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                 01/19/2018 08:40 PM  
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03/17/2009 11:01 PM ID: 77682 Permalink   

Senator: Obama Breaking Promise to Protect Whistle-blowers


A signing statement made to last week's $410 billion spending bill by Barack Obama has prompted Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to write a critical letter to the President, recalling campaign promises he'd made to protect government whistle-blowers.

Obama noted, in regards to a section providing protection to government officials who give to Congress information about their work or workplace, that the law could not limit his ability to control the release of certain White House information.

"This is a shocking statement that acknowledges that you would be willing to give an order preventing employee whistle-blowers from making disclosures to Congress," wrote Grassley. A White House official cited similar statements by recent presidents.

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  Come on  
You can protect whistleblowers and protect sensitive information at the same time. This is ridiculous.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/17/2009 11:06 PM     
Same as Clinton and Bush? I want my change back!
  by: jOnO_oRiGiNaL     03/17/2009 11:08 PM     
  @Ben and j0n0  
The similarity is what compelled me to this story. "Ridiculous?" Perhaps, but I do think this is the kind of thing of which people should take notice. People often said of Bush's excesses to beware of how the next guy wields the power.
  by: MomentOfClarity     03/17/2009 11:15 PM     
I love how people were expecting Obama to take office and suddenly the US would turn into the land of lollipops and unicorns.

Like I said when he was elected, people are going to be very upset if they think one man is going to come in and break down the entire government so that is rid of the corruption that has rooted itself deep into the system.

Whether Obama is "one of them" or not, I don't need to entertain that idea. Hes probably just being forced to play ball so the guys who really run the show don't have him assassinated.
  by: teh_epic     03/17/2009 11:35 PM     
I love how people were expecting Obama to take office and suddenly there would be rioting in the streets, one-world government, forced conversion to Islam, and Armageddon.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/17/2009 11:55 PM     
I heard he loves abortion only so he can drink the stem cells from pureed fetuses and gain superhuman strength and then anything he can't drink, he's using to make a clone of Josef Stalin and the guy in the bible who betrayed Jesus in a Serpentor-like experiment because they were the most evil people ever and his only heroes. And then he's gonna take all our jobs and guns and money.
That's what I heard anyway. I should really stop listening to Limbaugh.
  by: captainchainsaw   03/18/2009 12:11 AM     
  ^^^^ umm..  
... and yes, that was sarcasm.
  by: captainchainsaw   03/18/2009 12:12 AM     
The little things that make the big things happen.

Its not about instant change. Its the fact Obama broke yet another promise.

What one will he break next?

I dont think anyone really expects him to shit gold and fart miracles... though sometimes the way people keep going on about him it does make me wonder.
  by: Red!   03/18/2009 01:16 AM     
  Obama = Bush = Corporate Stooge  
I mean seriously... Did anyone actually expect "change" from a guy who has filled his entire staff with Wall Street fat cats!

Democrats knew they couldnt produce a candidate and Republicans knew that anyone they produced would be associated with Bush. As a result, the democrats put a black face on a candidate because it was the only thing Americans were dumb enough to fall for. And boy did they fall for it...

Im not saying that Americans are gullible... Well yes I am. I guess I am saying is that there has not been a real "Man of the People" in the presidency since JFK. And the powers that be didnt like his message so they put a bullet in his brain. They didnt like his brother either. After all he would have become president in 1968 had he lived. So they killed him too.

Anyone that stands up to the ones pulling the strings usually ends up with part of their brain hanging out of their head.

The corporations and other controlling entities are not going to allow anyone that represents the people to ever become president of the US ever again. That is why people like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura and hell... even Chuck Norris scare the hell out of them.

Obama not for one second was about to "change" anything. Anyone that voted for him was conned out of their vote. Anyone that voted for McCain. Well hell that was about the same as voting for Obama so it really doesnt matter.

Anytime you vote for a Republican or Democrat, you are generally voting against America. There are some exceptions but few and far between.
  by: slavefortheman     03/18/2009 01:21 AM     
  Maybe an answer is  
Term Limits!! Until the deck can be un-stacked, it does not matter who the president is. The greed, corruption and incompetence that is the US Congress goes unchallenged, one administration after another. I'm pretty sure the framers had something else in mind.
  by: thePAV   03/18/2009 02:03 AM     
This really isn't that hard.

A congressional staffer comes forward with the shocking revelation: "The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions members eat human flesh at their meetings!" Staffer is protected.

A Pentagon office worker comes forward with the shocking revelation: "The F-35 Lightning II fighter jet can be brought down by a well-placed .45 caliber round!" Worker is fired for compromising national security.

Whistleblowers cannot be protected to the point that they can't be penalized for recklessly disregarding the safety of the United States. It's pretty simple and logical.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/18/2009 05:20 AM     
As a whistle-blower I feel that it is my responsibility to tell everyone everywhere that if you were to spill Pepsi on the control panel of a nuclear power plant in northern California 15 miles south east of San Francisco between the hours of 5-7pm during the shift change when the back door to the west of the loading dock is unlocked that you would almost certainly cause a nuclear meltdown that would ruin the U.S.'s ability to engage in wars in the third world.

If this weakness isn't protected within the next 30 days, allowing 21 days for appropriations/consideration of cost/Pepsi machine restocking, it could result in disaster.

...I'm just sayin'
  by: VermiciousG     03/18/2009 06:00 AM     
  Obama the deceiver....  
As much as I would love to like him ....

Obama is owned by wall street.. and even more of a puppet then Bush!
check out Alex Jones new movie
Barack Obama - The Deception if you want proof.
  by: mr.g   03/18/2009 09:51 PM     
  JFK was the last real president...  
  by: mr.g   03/18/2009 09:54 PM     
and disappointed.
  by: redstain   03/19/2009 01:16 AM     
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