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                 02/20/2018 08:47 AM  
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03/30/2009 06:04 PM ID: 77924 Permalink   

Fake Televangelist Found Out


The Crystal Cathedral has a clone. Tweeter has suspended the imposter posing as Rev. Robert Schuller.
The real televangelist now has his own Tweeter account. He's trying to keep a positive spin on the situation.

Rev. Schuller suggests the faux-evangelist could have made a good ghost writer but still worries that future tweets may have solicited funds to their own coffers.

Tweeter,Inc. has had it's share of faux-celebs. An imposter Steven Colbert has drawn 72,000 tweeter fans.
Also, a Tina Fey imitator has drawn 89,000 visitors. Ewan McGregor, Shaquil O'Neal and David Bowie have also been impersonated.

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  "Fake Televangelist"  
Isn't that an oxymoron?
  by: Lurker     03/30/2009 06:30 PM     
  Wow...Surprise? Oh, wait, no.  
Isn't this the usual way of things since the internet? A social network device or website gets really big, and the fakes (mostly delusional fans) come out in gaggles.

Then the 15 year olds add them. Obsessive comments follow. Repeat on next big techno-jump.
  by: Dayron   03/30/2009 06:31 PM     
You beat me to it lurker ya bastard. ;p
  by: splicer   03/30/2009 07:01 PM     
Maybe I meant 'redundant' instead of 'oxymoron.'
  by: Lurker     03/30/2009 07:02 PM     
i thought peter popoff had another child
  by: RyanB     03/30/2009 11:57 PM     
  Isn't it Twitter?  
  by: agnaram   03/31/2009 12:57 AM     
  @ Agnaram  
You are so right
I guess I'm not real blogger savy
Tweeter is a stereo company
But Tweets are blogs
and Twitter, Inc. is A blog site
  by: Rose-Ockulisto     03/31/2009 04:24 AM     
  @ Lurker  
For what it's worth, an oxymoron would be like "honest politician." Fake Televangelist is more like a redundancy or even a double negative.
  by: Carmex4thesoul   03/31/2009 03:49 PM     
It's no problem. I was just slightly confused as I thought it was a new site or something lol :) .
  by: agnaram   03/31/2009 03:56 PM     
What would ghost writing televangelist be??
  by: Rose-Ockulisto     03/31/2009 04:31 PM     
  I don't understand...  
Why are people so desperate to know what someone they don't actually know is doing with their day?

Start living your lives for yourselves and the ones you care about!

Really - who gives a crap as to what some lying toerag money-sucking scumbag, oops I mean 'televangelist' is up to anyway? Really? I mean....REALLY?

Some people must be really sad...
  by: chiffington   03/31/2009 05:35 PM     
  Is someone twittering called God?  
I suppose there would be many followers...
  by: Kaleid   03/31/2009 06:19 PM     
  God's tweets  
"Destroyed and then un-destroyed the world five times already today -- must've woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"Another American Idol fan turned away from the gates, confused about policy on idolatry. Maybe I'm too strict."

"Only two weeks till 'My Maudlin Career' by Camera Obscura drops. You guys want to check this out -- I've loved this record for at least, oh, a trillion years or so."
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/31/2009 06:32 PM     
You mean Twitter, right?
  by: Mister crank     04/02/2009 01:21 AM     
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