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                 02/23/2018 09:50 AM  
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03/27/2009 04:00 PM ID: 77874 Permalink   

Obama Pledges More Troops and Money to Afghanistan and Pakistan


President Obama said that al Qaeda and the Taliban are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He stated that the "situation is increasingly perilous.” The President said earlier this month that he will be sending 17,000 troops to fight the war in Afghanistan.

He said today, that he will send another 4,000 troops along with civilian specialists. They will have the job of training and building the Afghan Army. With this, he also said that he is changing the 'emphasis of our mission.'

The US will also work with the UN to gain international 'action and assistance' to help Afghan institutions. He urged congress to pass a $1.5 billion bill to support the Pakistani people over the next five years to build 'schools, roads, and hospital

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  Oh No's!!!  

I guess if we lose that means no gas and oil pipe line from UNICAL... BOO HOO! Oh No China will probably reap the benefits instead of the US... BOO HOO!

This is nothing more than a money making scheme just like Iraq. Only we have a much better chance of losing here than Iraq. The historical odds are not in our favor in this one. History has a funny way of teaching some people. It usually involves clubbing them over the head economically, socially and politically. It ends up repeating itself many many times and still people are yet to listen to its example.

While we are at it why don't we try to invade Russia ala Napoleon and Hitler!

The US loves repeating historic blunders. Another good example are all these Zombie banks! LETS COPY JAPANS FAILURE! HOORAY FOR FAILURE!

  by: slavefortheman     03/27/2009 04:19 PM     
  January 20, 2009  
I wonder how long it actually took for the puppetmaster to remove the strings from George Bush and attach them to Barack Obama?

  by: bbeljefe     03/27/2009 04:23 PM     
Really, it was hard for me to even string this article together. I can not believe that we want to send 1.5 Billion dollars over there when we have so many AMERICANS who are in need. Do we even have a new president? Change, Hope, Progress = Broken Promises.
  by: jOnO_oRiGiNaL     03/27/2009 04:36 PM     
Why Obama speak so much of Pakistan lately?Does he plan to go to war with yet another middle-east country? Do we really want a world war that bad?

Seriously I don't like that,the second world war started after the third country was invaded by Germany, US is at 2 currently with no signs of leaving either of them in the near future or at all..
  by: Korzen   03/27/2009 04:57 PM     
  Only "Change" we got was Chump Change!  
That IMHO sums up this entire admin...
  by: slavefortheman     03/27/2009 06:09 PM     
  Place yourself in Obama's shoes for a second  
He inherited a really big steaming pile of dung. I know you all want us to simply pack up and come home, just like that. That ain't happening. I find it a bit obtuse that anything short of this makes him a puppet, just as evil as Bush, blah de blah de blah.
  by: caution2     03/27/2009 06:34 PM     
If i put myself in the show of that man,i feel like a lying cheating mofo because so far he either haven't fulfilled one or showed sign of willingness to fulfill one electoral promise. BUT he either did nothing to make it happen or outright did the opposite of what he was saying. the example that come to mind is Iraq and Afghanistan, during the campaign he would get them out on day 1 or would make plans on day 1 to get them out, after that he gone up to 13,16 20 and now i think its 26 i lost count or interest since its a bullshit number anyway. For more example how he turned 180 from his promises just check Crayola forum posts, Obama is spending like there is no tomorrow.

So yes i put myself in the shoes of the man and it is not a pleasant feeling but not for the same reason you thought. :)
  by: Korzen   03/28/2009 04:40 PM     
"If i put myself in the show" should be "If i put myself in the shoes"
  by: Korzen   03/28/2009 04:54 PM     
  You people voted for this liar.  
But you really didn't have much choice.

Although I repeatedly cried "VOTE GREEN"
  by: elzorro   03/29/2009 02:40 PM     
I was telling everyone to vote for Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Socialist, etc. I stressed how it was very important to get a differing view in there but nobody wanted to listen.

Now everyone is crying that Obama's change isnt coming. I guess all people like you and I can do is say:

I told you so...<sigh>...

We knew this was coming but for some strange and insane reason, everyone decided to vote for the same thinking the same thing would somehow be different.

Here's hoping for more people voting for 3rd parties in the next elections. Enslavement or Freedom is their choice but they keep voting for more enslavement. Only hope we can wake up enough people eventually to throw off the collective yoke that has been holding us down for the last 50+ years.
  by: slavefortheman     04/01/2009 06:56 PM     
You said: "everyone decided to vote for the same thinking the same thing would somehow be different."

That, sir, is the definition of insanity. ;)

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

They learned it from Washington.

  by: bbeljefe     04/02/2009 01:59 AM     
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