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                 01/16/2018 10:23 PM  
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04/23/2009 04:19 AM ID: 78366 Permalink   

Taliban push further into Pakistan


The Taliban have taken control of the Buner district, which is located 96kms from the nuclear armed country's capital Islamabad. This comes after the Taliban’s recent victory of imposing sharia law in the sway valley.

The population will now be subject to sharia law imposed by the Taliban. Osama bin laden will also be able to travel and live freely within Pakistan if the Taliban gain control of the young Islamic state.

A government spokesman has stated that the government will not allow the Taliban to set up a parallel government in the region. The judicial are the democratic process are also under fire by the Taliban, stating they are "un-Islamic".

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  My first article  
So be gentle.

also, very scary stuff, they are far too close to those nukes for my liking.
  by: pexa02   04/23/2009 03:43 AM     
"Taliban has stated Osama Bin Laden will be free to travel and live in Pakistan if the country comes under Taliban rule."

That has to be the stupidest thing to say by a group of people being hunted down by the government.

this just may be the start of a nuclear holocaust.

good article pexa02
  by: Devil Duck     04/23/2009 03:54 AM     
  why was this blocked?  
i was watching them talk about it on the Situation Room (CNN news segment).
  by: HAVOC666     04/23/2009 04:09 AM     
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