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                 01/20/2018 12:36 AM  
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04/27/2009 09:18 PM ID: 78439 Permalink   

R.I.P. Pontiac, GM Pulls Plug


As part of it's government-mandated restructuring plan, General Motors announced the end of the Pontiac brand today. The company will continue to focus on it's core brands, Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac.

Pontiac was a brand made famous in the muscle car era and was referred to as GM's "excitement division". The car manufacturer stated that Pontiac will be shut down by the end of next year.

Three of GM's other brands -- Saturn, Saab and Hummer -- will remain operational until a decision on possible closures of sell-offs can be reached. General Motor as a whole has seen massive profit losses, and plan to cut 38% of their workforce.

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More American cars companies need to go down!
  by: Razaq   04/27/2009 09:51 PM     
this is wrong. they should close the POS division with Hummers, Saturns & Saab. Esp the hog Hummer.
  by: lambitus   04/27/2009 09:54 PM     
I better be able to get my car worked on still next year. >:\ I have a 1995 pontiac firebird.
  by: Orthiad   04/27/2009 10:00 PM     
  This sucks!!  
My first car was a Pontiac Sunbird. I loved that car, drove it until the engine died.

@ lambitus
Agreed. Scrap the other 3 and save Pontiac.
  by: snowztorm29     04/27/2009 10:06 PM     
  American Styled Management  
Should be called Crash Management because this is all the high level execs as of late are good for in this country...

I was at a previous job where they replaced the CEO with a higher end .Com era CEO. He managed to run a profitable company nose first into the pavement. We went from being several millions per year in profit to negative growth in less than 16 months.

Afterwards the only option left was to butcher the company and hock off the pieces to other companies. I later found out that this fantastic piece of work, that by the way fired nearly the entire staff 5 days before Christmas, got a nice fat bonus and spent the next 6 months playing golf and lounging around in Hawaii before going onto his next blunder...

I was one of the lucky ones that got to stay on with one of the pieces another company bought up until I decided to find work elsewhere.

Corporations really dont know how to treat their employees with respect. We are merely cannon fodder in their own personal games of risk. If they lose, they get to go on a retreat. But the employees declare bankruptcy, lose their homes, etc. Sometimes we benefit slightly if the execs gambled on the right horse. Usually the biggest benefit we receive is simply being able to keep our jobs! The benefits we do receive are usually minuscule in comparison with the lavish ones they bestow upon themselves.
  by: slavefortheman     04/27/2009 10:11 PM     
Well said. You've just described 90% of American businesses. 21st Century Capitalism is a vile, putrid regressive system that needs to be abolished. We need to get rid of all the rich corrupt managers such as you describe and ship them off to Gitmo. Are there no ethical businessmen anymore?
  by: Lurker     04/27/2009 10:23 PM     
  here we go  
and the countdown begins peeps !

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
  by: zeke   04/27/2009 10:29 PM     
There will be ONE MORE PONTIAC produced.

It will be called the Ceasefire!
  by: Jediman3     04/27/2009 10:32 PM     
  Martin Sullivan  
... earned nearly $14 million in 2007 as the CEO of AIG. If I made that kind of money and only owed the tax man 35 percent *before* my loopholes and shelters, my incentive would be to avoid setting fire to my office for one year so that I could be rich beyond my wildest dreams. It's not a job; it's winning the damn lottery.
  by: Ben_Reilly     04/27/2009 10:36 PM     
I dont really know if you could describe it as capitalism. It really resembles more of a neo-feudalist system.

We serfs work the land (corporate jobs). While the lords (ceo's, cfo's, etc.) reap all the benefits while us serfs must pay the consequences in the event that the lord's decision was unwise...

The way I think of capitalism is where each man and woman can benefit from their own labors. Under this styled system, usually the quality or amount of our work is unrewarded. In fact the lords usually take credit for the work the serfs did! The managers will hold back employees from reaching full potential it seems on purpose.

Capitalism is the total opposite of this. Where the people could benefit from their own hard work. To a degree this still exists but it has become bastardized into this system of control.

I can recall several occasions where myself and the other software developers were told not to design certain things in a particular way even though they were more efficient and would cost us less money down the road. All of this to ensure that the manager(lord) in question would not lose any power within their inter-corporate empire.

So I guess you could call me a Neo-Plebeian... Or perhaps a Neo-Serf...

Regardless I am still a slave with the illusion of freedom... The only way out is to wake up enough other plebs to create a revolution and change this country.
  by: slavefortheman     04/27/2009 10:43 PM     
  I think  
I agree with others. Scrap Saturn, Saab, and ESPECIALLY HUMMER.

Keep Pontiac!

  by: NicPre     04/28/2009 12:12 AM     
  This move came 20 years late.  
GM should have reduced the duplication in the BOP and Chevy lines long ago. This is one reason why they are in the shape they are in.


Orthiad: There are countless mechanic shops that are very qualified to keep your Firebird in good running condition. In fact, if you've been taking your 14 year old out of factory warranty car to the dealership, you will be pleasantly surprised at the money you will save using independent shops.

snow: If you still like the Sunbird, buy a Chevrolet Cavalier. Same car, different label.

lurker: There are hundreds of thousands of honest, small businesses in this country. Many of them employ up to 500 people or so and treat their employees as assets. I think your 90% claim is quite an exaggeration considering that these small companies actually make up the largest majority of corporations. It's always funny to me to hear people claim that their boss is an asshole or their company is treating them poorly. I have been that asshole and in my experience the people doing the most bitching are usually the ones who do the least work and put forth the least effort. A good employer will treat you as an asset as long as you are one. When you become a liability, you will be treated as such.
Lastly, the United States is far removed from capitalism. In a true capitalist society, markets control whether a business sinks or swims and those who break the law loose their businesses because they can't run them from jail. What we have is a bastardized form of over controlled and government manipulated capitalism. There is no fair comparison that can be drawn between the US and a truly capitalistic society.

  by: bbeljefe     04/28/2009 12:27 AM     
  Why nob Buick?  
Why pontiac? Why not kill Buick? Or GMC? Or Hummer?
  by: Dark_Stang   04/28/2009 12:32 AM     
I think the only way to explain stuff like the bailouts and the Iraq war is that the government is run by business. We've had conservatives crying for decades about government interference in business, but the real problem has been business interference in government. What's going to bring us all down (unless we do something) is that the people who ran AIG and GM had their lobbyists writing many of our laws and setting many of our policies.
  by: Ben_Reilly     04/28/2009 12:38 AM     
Just to add some clarification, the government is run by the special interests of big business. I fully agree with what you said.

In truth, the government should be run by public servants at the direction of businesses and their employees because those are the citizens of this country.

What we have today is a government run by selfish, arrogant politicians at the direction of a hand full of the wealthiest individuals in the country.

  by: bbeljefe     04/28/2009 03:24 AM     
Capitalism is the system of greed and desperation. You buy because you must, not because you ought to. Profit rules all, lubricating, inducing all people to help others. We need an economy that puts the human needs first, and that's not capitalism.

We could start by reforming the method by which corporations are allowed to operate. Corporations, in theory, the communal interest - in reality, aristocratic interest.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   04/28/2009 05:09 AM     
  Agree with the others.  
Close the useless lines down first. I love my Pontiac Sunfire. It's one of the few small cars with good gas mileage I can fit my gigantic 6'4'' frame into.
  by: Kolman   04/28/2009 05:19 AM     
Regardless of the structure of a society, all humans should put their own needs first. Notice, I didn't say that Humans should consider only their own needs, just that each human should put his/her needs first. That translates to personal responsibility and personal responsibility, when practiced, brings us humans a feeling of self worth and pride. Humans with those needs fullfilled are far more likely to share any abundance they have with those less fortunate around them. Those are the tenants of true capitalism which, as I said above, we do not have in this country.

Any society that expects it's humans to put the needs of others ahead of their own breeds contempt, laziness and greed, which is what we have in the US today. Please understand, I don't apply those negative words only to the poor and working class as that would be an unfair assessment.

In the end, no socioeconomic structure works really well for everyone, regardless of its intention. This is because all humans have the ability to be contemptuous, lazy and greedy. Knowing these facts, I choose capitalism in its truest form because I view personal responsibility as the most rewarding trait we humans can display. When that expectation of ones self is removed, there is no reason to excel. Even in a purely socialist society there must be those who choose to excel because in their absence those who choose not to do so would, quite literally, starve.

  by: bbeljefe     04/28/2009 06:55 AM     
  @H.W. again  
When starting a business, the choice of incorporation has nothing to do with the communal interest. It has to do with legal tax avoidance (you would call it loopholes) and reduction of liability where frivolous litigation is concerned.

Your statement would be correct though, if you had said that corporations are designed to protect the communal interests of those who created and invested in them.

  by: bbeljefe     04/28/2009 07:11 AM     
heh hummer will never go down. it makes them far too much money, not to mention the service fees and the fuel prices which make oil companies outrageous cash.
  by: o9k   04/28/2009 08:21 AM     
  who needs Pontiac anyways  
In case you weren't aware, Sunfires, Sunbirds, and Cavaliers have already all been discontinued. It's the new Pontiac's (the G series, Montana, Torrent, Vibe, Solstice) that will be discontinued.

I would like a brand new Pontiac GTO Convertible, but that ain't gonna happen.

R.I.P. Pontiac 1926-2009

And someone better fix my '04 Grand Am leaky sunroof!!
  by: THe Masta of Disasta   04/28/2009 06:01 PM     
  This decision makes sense  
Most Pontiacs are just recreations of Chevy's. I don't agree with people crying that GM should scrap Saturn... Saturn may be the only line of cars that are sensible TO keep.

Why scrap small fuel efficient cars made out of plastic when the world is starving for oil and steel?
  by: smarta$$     04/29/2009 08:47 PM     
  Why dump Pontiac?  
Because they are losing bucketloads of cash on them. My first car was a 1997 Grand Am, and after the slow death of the radio volume knob, the rear window defroster and the power window motor, the transmission finally bit it at 117k miles. That was after I replaced the power steering pump THREE times as well, along with some crap with the sway bars. I am very much enjoying my Mitsubishi Eclipse right now, and am looking for a good deal on a Nissan Maxima, just for a little extra power. You burned me once, GM, now you can burn in hell.
  by: DaReapaMan   04/30/2009 05:48 AM     
Because people aren't buying them.

  by: bbeljefe     05/01/2009 02:35 AM     
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