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                 02/26/2018 04:25 AM  
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04/25/2009 01:57 PM ID: 78398 Permalink   

New Species of Tree Discovered


Acacia Fumosa has until recently been under the scientific radar. Not named until 2008, no specimens or botanical mentions had been made about this tree prior, even though it is widespread in its' native land of Ogaden, Somalia.

The oddity isn't the finding of a new species, more that a tree can remain unknown and unnamed and be so widespread. Scientists find and name new species of plants thousands of times a year, a new one being from Africa on average every week.

The Acacia Fumosa has what is described as unusually smooth, gray bark and has flowers that bloom during the dry season with no leaves on the tree. Its' relatives bloom different colored flowers and bloom in the wet seasons.

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I like the fact you reported a story about the discovery of new trees. Your name would indicate your interests appear aptly suited.
  by: Big Bird     04/25/2009 02:14 PM     
  I Love nature  
If it weren't for the beauty of the natural world, I may "offed" myself years ago. I like to report on the "nice" things when possible!
  by: homegrown420     04/25/2009 03:07 PM     
it's 420 somewhere
  by: itts   04/26/2009 04:46 PM     
Excellent article. Always nice to see the discovery of a new species, instead of reporting an extinction of one.
  by: chimmy420   04/27/2009 02:34 AM     
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