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                 01/18/2018 06:55 AM  
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02/26/2009 02:42 AM ID: 77262 Permalink   

410 Billion Dollar Budget Passed, Contains a Staggering 8,570 Earmarks


Right after Obama signed a 787 Billion dollar stimulus, the House passes a new 410 Billion dollar bill riddled with Earmarks, 8,570 of them to be exact, with many lawmakers claiming the money for pet projects.

The vote was along party lines, with a majority of Democrats voting Yes, while most Republicans voting No. Rep Jeb Hensarling says this bill "grows the government by 8.3%, while the family budget that pays for the federal budget only grew 1.3%"

Obama has said during the next 4 years he hopes to cut the deficit in half, but this comes as he submits his spending and tax plans. The shortfall of the current year's budget will be 1.5 trillion, that's over triple the 2008 455 Billion dollar record.

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  some more of the story  
Among the earmarks was one sponsored by Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., who secured $200,000 for a "tattoo removal violence outreach program" in Los Angeles. Aides said the money would pay for a tattoo removal machine that could help gang members or others shed visible signs of their past, and anyone benefiting would be required to perform community service.

Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., said the bill included at least a dozen earmarks for clients of PMA Group, a lobbying company now at the center of a federal corruption investigation.

"It's simply not responsible to allow a soon-to-be-criminally indicted lobbying firm to win funding, all borrowed, in this bill," he said. No charges have been filed against the firm or its principals, although the company's offices were raided earlier this month, and it has announced plans to disband by the end of the month.

Federal prosecutors are investigating PMA Group's founder and president, Paul Magliochetti, who is a former top aide to Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that funds defense programs.

In remarks on the House floor, Republican leader John Boehner urged Obama to veto the legislation, citing earmarks.

At the White House, press secretary Robert Gibbs responded only in general terms whether that was possible.

"There is great concern in this building and by the president about earmarks," Gibbs said.

"Without having looked specifically at a piece of legislation, I'm hesitant to throw out that four-letter word, `Veto."'
  by: cray0la     02/26/2009 02:45 AM     
  More bickering among people who  
don't care about the real condition of this country.

Crayola, you compliment Ben. Arguments between the two of you parrot what is going on in DC, which is nothing more than the standard "shit/stuff" argument. e.g.

Dem lawmaker/ben: Get your shit away from my stuff!

Repub lawmaker/crayola: You need my stuff in your shit, and don't call my stuff shit. My shit is stuff, your stuff is shit!

And on and on and on ad nauseam......

NONE of the above is helping this country recover or prosper and has not for years.

/rant over.. for now.

  by: bbeljefe     02/26/2009 03:33 AM     
  *applauds bb*  
Best summary ever.
  by: MomentOfClarity     02/26/2009 04:05 AM     
  Don't care about the story....  
Because this isn't much of a shock. But I gave you a poor assessment, because I feel like this summary isn't up to par with other summaries on SN. The wording is much too informal to be considered a respectable piece and it's "riddled" with poor choice of adjectives and improper tense changes. You also forgot some very critical punctuation, and you made some capitalization mistakes. No need to sacrifice a decent attempt at journalism for dick measuring.
  by: blac   02/26/2009 04:14 AM     
moc: Thank you.

blac: I gave him a good assessment because it is far more well structured than summaries I have seen from him in the past.

  by: bbeljefe     02/26/2009 04:26 AM     
as much as i'm with craziola on this one it was a very one sided piece.

now in his defense, he's right.

no matter how you "haters" see it, you're spending my childrens money, and i hate you for it. you don't even care. hell you don't even understand what you're doing, you're just doing "something." Which is supposedly "better than what we've had."


it was lack of government that got us into this mess, so heres an idea, LETS GROW THE GOVERNMENT. funny nobody ever calls me out on this statement. i dare someone to try. i dare you to try to convince me that we are better off owing more money to the government that continues to do exactly what Americans DON'T want done. Explain that to me will ya you old party farts? Yeah I said it. What are you gonna do about it, spend more of my money? Who cares! You've already spent all of what i have and will ever earn, plus my children and future grandchildren! What more can we lose?

Trust me, eventually, when everyone is saying, "what more is there to lose," you're going to have a big f'ing situation on your hands, and don't say I didn't warn you.
  by: Zoltar   02/26/2009 04:39 AM     
being negative is your way of life.

so its no surprise as usual.
  by: cray0la     02/26/2009 04:43 AM     
the zoltar comment is mine sorrry somehow it just starts using the other guys sn name when i'm logged in sometimes. i don't think he ever even comments just reads teh stuff my bad
  by: mrmarler     02/26/2009 04:55 AM     
  I know  
I know this may be counter intuitive for most people, but deficit spending can actually catapult a country out of a recession quickly. This is still in line with Obama's goal to reduce the deficit by 1/2, if he is able to pull us out of the current slump fast enough.

This is not a Red philosophy or a Blue philosophy, it's an economic philosophy. If you want to know more about it ...
  by: Manic_Panic     02/26/2009 05:24 AM     
I was a little late to catch it, but just listened to Bobby Jindals "ideas", not bad stuff, some good ideas.

But pretty sure someone stole his teleprompter and replaced it with an oversized popup story book.

Some very heavy slow kindergarden reading going on, like he's tucking president bush in for a bed time story.

Pick up the pace Jr and ditch the bush policy and you've got a shot.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   02/26/2009 05:51 AM     
  pretty hypocritical  
if obama passes this, thereby declaring tattoo removal as important as education
  by: jukebox   02/26/2009 06:55 AM     
Did I hurt your feelings? I apologize.

  by: blac   02/26/2009 07:39 AM     
no you did not buddy,
we just seem to be pretty rude to eachother.

@ukc, jindall has a good shot, he has great values and knows what hes talking about. the media has already trashed him and everything he said.

obama is going to sign this, if not ill be surprised, if they dont im sure they will stealth the earmarks under other things.

this spending has to stop, obama will NEVER meet his goal of cutting the deficit in half if he allows this wasteful spending to go on, and you lefties who trashed bush for every dollar he spent rising the deficit how can you sit here now and ride the kool-aid train in support of this rapid spending? i mean spending twice if not 3 times more then bush did in what?? 3 months??

we are never going to get anywhere until we cut spending, everyone person is cutting spending, saving money, not buying things they dont need, SO WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT?
  by: cray0la     02/26/2009 07:51 AM     
  Bush and company would've done the same  
or something similar and they certainly blew up a lot of money in iraq
  by: Kaleid   02/26/2009 12:01 PM     
Is "earmark" a bad word now?

I can't keep up
  by: jamesmc   02/26/2009 12:06 PM     
  Bush/Obama - Virtually the same  
"Obama has said during the next 4 years he hope to cut the deficit in half"

those words were also echoed by Bush during his second term. Look how that panned out.
  by: yreulogy   02/26/2009 12:57 PM     
  two cents worth  
Back in 1990, the government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. They failed and the Mustang Ranch closed. And now we trust the economy of our country and our banking system to the same nit-wits who couldn't make money running a whore house and selling whiskey? This will be interesting.
  by: White Albino   02/26/2009 01:00 PM     
  As Harry Truman once said:  
"The Buck Stops here!"

Why doesnt Obama simply use this mentality when signing legislation... Why??? Because he is not going to "Change" anything and is all about "Status Quo". That is what should have been his slogan.

"Hope for Status Quo"
  by: slavefortheman     02/26/2009 02:55 PM     
You're the same person who would sit back and complain if they did nothing.

At least Crayola, Ben and others care enough to actually look into the issues and have a voice.

All you did was post a rant, offering no actual solutions or opinions on how to correct what you and others claim to be the "Status Quo"

Until you get off your lazy ass and learn half as much as Ben, Crayola, or even myself know - don't bother acting like you're above the bickering in D.C.

You're several steps below it.

  by: nicpre     02/26/2009 03:45 PM     
You're right, and if American Warlord Premiere Bush couldn't do it, then Barack should just not try, and not attempt to be optimistic and go for the gold.


  by: nicpre     02/26/2009 03:49 PM     
Earmark or pork, it all comes from the same hog
  by: Hytekhik   02/26/2009 05:40 PM     
  @White @Manic @Zoltar  
That was the best analogy of government efficiency I have ever seen.

If the spending was put towards a worthwhile ‘investment’ with a sound payback either in $$$ or tax paying jobs I would agree that the stimulus or the budget bill might just work. I don’t see much of that type of ‘investment’ in the porkulus bill or in a bloatget with 8000+ earmarks. I see tons of money we don’t have being spent on pet projects to appease the politico’s that donated to the campaign. The big-wigs in DC don’t care about the economy or “We the People”, and there is only one job they care about, theirs.

Spending your way out of debt during a depression is seldom a good plan unless you have a huge surplus of cash and you can purchase assets with a future growth prospective after the depression ends, ie. land. The government has no money and they are spending our money on pet projects with no future return on investment. We are F’ed and it will only be a matter of time before the whole thing collapses around our ears and we are left to pick up the pieces.

You are right, stop the spending of our children’s money, learn to live within our means. We have been enjoying a champagne diet on a beer budget and it’s time to pay the piper. All the high living we have been enjoying, we stole from our children. That’s really something to be proud of. We have molested every child on the planet for the next 3 generations. We have stolen their future and trashed it. Do any of you own anything you can give to your children to pay them back for what you have stolen, to make up for your crime against your own children? Shame. And everybody screams for MORE! LUST GLUTTONY GREED SLOTH WRATH ENVY PRIDE, the seven deadly sins. How many have you embraced? We deserve the world's greatest depression. Time to pay for our sins. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
  by: valkyrie123     02/26/2009 07:40 PM     
  @ White Albino  
Haha! My dad said the EXACT same thing yesterday!
  by: Ub3rTristan   02/26/2009 07:41 PM     
  Doesn't anyone else find it...  
...funny that the old, fat white Republican'ts who have been in charge for the last 8 years still have so much support?

The Oil companies, gun companies, drug companies and defense contractors that have been raping this country for 8 years don't have a right to cry about anything.

No more business as usual.

Welcome to the beginning of your end. :)
  by: metalliham   02/26/2009 09:35 PM     
Could you introduce me to this "same person" you keep referring to? I am not him/her by the way, but I would like to meet this person you compare me to.

I take the time to read and educate myself but just because I don't parrot the words of others you assume I am uneducated and lazy. In that case, let me take a moment to introduce myself to you.

How I educate myself: I look at all sides, (not just the left and right) formulate original opinions through the process of thought combined with life experience, and then live by and share them here in this opinion based forum.

Laziness: I am self employed and self sufficient. I don't now and never have received any kind of government help and have never pawned or sold anything I own in order to pay my bills. I am not scared of this excessive government spending, increased taxes or losing my job because I don't have a job, I create my job from my knowledge, experience and work ethic. If what I am doing now fails me I also have the ability to shift direction and earn a living in another field. I don't want to do that, but I damn sure don't fear it.

You are correct in one thing.. I cannot tell you the names and offenses of many of the republicans and democrats that I speak against. This is not because I haven't read or heard about them, it is because retaining that knowledge cannot help me in running my business or feeding my family. I choose to remember silly things like how my credit score is calculated and what will raise or lower it, how I can lessen my tax consequence with the structure of my business and how to manage my time and money so that I don't have to work 80 hours a week to be comfortable in life.... because after all, I am a lazy ass. ;)

In the end, I don't know how old you are, your sex, job, location, race, religion, etc. but if you make a comment I don't agree with I will always share my opinion. I will do my dead level best not to personally attack you and I would appreciate the same effort from you.

Lastly, if I do launch a personal attack against you I expect nothing less than to be called out for it and you have my word, I will apologize for it here.

  by: bbeljefe     02/27/2009 03:33 AM     
What's the matter, you can't remember all of that stuff? That's OK, I can't always remember the little details of things, but I often find I can remember the broad strokes of an event or issue.

For example, I was pretty sure that Obama's so-called "budget" wasn't really that out of line when you compare it with recent federal budgets, like the one Bush pushed through last year (three trillion bucks). So, being here on the ol' Internets machine, I did a little digging.

What got me really confused was that the headline of this story says "410 Billion Dollar Budget Passed," but this isn't a budget, not according to the source article. The source says:

"The legislation is designed to permit most federal agencies to continue operating until the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30."

So it's a very poorly written summary by cray0la which would actually leave you more poorly informed after you read it than you were before.

And yes, jukebox, it does contain $200,000 for a tattoo removal machine, which might sound silly to those who may not know about such matters. But at the charity organization I work with, you couldn't imagine how many people come to us looking for work, trying to make something of their lives, and covered with tattoos from past mistakes that have become a huge obstacle.

I met a woman who was practically sleeved with White Power tattoos so she'd have "friends" to protect her while she was in prison. She wanted a job working in a warehouse, and she had two options -- cover up with long-sleeved shirts and hope nobody ever saw her tattoos, or get them removed, which she will probably never be able to afford.

But, of course, I'm a Democrat, so everything you just read is a bunch of hot air. I'm trying harder, though, to realize that brilliant people such as yourself look down on peons like me, who simply research candidates' positions and actions carefully, weigh them against each other, try to imagine how each of them would react to a crisis, and then vote their values.

You're such a genius that I'm positive you've already surmised that, though I supported Obama in the election, I did learn everything I could about John McCain and what little I could find about Sarah Palin -- though you should search on The Google for "Joe Vogler"; that guy was a doozy! I wonder why that mean old liberal media never talked about him?

You've got me all figured out all right, and if you'd like to help lead me to the foot of the path of your enlightenment, I'm willing to be led. I didn't really think about how brilliant you were until you started insulting me; that, I think, is what finally sold me on the notion that you've got it all figured out.
  by: Ben_Reilly     02/27/2009 08:45 AM     
  Do you know the difference between  
A good politician and a bad politician?


The good politician hasn't been caught yet.

@Valkyrie KISS!

@Ub3rTristan Your dad is one smart guy.
  by: White Albino   02/27/2009 10:03 AM     
If I have insulted you on a personal level, I apologise. My previous post was not intended to make me seem any more intelligent than you or anyone else on this sight, so if you got that inference, please re read it. Also note that it wasn't directed at you.

It seems to me that people who aren't for one or the other parties are looked down upon here as less informed, indecisive, etc. and that is not the case. At least, just like liberals and conservatives, not always the case.

Lastly, if I do take a personal shot at you or anyone else here, it is meant in good nature. Always. You are an intelligent & literate man so you should be able to read my comments and discern that my attacks are on ideology, not people. But again, if I have misworded something and made you think I was attacking you, I apologise.

  by: bbeljefe     02/27/2009 05:32 PM     
  oh ya  
this budget is 3.55 trillion

thats right 3.55 TRILLION
  by: cray0la     02/28/2009 10:25 AM     
  i got confused  
this is the spending bill passed,

not obamas budget, perhaps a mod can edit the title, to say 410 Billion Dollar Spending Bill passed
  by: cray0la     02/28/2009 10:32 AM     
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