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                 01/21/2018 11:32 PM  
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03/20/2009 10:59 PM ID: 77747 Permalink   

14-Year-Old Raped on the School Bus


A 13-year-old boy was arrested today and has been charged with third-degree rape. The rape is said to have happened on the bus ride home at about 3:15 p.m. on March 11th. A 14-year-old girl is the alleged victim.

No one reported the rape while it was happening. It is said to have happened in the back of the bus, and the bus driver did not notice anything. Kingston Middle School officials said that some students reported it a day after it happened.

If convicted, the boy will face up to 30 days in juvenile hall, 150 hours of community service, 12 months of community supervision, and a fine of $500. The boy and another 13-year-old boy, who may be involved, were expelled from school.

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Can you change the title to 14 year old, as the girl is 14.
  by: jOnO_oRiGiNaL     03/20/2009 11:01 PM     
  real nice  
how no one lifted a hand to help her. Children are our future. God help us.
  by: gryphon50a   03/21/2009 12:11 AM     
  Terrible subject matter and all...  
but "and another 13-year-old boy, who may be involved, "

If it's only a may then surely f**king up someones career / record by expelling them before finding out the facts is a tad dramatic?

I know they have to be seen as doing something but I'm sure innocent until proven guilty must apply even in schools.
  by: dook   03/21/2009 12:31 AM     
  Legal Perspective....  
taken from

3rd Degree Rape:
(1) A person is guilty of rape in the third degree when, under circumstances not constituting rape in the first or second degrees, such person engages in sexual intercourse with another person, not married to the perpetrator:
(a) Where the victim did not consent as defined in RCW 9A.44.010(7), to sexual intercourse with the perpetrator and such lack of consent was clearly expressed by the victim's words or conduct, or
(b) Where there is threat of substantial unlawful harm to property rights of the victim.

(1) "Sexual intercourse" (a) has its ordinary meaning and occurs upon any penetration, however slight, and
(b) Also means any penetration of the vagina or anus however slight, by an object, when committed on one person by another, whether such persons are of the same or opposite sex, except when such penetration is accomplished for medically recognized treatment or diagnostic purposes, and
(c) Also means any act of sexual contact between persons involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another whether such persons are of the same or opposite sex.
(7) "Consent" means that at the time of the act of sexual intercourse or sexual contact there are actual words or conduct indicating freely given agreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact.

So there is the legal definition. The reason I post this was because I initially found it hard to believe that a couple of naked 14 year-olds went unnoticed in the back of the bus. According to this definition, a hand in the wrong place can constitute 3rd degree rape and that is much easier to believe that it could have gone mostly unnoticed by others on the bus.
  by: opinionated   03/21/2009 01:34 AM     
I don't understand, your definition still refers to "sexual intercourse", that is not merely a misplaced hand. Also, you wonder how no one noticed. If witnesses reported it, I guess they did notice. The fact is, at the time they noticed but did not intervene.
  by: gryphon50a   03/21/2009 02:14 AM     
I cant believe NONE of those kids spoke up at the time. No one told the driver.
There would have been kids much younger and probably older can none of them have said anything?

And OMG why and how do 14 year olds use the weapon of sex?

Ruin someone life, do the crime - his punishment is far too lenient IMO....children get off way too lightly for crimes like this.
  by: asylum_souljah   03/21/2009 02:51 AM     
  In all likelihood..  
..the sex was consensual until word got around to the parents-- at which point the story started to change and parents jumped to conclusions. The source really doesn't reveal who, or in what way the the incident was reported.

Confused kids and protective parents make unpleasant news for everyone. I really feel bad for the girl either way.. It's easy to make a bad decision that you have to come to terms with on your own-- with parents over your shoulder it becomes very easy to become regretful and suddenly become the victim.

Maybe I'm off the ball here, but when I was younger these types of situations were all too common. I watched quite a few guys get jail time for statutory rape of 17 year olds after parents found journals or myspace posts.
  by: luc1ddr3am     03/21/2009 03:04 AM     
  ever notice  
how virtually EVERY time rape is mentioned on a website, one or more guys assumes that it was all consensual? It's as if actual rape never happens. Luc, were you there? How do you know it was consensual? Oh, you just "know."
  by: gryphon50a   03/21/2009 03:43 AM     
nobody stopped it because we teach our kids to look the other way. well I don't but you know what i mean.....
  by: mrmarler     03/21/2009 03:59 AM     
I'm arguing the other side of the point-- everyone else assumed the polar opposite.

The details are not cut and dry by any means here. It doesn't claim that the girl came forward, admitted being raped, or that there is any substance to the story at all.

For all you know, one of the kids that were uncomfortable witnessing the situation told their parents and authorities just started investigating for the worst.

You'd be wise to note that I said I may be wrong but personal experience-- leads me to speculate differently.
  by: luc1ddr3am     03/21/2009 04:15 AM     
  @gryphon- 2  
I quote "Students told Kingston Middle School officials the next day that something inappropriate had happened, Wilson said, and they started an investigation." From the source.

Inappropriate can be anything from rape, to public displays of affection, to youthful exploratory sex.

  by: luc1ddr3am     03/21/2009 04:20 AM     
  Stop Ignoring the unspoken  
Did it ever occur to you all that the kind of 13 year olds that do this kind of shit are probably bullies who would have probably bashed up any other kid if they spoke about what happenned.
And what was the girl doing at the back? Trying to be popular by being among the "bad" guys? or was she forced to go there?
Far as the 2nd boy being expelled, what else do u expect a principal to do under such heat?..i think all who witnessed it and did not say a word are criminals...cause by being silent, they endorse it though unintentional.
End of the day = if a school/parents/community/church cannot teach kids by the age of 13 how to respect a woman and her body....the problem lies therein..not just the 13 year olds.
  by: Bloodangel   03/21/2009 11:51 PM     
Not a very diligent reader, are you?

Yes, the definition does use the phrase "sexual intercourse" but if you look at the legal definition of "sexual intercourse" you will see that it says in part, "any penetration, however slight" and also "any penetration of the vagina or anus however slight, by an object, when committed on one person by another." This broad definition gives prosecutors significant leeway if ANYTHING even slightly enters her vagina... even a finger. Remember this isn't a "common sense" definition that the kid is being charged with but the legal definition. Think of it this way, most people wouldn't consider eating a single grape from a grocery store display as stealing but depending on the legal definition you might be able to be charged with petty theft.

Also, I never said it went unnoticed. I said it went MOSTLY unnoticed. If the bus driver didn't see anything it's fairly safe to say that he didn't have her bent over the seat in front of them going at it full force. Even for a 14 year old, those seats don't provide a lot of cover especially if there are two people trying to hide from view. This leads me to believe that the actions that transpired were relatively low key. Possibly, as I suggested, heavy petting that went a little too far.
  by: opinionated   03/22/2009 06:09 AM     
Gryphon can't be wrong if he/she stands for justice. I mean it *is* easier to ignore the facts, and even justifiable.. so long as you are standing up to evil. It even gives a warm fuzzy feeling. Instant self gratification in under 5-minutes guaranteed.

Never mind innocent until proven guilty, or considering the entire range of possibility.

Does anyone even remember what its like to be a kid?
  by: luc1ddr3am     03/22/2009 07:26 AM     
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