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                 02/21/2018 01:42 PM  
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03/09/2009 01:50 PM ID: 77495 Permalink   

Restaurant, Grocery Store Terrorized By Fleeing Deer


George Bourziko reports a deer crashing through the front window of his Greek Village Restaurant in Silver Springs, MD. The deer and two dogs pursuing her left the restaurant in a shambles before exiting the front door.

The hunt proceeded to the Giant Food Store by way of the automatic doors.

Montgomery County Police with the Department of Natural Resources report putting down the deer in the bakery section.
The fate of the dogs was not disclosed.

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  This could be seen as funny...  
if animals had not been needlessly hurt.
  by: captainJane     03/09/2009 01:54 PM     
I completely agree.
  by: chimmy420   03/10/2009 05:21 AM     
Send these terrorist to Guantanamo Bay.
  by: Razaq   03/10/2009 05:40 AM     
  Well remembering that  
This IS the US Of A....
The dogs were feed on deers legs and the humans hand Venisene,( Sorry dont now how to spell Deer meat LOL.)

I find it apalling to think, the these poor dears, Have been terroized,YES. I say TERROIZED by these dogs or dog. And end up on a plate,Scuse me pass the Ketchup. Ta M8.....

What an absolute load of twaddle..

If you dont know what twaddle means ask CJ. He knows......LMAO..Sorry CJ Very old Milligan Jokes.
  by: steve2045     03/13/2009 06:48 PM     
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