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                 02/20/2018 06:31 PM  
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03/03/2009 06:37 AM ID: 77370 Permalink Shut Down


The Pirate Bay has shut down its website for an undetermined amount of time. Prosecutors are asking that the four owners be given a one-year prison sentence for profiting from the facilitation of copyrighted material.

The Pirate Bay has been online since mid 2004 and offers music, videos, and computer software for download. Although many copyright material can be shared and downloaded, none of the material is hosted on its servers.

Regarding a 2006 trial, their website stated, "In case we lose the pending trial (yeah right) there will still not be any changes to the site. The Pirate Bay will keep operating just as always. We've been here for years and we will be here many more."

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  @ (yeah right)  
shouldn't that be posted as a comment instead of inside the summary itself?
  by: TemptationFalls   03/03/2009 03:39 AM     
the (yeah right) is in the quote from TPB. so, it should be in there. its not a summarizer's comment.
  by: elijah4twenty     03/03/2009 03:52 AM     
  No such thing  
The source link is from January. Nowhere in the story is there anything about Piratebay being shut down.

The reason the site is down right now is due to maintainence. That, or possibly because Watchmen was leaked.

Let's not use Shortnews to spread lies now.
  by: yusaku     03/03/2009 04:17 AM     
didn't check the source. my bad. But agreeing with yusaku the source's date is January 2008 so it would be a little over a year and a month old now.
  by: TemptationFalls   03/03/2009 04:21 AM     
sorry the link should have been
  by: Peepers   03/03/2009 04:23 AM     
  I didn't even notice...  
The year, I just saw January 31st and was like "wth...". The site really is down though, but not because of any ruling in the (still ongoing) trial.

Here's the real story, if anyone is interested:
  by: yusaku     03/03/2009 04:25 AM     
I'm still going to have to wave the black flag, dude. The new source doesn't say that they were 'shut down' either, just that the "Prosecutors in the trial against the four men who run the file-sharing site The Pirate Bay have called for a one-year prison sentence to be imposed".
  by: yusaku     03/03/2009 04:28 AM     
  Better luck next time  
it appears as though you tried to summerize an article using the words of another article on the same subject. Its your first one though, you will learn - we all go through it :)
  by: jOnO_oRiGiNaL     03/03/2009 04:31 AM     
  the pirate bay...  
their site does seem to be down, but their trackers are online so all one has to do is find another torrent search engine that has access to pirate bay trackers to get access to the files that they would have found on the site, and there are dozens, if not hundreds of such search engines.
  by: HAVOC666     03/03/2009 04:41 AM     
  sorry guys  
I am a complete failure :( lol. I have been reading shortnews faithfully for about 5 years and also enjoy reading the comments/discussions on all the articles. I figured hell i guess it's my time to contribute to the community. I promise my next article will be better. Keep critiquing me and I'll listen to anything constructive.
  by: Peepers   03/03/2009 05:20 AM     
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