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                 01/22/2018 03:36 AM  
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02/28/2009 08:39 PM ID: 77327 Permalink   

Cop Kicks, Beats Jailed 15-Year-Old Girl: Caught on Video


Paul Schene, 31, a Washington State sheriff's deputy, is accused of assault in the case of a 15-year-old girl who was brought in as part of a car theft investigation and who is shown being kicked, beaten and slammed to the floor by Schene on tape.

Schene has plead not guilty to a charge of fourth-degree assault in Superior Court. Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg said, "We believe this case is beyond just police misconduct; it's criminal misconduct. This is clearly excessive force."

Cameras captured the incident, though Shene's lawyer said the video does not tell the entire story. Schene said the girl had kicked her shoe off at him, he went into the cell to "prevent another assault" and she didn't comply with his instructions.

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  What A Man  
Beat the heck out of a 15 year old girl in a jail cell, continues to beat her after she is on the ground. Makes you proud to have someone like him working for you.

I wonder how he was treated when he was locked up? I have sympathy for his family, none for him.

A side thought: I wonder how he treats his wife and kids?
  by: ichi     02/28/2009 09:13 PM     
If bush can dodge a shoe, so can you ya twat.
  by: splicer   02/28/2009 09:19 PM     
  dude went beserk  
my god.. yeah i worry about his children as well.. that girl was 15 years old she just kicked a shoe at him

good god that man needs some angermanagment
  by: oath   02/28/2009 09:48 PM     
hidden under a uniform!
  by: captainJane     02/28/2009 10:15 PM     
  And for his reward...  
...he gets paid administrative leave. Yeah, that's punishing the scum of the earth all right!
  by: vash_the_stampede     02/28/2009 10:22 PM     
  All I can say is,  
I sincerely hope this little girl has a father and a few brothers or uncles and I hope the courts are lenient on them if they get hold of that bastard.

  by: bbeljefe     02/28/2009 10:48 PM     
  You never know @ BB  
maybe his own work mates might do the job, after all he is giving them all a bad name just being associated with him let alone working with him.
  by: captainJane     02/28/2009 11:33 PM     
That guy should not be on the streets, let alone should he be carrying a badge and a gun.

The civil case on this will cost Washington state deep in the pockets.
  by: theironboard     03/01/2009 12:19 AM     
  by: nave3d   03/01/2009 02:09 AM     
  Oh, BIG Tough guy!!  
I'm not that tough but I'm pretty sure I could take on my 12 year old daughter. What a pussy.
  by: VermiciousG     03/01/2009 03:50 AM     
  Great guy!!!  
I dare this cop to come and beat me up. Ooops I am a man and I am over his weight limit for beating women. But, as you know in this country the woman beater will get off and be allowed to carry his Glock to assault someone else.
  by: atf501   03/01/2009 04:31 AM     
  I thought  
this was a very common occurence in America. They usually like to have them cuffed behind the back first though.
  by: Blackwidow   03/01/2009 06:06 AM     
wtf?? i thought she would be black before seeing the video...hmm!!!
  by: bastrel   03/01/2009 06:19 AM     
that there's any excuse for what this cop did, I'd still like to hear HIS excuse for why he did it before we beat the crap out of him then taze him for good measure.
  by: Stryc9   03/01/2009 07:40 AM     
  We already know why  
She kicked a shoe at him.

He could've lost an eye.

Or some pride or something...
  by: VermiciousG     03/01/2009 07:45 AM     
  soon to be officer here...  
and i would beat the everliving shit out of him for being a prick... He gets off beating on underage teens... Pathetic. Arrest him and toss him in the slammer.

  by: swordfizh   03/01/2009 10:18 AM     
  Listen to the man.  
How hard can this be to understand? When in police custody they are in command. If you get stopped on a routine traffic stop you would not mouth off/kick throw anything at the police officer. I know of no one who has been beaten that was in cooperation with the police. They get beat only when they don't do what they are told. Time and time again they assert their own egos and then get beat down. This points directly at the parents for raising a 15 year old punk with no respect for the law. She wasn't in the station for singing in the choir. She was there because she was associated with criminals. Law enforcement starts not with police but with individuals. This girl epitomizes the general genre-nouveau of "Us vs the Law". The police are not the enemy. The law is there to protect everyone. Today she is against the police, tomorrow she will be calling them to protect her, possibly from the same criminals from the car theft.
  by: ShadowSpectre   03/01/2009 03:52 PM     
The them vs us mentality is perpetuated by cops like this. When in police custody I am under no legal obligation to have or show respect for them at all. I only have to follow his instructions. He on the other hand is legally responsible for my safety and my civil rights. Rights which this cop clearly violated.
  by: VermiciousG     03/01/2009 04:33 PM     
  @ Shadow  
Yes, the girl was an idiot, and no, she shouldn't have kicked her shoe at the officer, but his reaction was disproportionate to say the least.

I'm sick of saying this in response to cases of police brutality - it is not the officer's job to dish out punishment. If he can't master his own temper, he is in the wrong job.

The man in the video is an ill-disciplined brute.
  by: Maggie the Cat   03/01/2009 04:36 PM     
  Shadow Inspecter  
The police are not the judge and jury, They do not have any more right beating a person than you or I. These people are paid to be the ones that "Serve And Protect". Not administer punishment at will.
This is the mentality that made Abu Graib what it was. This can not be tolerated,NOT over seas, NOT here.
  by: ichi     03/01/2009 08:55 PM     
I read this story thinking what a bastard this cop was, but after reading your comment you make a very good point.

He did majorly over-react, but maybe what our society needs is a little bit of an over reaction - what the f**k is a 15 year old doing stealing cars and kicking shoes at officers?

Maybe she did need a good beating - you can bet your ass she wont be kicking shoes at cops in a rush!
  by: dook   03/01/2009 10:47 PM     
She has not been convicted of stealing anything. In this country we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Although that rarely happens, it IS the law.

A little girl, however disrespectful, cannot hurt a 200 lb grown man with a shoe. And, as stated by several others, the police are not charged with doling out punishment.
A sensible, sane person would have added another charge to this girl's sheet and let the courts do their job.

  by: bbeljefe     03/02/2009 01:12 AM     
  @ bbeljefe  
But can you not see why these guys might be infuriated with some little snot nosed kid like that?

It's very easy to snap - everybody has done it at some point in their life.

I know you'll counter with 'Not with violence' but this guy has to deal with violent people all day. This girl has committed an act of violence towards him in kicking the shoes at him.

He did majorly over-react but at the end of the day he's only human. Sometimes we put emotions before reason.
  by: dook   03/02/2009 01:46 AM     
He chose to enter into a career that requires an incredible amount of discipline and self control. So, no, I can't understand why he brutally attacked a little girl. I agree that she was probably very rude and combative but she is nowhere near as much a threat to him as 99% of the drunks and crackheads who have undoubtedly spit at him and called him names.

He has shown he is not capable of conducting the duties assigned to him and he should be fired. He should also be charged with criminal assault.
  by: bbeljefe     03/02/2009 02:53 AM     
  @anyone defending the shoe kick  
Have you actually watched the video and the supposed "kick"? That shoe was like a heel-less sneaker that traveled no more than 3 feet through the air horizontally and no more than 1 foot vertically. It landed maybe 6" from one officer's foot (not the one that attacked mind you) and the attacking officer took off into the cell like he had just been kicked in the balls or punched in the face. It's ludicrous!

What would a sensible person do? Realize this is a punk / brat kid who doesn't respect the law (obviously) and take her shoe leaving her without one shoe alone in a cell for several hours to chill out.

It's amazing to me how much more frequently (it seems) these days officers opt to pummel their captives for the slightest infraction of command or insult. Too many hot-headed jerks out for revenge instead of sensible altruistic individuals who are there to uphold the law, not dish out punishment.

I'm afraid the career of 'police' has become one saturated by sadists who are not interested in upholding the law, but rather using their position to get the most leverage over others. In a related way, I see police cruisers all the time who turn on their lights (no siren) just to go through a red light so they don't have to wait, then turn it off again on the other side. Abuse of power is what it's about now (or so it seems).
  by: StringBlade   03/02/2009 12:39 PM     
  This is rediculous.....  
either way, this cop was out of line. It loked to me like she may have been told to take her shoes off. She was in the process of taking the other one off when he attacked her. And her arms were folded. She is 15 for heavens sake. It may not excuse her behavior but it is typical of teens to act like that. And the mere fact that she was there was enough, had he left her tail in there for a few she probably would have been crying for her mother or father.

This fool is wayyyyyyyyyyyy out of line.

It cops like him that give the good cops a bad name/rap. However right or wrong you are it makes you think twice before you trust one. You never know if its some dumb as jerk like this one or a stand up cop doing his job. No he dont have to take no mess, however, I have met some pretty cool cops who dont play that crap while the maintain thier stature in the community and are well respected. Most know not to cross the line,but they know they aint gonna beat up on them for no reason. Then you jerks like the one in the video. He is disgusting!
  by: Me and mines   03/02/2009 10:58 PM     
  This kind of Thing  
Can only happen in a big city,where I'm from (small village 3000 souls) some cops tried to push around people since they were cops and were overzealous. 2 of them got their ass kicked and one of them a woman was handcuffed with her own handcuffs to the patrol car with her pants around her ankle,she had to call her co-worker to help her the humiliation hit home though she never abused her power afterward and people still respect her authority as a police officer,but we all know what happened and it will happen again if you abuse power.
  by: Korzen   03/02/2009 11:45 PM     
You state that this kind of thing can only happen in a big city and then proceed to tell a story about asshole cops in your small community.

No doubt this story is an example of the extreme but it is also not exclusive to large cities. I grew up in a small town and the abuse of power there was made into a book and a movie. Both of which were successfully hidden from the community at large for 25 or so years. The movie, not so much, but the book still can't be bought in the area.

  by: bbeljefe     03/03/2009 04:05 AM     
I think you're misreading korzen's comment. I think he means that this thing with the 15 year old can only happen in a big city(I doubt he's ever been to west Texas). Then he says how the small town folks handled abusive cops.
  by: VermiciousG     03/03/2009 02:15 PM     
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