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                 01/21/2018 07:17 AM  
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04/09/2009 06:54 AM ID: 78115 Permalink   

Judge Rules Flying A Helicopter And Oral Sex Don't Mix


"Would you fly around and have someone give you oral sex?" was the question FAA Attorney Lierre Green asked a pilot who testified on behalf of David Martz. Martz was identified in a videotape of a pilot flying while getting a blowjob.

In the video, which surfaced on the Internet, Martz receives Oral Sex from a busty blonde believed to be a Swedish porn star. Judge Mullins called the act "grossly reckless" and pointed out that Martz would have been unable to respond to a flight emergency.

After spending an hour watching the video, showing Martz with his pants around his ankles and the blonde at times blocking access to the control panel, Mullins decided to revoke his pilot's licence. Martz has 2 days in which to appeal the ruling.

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  No doubt this man should have  
completely removed his pants before being fellated. That way he would have had had better movement of his legs.

I have had "roadhead" but never "airhead." Well, I have had roadhead from an airhead, does that count?


  by: bbeljefe     04/09/2009 07:10 AM     
there goes my weekend
  by: tiggyfiggy   04/09/2009 09:10 AM     
of those who are jealous and zealous.
  by: misterdonuts   04/09/2009 10:34 AM     
  @ story  
I love how it says they reviewed the footage in a private session for about an hour before ruling. I don't see where it says how long the video was, but if the blonde was any good at her craft, the act shouldn't have taken more than 10 minutes.
  by: snowztorm29     04/09/2009 02:29 PM     
Oh, he's just jealous...FOMCL....
  by: steve2045     04/09/2009 03:08 PM     
  And where can  
WE get said video....See why it took so long to view.....
Anyone know?
Im gonna google it see what cums up..FOMCL
  by: steve2045     04/09/2009 03:10 PM     
LOL Haven't we all?

I have to kind of agree with this case though. It gets very difficult to control a vehicle when this is happening. I cant imagine how he manged not to kill himself and other with this!
  by: slavefortheman     04/09/2009 03:13 PM     
  come on  
how about autopilot. maybe they just hovered in one spot.
  by: RyanB     04/09/2009 04:16 PM     
  This man  
is a hero. If I was on that plane and we had crashed I would have "Dude! WTF?" and the pilot would have been like "Dude! Busty Swedish Porn Star." and then I would have been like "Niiiiiiiiice."

And I hope road head doesn't warrant a revocation of ones driver license.
  by: teh_epic     04/09/2009 06:07 PM     
  This man is a god.  
Not only flying a helicopter, but flying a helicopter and getting head. Not only getting head, but getting head from a busty blond, while flying a helicopter. Not only getting head from a busty blond while flying a helicopter, but getting head from a swedish pornstar, while flying a helictoper.

This man is the george clooney of helicopter pilots.
  by: djskagnetti     04/11/2009 03:52 AM     
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