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                 09/30/2016 12:05 AM  
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09/29/2016 07:19 PM
phobos_anomaly receives 20 Points for Comment about 'Cheap Second Hand Pianos for Sale'
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04/20/2009 03:10 AM ID: 78301 Permalink   

"Love Padlock" Ritual Poses Injury Risk to Lovebirds


Japan's Nomasaki lighthouse is starting to concern officials in nearby Mihama because its security fence is yet again loaded down with "uncountable" padlocks from young couples wishing to proclaim their love for each other, and faces collapse.

The fence, rebuilt once, still may not be sturdy enough and could crush someone. "We have tried several times to take the padlocks off the fence, using bolt cutters, but it's a lot of hard work and they just keep coming back again," said an official.

"We are really worried that the fence could fall on someone and seriously injure them." A heart-shaped monument nearby hasn't helped."We are trying to tell people about this other marker, which has been built just for them, but no-one listens to us."

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Just build a fence that will support an estimated weight & then some.

I love the idea!
  by: Vhan     04/20/2009 06:16 AM     
.. The padlock idea that is ..
  by: Vhan     04/20/2009 06:17 AM     
  by: caution2     04/20/2009 06:46 AM     
how many of these 20 posting points do I need to buy a koala bear?
  by: l33   04/20/2009 02:12 PM     
  NO ONE  
not no-one
not noone



I've seen a steady rise in the poor grammar of people who choose to beleive 'noone' to be the correct spelling, or even acceptable error in spelling.

Just use noone if you think that's right.

helps me avoid the idiots.
  by: thedeeder   04/20/2009 05:10 PM     
  I know, i have spelling errors too.  
but atleasts im not JOINING two words.
  by: thedeeder   04/20/2009 06:08 PM     
  by: caution2     04/20/2009 06:26 PM     
what the crap kind of crap is this crap? Padlocks of love that are contributing to a public safety hazard? This is why I'm single!
  by: captainchainsaw   04/20/2009 06:53 PM     

  by: teh_epic     04/20/2009 08:06 PM     
  Title Caught Me "Love Padlock"  
I thought I was going to get a fresh item for my "must try" list.
  by: ichi     04/20/2009 10:21 PM     
Ha ha ha,

"choose to beleive... is the correct spelling".

Avoid the idiots? Yes. You do that.
  by: Fiachra1979   04/21/2009 09:39 AM     
"but atleasts im not JOINING two words."

Just priceless!
  by: Ronald Ray-Gun   04/22/2009 01:22 AM     
  I believe that if I were going to rant  
about poor grammar/spelling and call people idiots, I would use spell check before clicking "submit". But, that's just me, what can I say.

  by: bbeljefe     04/23/2009 12:23 AM     
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