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                 01/18/2018 12:41 PM  
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03/03/2009 11:41 AM ID: 77379 Permalink   

US May Lose AAA Rating


Senior manager of private clients at Tyche, Martin Hennecke, believes the U.S. is on track to lose its 'AAA' rating. Large amounts of debt he says, means bankruptcy of the U.S. government is not an impossibility.

"In the United States there is already a funding crisis, and they will have to sell a lot more bonds next year to fund the bailout packages that have already been signed off," Hennecke told CNBC.

Hennecke also advised radically cutting spending across the board, and recalling all American troops in order to help stave economic slowdown. Suggesting that as far as stimulus packages are concerned, there is not much left to stimulate.

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Turn into a flame war between Democrats and Republicans in an effort to prove one side is more responsible than the other.
  by: Rayn     03/03/2009 11:55 AM     
Just what the stock market needed!
  by: vant   03/03/2009 01:07 PM     
Wouldn't matter if it was all based on gold.
  by: blac   03/03/2009 01:12 PM     
No I blame both parties. I also blame the American people for falling victim to their shenanigans for about the trillionth time...

Republicrats said: It sure would be fun to economically rape someone and Americans seemed to bend over willingly for it... Political/Economic Masochists. Thats what Americans have unwittingly become.

Of course fear sure does go a long way. Here is some of the enemies used to sway Americans in the last 50 years. Some real and some fantasy.

Russian Commies, Chinese, Commies, Vietnamese Commies, Latin American Commies.

Eventually the whole Commie routine got old so we changed it to Iran. Then Commies again. Then after the Commies went away we changed it to Iraq. Iraq wasnt good enough so it was then changed to Religious Brown People called Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda started becoming not as believable as commies so then it was once again changed to something else. Now it is currently Economic Disaster.

For the last 50+ years of American history, Americans have become the most gullible people to control. Reminds me of a good quote. Can anyone name the man famous for its remarks?

" is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

With all that said, I firmly believe that for #1, the economy would not be so bad if it were not for the actions of the Republicrats. They have had been messing with the machines settings when everyone knew that trying to micromanage the economy was a suicide move. For #2 I think this crash of the economy has been used to take even more control, money and power away from the people through the use of fear. And #3 I also firmly believe that this collapse was intentional as it allowed for several bigger companies to swallow up smaller ones not to mention it paves the way for more world government, less sovereignty and the possibility of the creation of a World Federal Reserve type of system...
  by: slavefortheman     03/03/2009 03:12 PM     
  Why buy bonds  
when those in charge are just going to screw it up again in the future? They'll probably just waste the money they get from bonds again!
  by: Trevelyan   03/03/2009 04:43 PM     
You have to have the assets to cover the loans etc...
  by: rogeratvfan   03/03/2009 05:17 PM     
  We lost our  
AAA rating somewhere around 40 years ago when we started to aggressively elect actors, bums, slackers, clowns, thieves, liars, foreigners, assassins, and traitors to lead our country.
  by: Hytekhik   03/03/2009 06:31 PM     
  @ok it was for roger then i went on a rant...  
actually the banks don't back their loans with anything at all except for money that they doubled from someone elses deposit. if everyone pulled out there would be no imaginary money for you to have. i'll look for the story and post it later but there was a case of a man who didn't think he should pay back taxes on a home loan, arguing that the bank did not have to back the loan with anything, therefore the house may be worth somethign to then in the form of a sale but loses then absolutely nothing if not being paid off. For every 100,000 dollars that gets deposited, the bank has permission to create another 100,000 out of thin air, so actually you can sue the bank and tell them to screw off and they will lose in court. actually i could be wrong but as far as i know all the states still never ratified the tax laws and even if they did you should look into the definition of "income." "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." -john adams

and that dude was Herman Goering, top nazi official who killed himself with cianyde hours before scheduled to be hung. lucky bastard. i hope he suffered.
  by: mrmarler     03/05/2009 05:45 AM     
has already lost. not "May lose".

We have been the backbone of other countries, who are royally screwing us without a spit.

Few years ago USA (about 3 yrs) USA wrote off, loans to many 3rd World countries, which in humanitarian basis, it is a very good gesture. However when you think of how these 3rd despots spent these funds, would make you wanna throw yo mama over the bridge.

Tanzania, under Mkapa spent 40 million on a private Jet (Presidents Jet) while in the South of Tanzania people were literally dying of starvation!

Dubiously Tanzanian watch dogs, claimed, the reason why USA is not saying anything, is because they already got paid in Tanzanite, hush, hush.

Another example is Israel. Israel owes the U.S. government billions in economic and military loans. Israeli officials are fond of saying that Israel has never defaulted on a loan from the United States. While this is technically true, the CRS report states that, Israel received billions in waived loans. It is, therefore, reasonable to consider all loans to Israel as generally the same as grants.

Furthermore, the United States gives Israel all of its economic aid directly in cash, without requiring an accounting of how the funds are used. Billion for Israel is for specific military projects.

The only condition on the military aid to Israel from the foreign aid bill is that about 75 percent of it has to be spent in the United States. However this also has a loop hole the size of Grand Canyon, which Israel is using it to screw the same people who are helping.

Israel is the only recipient country that deals directly with companies, without any required opacity from USA. Israel instead keeps the loans back in USA and gain Interest from Americans, which is the NO, NO policy of USA to other countries who receive grants or loans. In the end USA helps Israel, Israel cooks USA with its own FAT, after skinning it.

Few months ago Banks had to post loss at disproportional level because of CDO's (Collaterised Debt Obligations) Whose underlying assets are US residential mortgages, and which were
rated Triple-A by the rating agencies at inception.

Then a question is. How do you do business with companies that are in a lending and already have a triple-A rating?

Does this mean USA turned a blind eye? If the answer is yes! Imagine this scenario. Obama is injecting trillions, I just dont know how are we going to get our heels out of this one in the near future!! When Independent economist are already saying this will not work, but only further the demise.

I think we will hear this Economy song for a long time to come. The only thing we have to do is work on stamina, so that we can continue dancing.
  by: chakubanga1   03/05/2009 07:18 PM     
"When Independent economist are already saying this will not work, but only further the demise."

That one sentence sums up the main problem with Amerika. This debt bubble is going to burst soon and who knows what will happen when it does. Collapse of the US Government, a massive secession movement, the military taking power, the Federal Reserve seizing control and many other possibilities.

Hopefully if the system does collapse, we will be able to build better one from the old ones ashes.

The biggest problem I see is this; If the government does collapse, who and what will fill that power vacuum? I have a bad feeling that as Americans generally like to take the easy road, they will accept the first offer that is made. I feel that this first offer will probably come from the same tyrants that destroyed the system in the first place and the "New and Improved" system will be a true dictatorship. Not just in words but in action as well...

Personally I feel that if the government does collapse, our safest bet will be with the State governments. They will really be the only defense against any despots that try to take over. This is why I would not be surprised if a secessionist movement developed with the onset of collapse. Much like what happened in the USSR.
  by: slavefortheman     03/05/2009 07:35 PM     
I absolutely agree with you.

Many people and especially younger generation dont understand the fact that, this has been in the making for the past 40 years or more.

Accepting the fact that this is not an extra ordinary thing to happen, because it has already happened several times before else where, this demise to fall on USA is very, very likely.

As you mentioned USSR. Few decades ago ( Wow decades) I mean a decade and few years ago, we watched with glee, as the Eastern Walls were falling. We cheered, just the way we did toppling of Sadaams statue.

While the master minds of this work were looking at all this with a wry smile at their masterpiece unfolding piece by piece.

Many economists especially here in America are contending that, the break down or bankruptcy of the giant 3 is a must in order to move forward and bailout is a bandaid to further the lateral navigation. Instead of facing the issues and what caused the problem to begin with.

Here we have a new president, whom the rest of the World is looking at with a very soft heart, but down deep we all know, the path leads to failure.

Currently and very subtly, Americans without knowing, are already being prepared for the next election by the current admin**. Unfortunately this is happening at a very hefty cost, which we will not reel out of in the very near future. Has it happened before? answer is YES.

During Clinton, despite the congress disapproval of spending on recipient countries, or reducing the freebies, on November 4 Clinton requested that Congress consider granting an extra $450 million to Israel, with a suggestion that next years military aid to Israel increase by $350 million on top of whats already in place.

This current situation (Economic) did not start with Bush, it was engineered with the likes of Clinton and slowly the bubble started popping. Bush on the other hand, just nailed the coffin.

Two wars, none of these two, are actually on behalf of Americans but allies. While the same ally has absolute no remorse on Americans health.

Israel has stopped the Bomb Iran rhetoric, and for once I can say Bush did the very best thing of his presidency when he said NO to Israel wanting to Bomb Iran, which was reported here

Imagine having to fend off three countries with current economic woe!
Do you think Israel cares about America!? It has an agenda and as an old adage goes, where there is Smoke...

Conspiracy theories have been looming for a little while now, one cant help but think of them as conspiracy, but once you see the pattern of, how things are unfolding in America, you start wondering about the Masons and Zionists...

Another old adage comes to mind.

Pen is mightier than F18, or F22 Raptor. those with a pen in hand are winning by watching America disintegrate from within..

** Obama is on a spending spree, so that Americans feel we owe him. Bush did that with Fear. Remember WAR ON TERROR, which is now frowned upon when it was too late.
  by: chakubanga1   03/05/2009 09:37 PM     
Actually I like to think that it really started when Regan got into power. That is when the NeoCons really started to take control. Neocon VP and former CIA head George H W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, etc. Admittedly many of these individuals got their first taste of power in Nixon's and also Fords admin but it really wasnt till Regan that they started taking control of the upper echelon positions such as cabinet level ones.

Since then they have been steadily destroying this country. Monetary manipulation seems to be their favorite sport as of late... It seems like this latest go around is really going to bring America to its knees.

I cannot see how it would be possible to recover from such economic chaos as we are undergoing now. I know of some common sense approaches to handling it. However common sense is no longer the prevailing wisdom in Washington.

Now I sometimes wonder whether their attempts at dismantling our system are intentional or merely incompetence. I see documentaries like "Freedom to Fascism" by Aaron Russo and he even says in this documentary how he was approached by David Rockefeller to help join their "clique" and they would try to help humanity. But Russo explains that he refused the offer because of the methods and means in which these people are doing things.

Basically he explains that they want to create almost like a Corporate-Socialist state that is controlled by these few business men. Russo goes on to explain that they are ideals of Communism. Which to a degree is true. I have read both volumes of Das Kapital and the Manifesto and many of their views are directly related to Marxist theory. However and this is a big however, Marx envisioned these systems being democratic and under the control of the proletariat. Under the neocon way of thinking, this small group of men are the ones that make the decisions and the masses are thought of as to stupid to decide the direction of the nation.

It actually reminds me of National Socialism. It was a socialist style economic system but very right wing in its ideology. It is really the best historic example we have with regards to the Neocons.

Unfortunately I think they would like to turn this country into exactly what Nazi Germany was... The scary part is a majority of Republicans seemed to have jumped onto this American style National Socialist style of government and the Democrats with the rise of Obama are following right along with the Republicans now...
  by: slavefortheman     03/05/2009 11:35 PM     
  "there is not much left to stimulate."  
I could use some stimulation. I even show them where.

If you take a look at the current money supply it is terrifying. Hyperinflation is on the way and soon. Look at the very end of the graph and you can see the problem.

It is only a matter of time.
  by: valkyrie123     03/07/2009 10:00 PM     
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