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                 08/28/2015 09:10 PM  
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04/23/2009 02:49 PM ID: 78373 Permalink   

Human Embryos Cloned and Implanted


Dr. Paniyiotis Zavos has been pioneering controversial fertility experiments involving the cloning of human embryos and implanting them in a woman's womb. Zavos claims he cloned 14 and implanted 11 embryos, though none have made it to birth.

Scientists have in the past managed to clone embryos for the purposes of harvesting stem cells, however it is Zavos that has taken that "taboo" step of actually implanting them. Zavos believes he is close to having a child a parent can take home.

The entire process was captured by Discovery Channel and was aired Wednesday in the UK. President Obama as well as the Pope have outwardly denounced human cloning.

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Someone tell me why people are so quick to denounce it? Say you want identical twins but aren't lucky enough to have it happen by chance?
  by: caution2     04/23/2009 07:58 PM     
I hope that's the #1 reason. There is just to many people. Adopt if you can't have one of your own. You would be helping the world x2.
  by: Vhan     04/23/2009 09:01 PM     
I think it has to do with the whole "playing god" thing, where only god can/should be able to create life.
Mind you, this is different from sustaining or prolonging life, and some people don't recognize the difference..
This argument kind of takes me back to when I was a kid and I would get into an argument with my Brothers and we would ask each other "Who are you? God?? All right, make an alligator!" Well, now we can...
By the way, I didn't say we had the most intelligent arguments, we were kids after all..
  by: Allanthar     04/24/2009 04:42 AM     
  Well if the world is...  
over populated perhaps it is time to start forcibly sterilising India and china, put some more chemicals in there water. Within 100 years the population would reduce by a third.
Thats kinda one of my arguments for genetic screening, if we are overpopulated we should make every person count so having a disabled child that is a drain on the system should be prevented at all costs. Murder and rape(with the exception of statutory rape) should be executed after conviction with offspring being sterilised. Any person who is convicted of 3 or more crimes that are either theft or violent get executed and their offspring sterilised.
I know what I said is a bit radical, but the fact is if we are at the point of overpopulation their are many people that don't fit in or contribute to society in any way that are a drain on it.
  by: shiftyfarker   04/24/2009 06:31 AM     
  Wow, imagine the joy and fulfillment of being...  
a clone.

I was born in a facility. By a scientist.

And you wonder why Boba Fett became a hired assassin. Geez, people.
  by: Dayron   04/24/2009 09:44 AM     
  @over population comments  
i dont understand how people say the world is over populated when there is so much open land EVERYWHERE. There is a whole section of the US where there isnt much but open land. Most of the Mountain time zone.
  by: johnnymca   04/29/2009 04:34 PM     
Are you serious? You really think that's all we need? Do you have any idea why hardly anyone lives in Wyoming? Humans need a bit more than somewhere to stand in order to survive.
  by: caution2     04/29/2009 07:08 PM     
no, of course i understand there are a lot more factors involved. I'm not claiming to know it all. I am just saying a lot of people used the word crowded. Also i know natural resources is part of it. The whole "running out of oil" problem. "I" believe that the oil industry actually someone indirectly or directly prevents other forms of energy from happening.
  by: johnnymca   04/29/2009 08:12 PM     
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