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                 01/22/2018 11:35 AM  
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03/26/2009 09:15 AM ID: 77841 Permalink   

Fed-Ex Company Says it Will Cancel an Order for 30 Boeing Jets if Congress Enacts "Card Check" Unionization Law


FedEx Corp has said that they will cancel an order for 30 Boeing Cargo Jets if Congress was to pass a law making it easier for unions to be put into place at the company. The Boeing Planes have a estimated cost of 7 Billion dollars.

The Teamsters Union is in place at the rival company, UPS, and has been trying to organize at FedEx Corp for many years. FedEx has a huge advantage over competitor UPS without a union, and the passing of this law would take that advantage away.

FedEx spokesperson Maury Lane said they will not purchase the planes if Congress were to change the law, stating the passing of the law would "cripple the company and eliminate the need for the extra planes".

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  so much for those unions!!  
there so great for companies!!

take a look at the big detroit 3 and the UAW.

look what they have done for them.

  by: cray0la     03/26/2009 09:24 AM     
  How much is unions  
and how much is the cost of health care?
  by: ixuzus     03/26/2009 10:07 AM     
Whoever said Unions are good for companies is an imbecile. Oh wait, I think I just read that somewhere

GOOD Unions are of as much benefit to society as a good employer. There are plenty of good Unions out there and they far outnumber the likes of the UAW. FOP, AFSCME, IBEW.... I just can't understand the fools that believe employees should have no right to collectively bargain with employers, especially when those employers expressly GIVEN them that right.
  by: monstrddg   03/26/2009 02:48 PM     
  If Fedex Can Not Compete With UPS  
if it was unionized like its competitor it must believe that UPS is a more efficient company.
Personally I am tired of corporations making threats to control legislation. The time of corporate blackmail needs to come to an end.
  by: ichi     03/26/2009 04:46 PM     
People have a right to unionize... and at same time companies also have a right to run their own business...

FedEx is well within their rights to buy/sell/cancel business assets.

No doubt that plenty of unions are good and bad. But with all the bad PR lately that unions are getting, they certainly don't need more in the news like this.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   03/26/2009 06:59 PM     
  I am unsure if this is good or bad  
I mean they say it will make everything cost more, blah blah, etc...

With that said, UPS is cheaper than FedEx it seems to me and also from experience, more efficient. If I tell FedEx to hold something at their distro center, they always send it back out costing me even more time and money...

When I use UPS and need to go to the distro center, they always hold for me. The only downside is they are real sticklers for closing exactly at 7pm. If you are there at 7:01, sucks for you... come back the next day...

But FedEx to me seems more expensive and less efficient. Anyhow thats just from my experience and how I see it.
  by: slavefortheman     03/26/2009 07:47 PM     
  Just read about the Card Check...  

I just read about the card check legislation, and if I was an employer who had a situation as such, I would be doing exactly the same thing.

One thing that many Heavily Pro Union people forget, is that without a union, a business has to use tactics to retain people like having a good workplace, or competitive wages and benefits.

I'm in a non union business, and honestly, if we unionized, I'd be out of here so fast, their heads would spin. My employer has an incredible benefits package and wonderful atmosphere. They do this because they realize that a sucessful business retains good people by making it a good place to be. If people *have* good credentials, are good workers, non union employers will seek them out and do whats necessary to keep them.

But, what everyone always forgets is this: YOU work for your employer, they don't work for you. Your job is to make provide a service. If you don't provide a valued service, or through your actions you should be able to be let go. Unions make this *incredibly* hard.

Honestly, how many times have you seen a hard working, good natured, honest person be horribly abused by a employer and still be forced to work there?

I had one place in my life that paid me minimum, worked stupid hours, had a punitive workplace, and was just generally a nightmare. You know what happened? I quit, and got another job. See easy solution. The business closed down because the service sucked. Why did the service suck? Simple. They couldn't retain good people because it was an aweful place to work.

Would a union have helped? Maybe? But, the question is this: In a capitalist society, we are given the opportunity as individuals to set up businesses and have the succeed or fail. If by the choices we make as employers it creates a poor environment, that business will fail. There is no shame in letting a business flop because the employer sets up a bad environment.

Ok, I've got alot more to say, but, I'm going to end this rant...
  by: gbestwick   03/26/2009 08:11 PM     
  I have Sat Through Anti Union Meetings  
during my lunch placed by my employer with professional union busters present that have threatened us repeatedly with dire consequences if we voted union. Everything from the "we will shut the plant doors" to threats of " we will have to have layoffs" if we went union. This intimidation was very efective as it begain as soon as union organizing looked like it would bring a vote.

do you ever wander why it is the same people that supported bail outs for corporations with massive bonuses for the ones that destroyed the companies and demanded the auto workers reduce their wages. It would be better in their eyes that a workers child forgo a college education than them give up a multimillion bonus.

All the card check wants is to have the employees that "WISH TO" sign a card to endorse unions. If a majority so chooses then the union will prevail without threats and intimidation, like the article shows that the employers have no reservations in using.
  by: ichi     03/26/2009 10:02 PM     
I have never been a member of a union, i also have never worked anywhere with collective bargaining, i negotiate the best terms for me.
The problem with unions is they look at everyone the same and the problem with this is if you are good and go above and beyond at your job you get paid the same as the person that slacks off.
I am not saying their are no benefits to unions but if you truly have something to offer an employer they will make sure you are looked after and happy otherwise they know you will walk.
  by: shiftyfarker   03/26/2009 10:42 PM     
  In light of recent events  
I think being a union member does have it's appeals.
Companies going under after the executives take huge benefits and payouts.
While the guy on the shop floor has now lost his job and his entitlements.
It was unions that forced an end to boys going down the coal mines and brought in equal pay schemes and medical benefits to those that did not have them before.
As for what have unions done for the big 3, I would say it was stupidity on managements side, ramming out the same old crap year after year.
They have had patents on energy saving motors for decades.
Look at some of the management types that have just taken huge payouts.
Do you really believe they have employees interests at heart?

  by: thinking   03/27/2009 03:15 PM     
  Terrorism at work  
Do what we want or else we threaten "economic violence"...
  by: Korzen   03/29/2009 06:21 AM     
WOOT! don't forget cwa

and f8ck fed ex. their mad because they, and when i say they i have no idea who they are, but they want to run a business and make it bigger and bigger for what exactly? whats the point if you're employees aren't being taken care of in terms of medical, wages, and other benefits. sounds like ups IS taking care of their employees and allowing them the RIGHT to unionize, unlike their dictator ass rivals fed ex. sorta like the difference between costco and sams club. a sams club employee, if they knew, would probably kill to work at costco. hell if you have perfect attendance at that place for a straight year you get an automatic next in line position for corporate and there are mad benny's that come along with that. at least that's how it used to work. i digress, unions are good unless run by assholes just like anything else. just because some unions are bad doesn't mean the idea of a union is bad, it just means that the those unions needed better leaders and there should be something in place to make sure that happens.
  by: mrmarler     03/29/2009 06:54 AM     
  Couriers must be good citizens too  
Someone here said that company should be allowed to run their business their way as it is theirs.
That is history:
Companies live in asociety and must earn its right to operate by treating people fairly (this will minimize union "impact"), treating the public right (planes taking off all night over suburbs, driving like imbeciles), good citizens (paying taxes where they make profits and no financial constructions)
  by: Pinochio   03/29/2009 09:31 AM     
at one point in this country's history Unions were a good thing. but those times have passed. Unions have become corrupt, the leaders are just the middle man now between you and you paycheck. and if you want a vote in the matter well you better pay more.

you think you have a say in a union HA...its what ever the puppet master chooses that matters.

you wana work while the lazys sit around and strike, they throw you out and then good luck finding a job.

I have worked at both union and nonunion jobs, and seeing lazy asshats milking the company drives me crazy. and their is nothing you can do about it because of the unions.

Fed-Ex is its own company why is the govt getting involved in a private company. oh thats right its the new thing to do, pretty soon you can have the govt. wiping your asses for you as well. maybe they can tell you when to eat and sh!t...

the govt is here the govt is here all is good all is good. fools...
  by: snowman47   03/29/2009 11:34 PM     
This isn't the government getting involved in a company, this is a company threatening to do its best to hurt the economy if the government passes a new way for citizens to exercise their right to collective bargaining.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/30/2009 10:35 PM     
  I doubt it  
I highly doubt that a $210Billion investment would hinge on a small change in legislation. If so, then it was a risky purchase anyway.

Something tells me, that Fed-Ex is looking for an excuse because the credit for the purchase has suddenly increased.
  by: jendres     03/30/2009 10:41 PM     
yah i am sure the Dem. who started this peace of trash is not in the pockets of the union.

you dont like it at the company leave, its that simple.

"...collective bargaining."-Ben R.

hahahaha, yah you can call it what you want. its still means lazy as$ holes sitting around not doing squat and getting a paycheck. Every company has an HR Dept. and they make sure that each person is treated fairly each complaint is handled and that laws are followed. why should i be forced to sit around and not work or strike because some fat cat in a plush office sees fit to get a raise. if iam a productive member of a company the yearly reviews show that and i am compensated if not i start looking somewhere else
  by: snowman47   03/30/2009 10:51 PM     
if you people who say its a cop out actually read the article.

"In January, FedEx exercised an option to buy 15 B777F planes, and has an option to buy an additional 15. FedEx negotiated language into its contract allowing the company to cancel the order should Congress pass the changes in labor law. FedEx also wouldn't exercise the option for the second 15 planes if the law passed, a spokesman said."

FedEx didnt dream this up since the bill was written on March 3rd, its in a contract they wrote months ago saying that if such laws are passed it will cancel the contract. plain and simple and they are with in they're right to do so. now if the govt. gets involved you can say good buy to more of your rights...oppps to late
  by: snowman47   03/30/2009 10:56 PM     

"collective bargining"??

ya right, forcing a union is not collective barging.

"company doing the best to hurt the economy"?

no the company doing the best it can do to SAVE THEIR COMPANY if the government forced regulation that would empty there bank accounts.

card check is a joke, simple as that.

what it essentially does is if the people sign the "cards" that they want a union (alot of times the people just sign these cards to get the union junkys off their back because it doesnt mean a union would be put in place) that after 20% or more of the cards should a "yes" for a union it would not be voted on or debated, it would simply be Put the union into place, so basically its a big scam, and obama and his pro union the whole usa stance will do anything for them, just like he is doing with GM, basically if they get more government money and then they still need to file bankrupcy, it wont be a normal restructuring, it will be a GOVERNMENT controlled restructuring, and you know FOR SURE they will never be able to get out from under their unions.
  by: cray0la     03/31/2009 11:01 AM     
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