM     
we go from being discipilined by the teacher then escalated to the principal to being disciplined by the principal only and now they are only being disciplined by the cops?

  by: mostra   02/18/2009 04:17 PM     
"The teen later tried sneaking back into school twice and earned two trespassing tickets."

  by: pineal420   02/18/2009 04:30 PM     
WTF is wrong is that 14 year olds think it's OK to annoy the shit out of their teachers in class with their incessant text messaging, which in itself is a corrosive poison that destroys the english language, and they think they're above the law because they're ZOMGSOCUTE!!~~~111``eleven.
  by: silentrage   02/18/2009 04:38 PM     
  Oh my  
There is something really wrong with you when you think this is alright. For gawd's sake its a 1 year old girl and a cell phone. This is way out of control. No reason cops should get involved in Education at this level. I understand with guns and knives but, its just a damn cell phone. Send her to the principal. I was the pager generation so. What next? The class clown arrested for disruption. Give me a f-in break. Its High School, its america. Land of the Free you remember that place. Sad, how we forget our rights. Move to Singapore, you don't deserve the freedom that this country gives. A 14 year old girl thats is arrested already, what kind of life is she gonna have now? Hell, she might be a terrorist lock her up in Cuba. My gawd people.
  by: quirkdee   02/18/2009 05:22 PM     
My argument is that in my day, which wasn't but like you know: 10yrs ago, we used to be suspended for crap like this, if it was even taken to that point. Now we completely bypass everything and go straight to the cops? What happened to sitting in the corner or even the principal's involvement. Reading the report it seems that she would not stop texting in class and then the teacher called the deputy in charge to scene who then charged her. My question is, what happened to the principal and why was the principal not suspending her or whatever? What in the world ever happened to detention? Texting resulting in a $300 fine? THAT IS INSANE. She should be punished but isn't that a bit far?

I liked your post by the way
  by: mostra   02/18/2009 05:23 PM     
Part of the problem now a days is that kids can no longer be disciplined by there parents let alone a teacher. That’s what’s wrong with this nation.

At the article, yah getting a cop involved is a little much, they should have kicked her out of class and called her parents to come pic her up. Not haul her as$ to jail. Also kids and their god damn cell phones these days WTF.

What kind of an attention whore are you when you try to sneak back into the school. TWICE
  by: snowman47   02/18/2009 05:34 PM     
  The father is an irresponsible person  
What kind of parents relegates the discipline of a minor to a police man and school teacher, irresponsible parents. Dicipline and value should be learned at home not at school.

Parents should seek always the best interest of their daughter and been in a jail will not help her in the long run.
Nice to see her try entering to college with a criminal record dad!

Parents should be the one in jail, they are the ones that failed their daughter and society.

Nice to blame your daughter when the defects of her are represented by the failures of you as a dad.
Remember we are talking a minor here.

  by: Scirbin   02/18/2009 05:40 PM     
  If it was my daughter  
I surely sue the teacher, the cop and the school, for discrimination or other thing as there was other ways and school policies establish to handle the problem and they were not taken and considered. If a child had to go to jail for disorderly conduct in school our jails will be filled with kids. it is a shame the daughter has such inept parents...
  by: Scirbin   02/18/2009 05:52 PM     
you dont think they are inept because society has demonized any sort of punishment towards kids.

yah there you go sue. thats another thing thats wrong with this nation. to many sue happy as$holes. discrimination of what, her ability to talk on her damn cell phone and disrupt class. why dont the other parents sue for this c#nts disruption of there kids learning.

  by: snowman47   02/18/2009 06:01 PM     
  Incident Report  
Here is the incident report created by Officer Swittel.
  by: mostra   02/18/2009 06:05 PM     
It's a cell phone that was interupting classroom teaching. It's bad enough that our school system is awful to begin with, we don't need little brats disrupting everyone's learning.

She deserves everything she gets. Probably more. And I applaud the father for recognizing that she crossed the line and deserves to be disciplined. If I was her father she wouldn't be able to hold a cell phone till she was 16 after this incident.

If the texting was really that important you excuse yourself from the classroom so you don't disrupt class. If your sending "oh em gee. did u c hawt Brad 2dai?! he make me screemin mah pants" then you deserve to be arrested.
  by: teh_epic     02/18/2009 06:15 PM     
I'm with you 100%. The sense of entitlement teenagers have today is unbelievable. I can't beleieve some of the posts people have put up here making it look like the girl was the victim. These people must be the same one's who have kids that act this way and think society just should put up with their little darling. She had several chance's to not let it escalate to being arrested, but she decided she was more important than anyone else in that class that day.
  by: snowztorm29     02/18/2009 06:25 PM     
  Parents are responsible  
She does not respect authority figures, she lies,
Does not have considerations or care for other people or school,

Those lessons are taught when growing AT HOME, their parents evidently failed at teaching them but the way this issue was handle could've been better.
A better solution could've been to send her to a boot camp and parents receive parenting class, not slap a disorderly conducd & fine and call it over. How many kids like her are in the educational system? Do jail time help those kids learn values?

I understand the policeman and teacher did what they thought was right in their training but the problem will not be solved by throwing her to jail, offenders that are out of jail have higher chance to repeat same offense or worse.
  by: Scirbin   02/18/2009 06:39 PM     
I am not saying she does not deserve punishment by any means. I am just stating my belief that charging her with a criminal offense is absurd. Send her to detention, suspend her, whatever. The only reasons to send her to jail is if she was violent or other SERIOUS issues such as that. It amazes me that you would think that disrupting class by texting and her just (context of law) sentence is being sent to jail. Why not suspend her? I know that half-as$ works but still, being charged is a bit of an overkill.

She deserves every bit of punishment she would have received 10 or 15 years ago.
  by: mostra   02/18/2009 06:54 PM     
  Take her phone?  
Couldn't the teacher take her phone away? I'm all for her getting busted and having the punishment carried out, but calling the cops in to handle a minor discipline issue in your class is a bit much.

Set a rule that if you have your phone on in class you get detention... old skool detention, cleaning the classroom. Let's see this chick do something constructive. Suspending kids like this does nothing. She'll just hang out with her parents who obviously don't discipline her.

"She had several chance's to not let it escalate to being arrested." That's funny! Because the usual punishment for texting in class is first you're told to stop, and second you get arrested. She was testing the waters, and all the teacher did was tell her to stop.
  by: barryman9001   02/18/2009 06:55 PM     
  Ahhh Wisconsin The socalist state.  
These frigging nazis take your license away if your child is caught smoking a cigarette.

They expelled a student for having 1 firecracker in his pocket claiming it was AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE according to the Patriot acts I & II

time for me to move my family to a more friendly state
  by: flash1259   02/18/2009 07:03 PM     
Law - the only solution
  by: escalus84   02/18/2009 07:13 PM     
  this is...  
...a joke, right?
someone getting arrested for refusing to stop sms'ing in class is absurd. haha. good one though.
oh my...
  by: itts   02/18/2009 07:15 PM     
  for those that missed my first responce  
"At the article, yah getting a cop involved is a little much, they should have kicked her out of class and called her parents to come pic her up. Not haul her as$ to jail. Also kids and their god damn cell phones these days WTF."-me

yes getting the cops involved was dumb and a waste of tax payers money. i am pointing out that some people are saying that its the parents fault. and to some extant it is, but that is because we have demonized discipline and parents can have there kids taken way for as so much as looking at them wrong. This is also a major part of the problem, the state thinks it knows better then you how to raise your spawn.

IMO I don’t think kids should have there phones on during school time, have them with them (you never know) but leave them off. Incase of an emergency.
  by: snowman47   02/18/2009 07:18 PM     
Sorry man, I got caught up in the moment o.o
  by: mostra   02/18/2009 08:29 PM     
I hear what you're saying... I'm not sure discipline is "demonized" but too many parents want to be "cool" and want to be friends with their kids... and "cool people" don't try to bust their friends, right?

There definitely is a laid back attitude from a lot of parents when it comes to discipline. They either don't want their kids to be mad at them, or they're just lazy like this teacher. That discipline is only going to help them when they become adults...

Part of me can't believe I just typed that. Looks like my Dad was right.
  by: barryman9001   02/18/2009 08:44 PM     
Yah “demonized” was probably the wrong word.
Your right a lot of parents want to be best friends with there kids, and that’s cool, but you have to be able to draw the line somewhere.
Just seems that kids are growing up with no respect towards there elders, or anybody else for that matter.

I bet my dad said the same thing about my generation, and his dad before him said the same thing about my dad’s generation.
  by: snowman47   02/18/2009 09:26 PM     
if the father is supporting the school's actions why is he still paying her phone bill and keeping the phone activated?
  by: TemptationFalls   02/18/2009 10:21 PM     
  I've been saying it for years  
Well not here on SN but I've been saying for a long, long time now that America's justice system needs to be revamped or re-engineered. Too much money is wasted on stupid, senseless acts of selfishness such as this.

This kid deserves an ass whooping! SERIOUSLY! I got plenty of 'em when I was growing up and I turned out just fine. I don't beat my fiancee, I pay my bills on time and I don't blame mommy and daddy for my problems.

What the hell has gone wrong with kids these days?
  by: BeatBlaster   02/19/2009 12:27 AM     
Dude - the reason why they need to call the cops is because of the threat of lawsuits plain and simple. I've berated my own younger family members before when I've heard them talk about what they do to their teachers because their teachers can't do anything back to them. It's disgusting! I wonder if this has anything to do with kids having kids?
  by: BeatBlaster   02/19/2009 12:29 AM     
Fast paced 'click, click, click, click, click...send' Under 5 seconds for a small essay. Now that is talent.
  by: slayer06   02/19/2009 02:09 AM     
Police state, here we come. Alex Jones will have a field day with this.
  by: JakeTheMuss   02/19/2009 02:42 AM     
  by: Big Bird     02/19/2009 06:38 AM     
  I cant help myself  
"Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
"This Great Nation of Ours"
The term "Looney Tunes" seems to fit here.
  by: Blackwidow   02/19/2009 07:27 AM     
  parents MIGHT not be to blame.  
That's a problem now a days, a few have ruined it for everyone. We don't have enough information to say that the parents are at fault. There are some kids that are just rebelious,and no matter how well the parents bring them up,they still do some stupif things like this. Everyone lies, no parent ever teaches kids that it's ok to lie(well really bad parents I guess do). However I can almost garuntee she knows lying is wrong.

Howeer on the flip side, it IS POSSIBLE that the parents neglet her and do a poor job at raising her,but from what he's quoted as saying, I doubt it. He's taking responsibility and not blaming everyone else for his childs mistake, that right there says a lot about him. I think they are most likely good parents .

I also think jail is a bit much. She should deffinitly be disciplined and harshly so, but by the parents and the school,not the police. It's a minor offense and should at most be a civil infraction. The parents (which in all likelyhood are good parents) are being punished as well, by having to pay the 300$. I think she hsould have got detention and a suspension from the school, and got grounded for a month at home,with phone,internet,and tv taken away from her for a month or 2. Jail is way too harsh,and while someone's trying to make an example,it's just a waste of taxpayer money to prosecute her. There's already enough waste caused by her disrupting the class.
  by: tizubythefizo   02/19/2009 12:11 PM     
If i ever get chance to visit the US, i think i gotta take my camera with me, cuz Americans can realy act wierd, judged from, what i'v heard and read xD

Americans are funny <3
  by: Qake   02/19/2009 12:22 PM     
Carefull with that camera near the Whitehouse. Make sure you dont let your jeans hang down around your backside, if you hear a helicopter gunship, run.
They're funny, but as you can see they dont like texting, and they really dont like lowslung jeans.
  by: Blackwidow   02/19/2009 01:16 PM     
I think it has less to do with kids having kids as it is to do with laws being created stating you can't touch the kids or really reprimand them at all.

Parents and politicians are mostly to blame for the state of things because those laws were created to "think of the children" without thinking about what it would allow those children to turn into (self-righteous, entitled brats).

It may also have something to do with a general lack of creative activities for kids to do (and no encouragement for them to do it). When I was a kid we'd get sent outside to play for a couple hours and it was up to us to come up with something to do. These days that's probably tantamount to some crime and the kids just stay inside playing video games, watching tv, or playing on the Internet or texting.

There's time for those activities, but they should be limited and creative expression and *gasp* exercise encouraged.

But that's just me. I don't have kids, yet.
  by: StringBlade   02/19/2009 01:46 PM     
Bet the phone was on vibrate.
  by: elzorro   02/19/2009 07:37 PM     
  Molehills out of mountains  
Any normal event can escalate, and leave the people wondering "How did it come to this?" The whole of the issue might have been the student's attitude and treatment of the teacher.

The teacher called on the school's security, that's normal, it just happened to be a real cop doing security.

You got a student ruining a class. Student won't stop. Maybe the student wouldn't leave either. From that point on it is entirely the teacher's fault the class isn't learning. The only recourse is to move up the chain of command.

What does a kid do if he gets one up on a teacher? YouTube. Gets the teacher fired.

What the hell do you people want? Either you get a police state, or you let people handle the issue themselves. I know most of you are socialists on here so that's rhetorical. Either the teacher can physically toss the student out of class, no questions asked, or security MUST be involved for liability reasons. There is no reason students and teachers should ever be expected to hammer out their differences on disrupting class. That is what you want, a teacher arguing with a student just to beg them to stop being a nuisance? There's no room for that. Either pay attention or get out. That's it. No middle ground.
  by: promontorium   02/19/2009 11:33 PM     
  Well pretty soon...  
Being through the prison system will be a right of passage for americans.
billy bob: "what... your 20 and haven't been convicted of sneezing without permission yet... your a pussy."
  by: shiftyfarker   02/20/2009 06:39 AM     
Why is this in the news?

I don't know what middle school you guys went to. I assume that every school has at least one unstable person that would inevitably do something like this.

This type of "news" should maybe spread between classmates, teachers, perhaps their respective loved ones, and then it dies. This is where the story ends.

Not in this case.
This made it to the news station!

Vash, good work on the summary.
TMJ4 Milwaukee, bad job on the quality control.
  by: thisisnews   02/20/2009 07:36 AM     
  I wonder how this 14 year old brat  
Would feel the day she came home from school to find her key no longer worked in the door locks. And all her possessions sitting out on the sidewalk.

"Here's your freedom from parental tyranny, kid. Hope you enjoy it".

  by: White Albino   02/20/2009 11:20 AM     
  USA = Police state?  
The reports of these police overreactions in the USA rise from year to year. It seems the US is turning more and more into a terrifying police "law and order" state. I hope we never become like you here in Germany!
  by: evilrat   02/25/2009 01:17 PM     
  We are Nazi Germany  
Once the FEMA camps open people will vanish.

Seriously though this is overkill. We as a society have become a joke. Back when i went to school, 9 years ago the teacher would of taken the cellphone, 1) either given it back at the end of the day/class, or 2) called my parents.
  by: ohioankev   02/27/2009 02:53 AM     
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