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                 01/24/2018 04:54 AM  
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02/28/2009 05:27 PM ID: 77324 Permalink   

Woman Wins $7 Million Lawsuit After Contracting STD


56-year-old Patricia Behr was awarded nearly $7 million dollars after she was unknowingly infected with herpes by 77-year-old Thomas Redmond. Behr's lawsuit claimed Redmond knew he had genital herpes for more than 25 years but did not tell her.

The Riverside County jury awarded Behr $4 million in compensation, $2.75 million in punitive damages, and a 2004 BMW car. Redmond's lawyer, Robert M. Frisbee, called the verdict "outrageous" and assured his client will try to have it overturned.

Frisbee said that Behr failed to prove her STD came from Redmond and claimed she had sex with Redmond despite her knowing he had an incurable STD. Frisbee also questioned the jury's verdict, saying that it wasn't "based on reason or common sense."

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So to not get sued you have to have had an STD test and have your sex partner sign it acknowledging that they understand that they might catch something? Wow.
  by: qwerty017   02/28/2009 06:44 PM     
  OK, so now that we have agreed to have sex  
all you have to to now is sign here, here, initial here, here and here, and have this notorized.....

  by: bbeljefe     02/28/2009 06:52 PM     
56 and 77 yr old? ewwwwwwwww
  by: groomsy     02/28/2009 07:13 PM     
  i think this lawsuit has merit  
Somehow they must have proven that the old guy KNEW he had herpes and gave it to her. They're not talking about people who don't know whether they have one.
  by: gryphon50a   02/28/2009 11:07 PM     
he's also a multi millionaire??
  by: H. W. Hutchins   03/01/2009 03:28 AM     
  for herpes?  
7 million? like 25% of the population has this shit!

before i clicked the link i was positive this was about HIV, or at least Hep. I can not believe that this woman is getting multiple millions for intermittent cold sores.
  by: reverend j roach     03/01/2009 05:19 AM     
she could have said, "hey old man millionaire, wear a rubber, dude"
  by: John E Angel     03/01/2009 08:10 AM     
Does it matter if he knew?I mean...if it was totally consensual, don't you take the risk? Isn't it YOUR responsibility to manage yourself and make wise choices about who you sleep with? I can hardly see how this verdict is very constitutional. This is what "consensual" means. Seriously, she wasn't raped. Fire the judge. Bad call. Besides, he didn't tell...did SHE ask? Quit trying to micro-manage people government, you're infringing on people's rights.
  by: blac   03/01/2009 10:18 AM     
  Another possibility  
The old guy had herpes, he knew it, he started to get the woman aroused...they were deep in the hole, he says hey i have herpes...she says ohhh i don't care,I just want it

and is now being basically a sore? loser?
(pretty sore haha)

huh huh?
  by: JayWar   03/01/2009 10:23 AM     

I think we should tell the people on the he largest STD dating
  by: stdgirl   03/01/2009 02:50 PM     
I want some stupidity money!
  by: rogeratvfan   03/02/2009 04:23 PM     
I can't believe this is that big of a deal that she would get awarded all this money. I mean, hell, for a million bucks, I'd gladly get herpes.

Herpes is NOT that big of a deal now days.

In fact, she probably knew and was like oh, wow, herpes is no big deal, I'd take that for a big cash settlement.

  by: kristmen   03/02/2009 06:24 PM     
  @John E Angel  
Condoms don't work very well against herpes. You can get it when the person doesn't have an active outbreak, also.
Some people have only one outbreak after contracting herpes and never have another one, but they can still give the virus to someone who doesn't have it. It's a crap shoot, and I think this lawsuit is ridiculous. If you play you may have to pay. It takes two to Tango.
  by: JonSmith     03/02/2009 06:42 PM     
No one notices the defendant's last name is Frisbee?!? I think that had a lot to do with why the defendant lost the case!
This guy HAS to be a fake lawyer, under a false name!
  by: Allanthar     03/02/2009 07:09 PM     
  I just want to know . . .  
How did she get the 2004 BMW as part of compensation? Or is that the seen of the "crime" and she had an emotional attachment to it?
  by: snowztorm29     03/02/2009 09:24 PM     
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