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                 02/19/2018 10:43 AM  
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04/28/2009 01:50 AM ID: 78443 Permalink   

Man Cuts Off Finger And Eats It To Protest About Unpaid Wages


A union leader in Serbia used a hacksaw to cut off his pinky finger and then ate it as a protest over unpaid wages. Zoran Bulatovic said "It hurt like hell."

Bulatovic said "We, the workers have nothing to eat, we had to seek some sort of alternative food and I gave them an example." He took the action after a co-worker said she would cut off her finger but he "could not allow her to do that".

Some of the workers at Raska Holding textile factory in Novi Pazar have not been paid in years. Bulatovic says his comrades will postpone more planned mutilations until talks have been held with government officials this Tuesday.

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  That's one hell of a way  
to impress a chick. Good thing she didn't suggest walking in front of a bus.
  by: felixilef   04/28/2009 03:04 AM     
  The only finger...  
I would eat is a fish finger.
That is crazy what can anyone gain from that.
  by: captainJane     04/28/2009 03:09 AM     
  I don't understand  
If my boss didn't want to pay me for a few years I would

1) Look for/get a new job
2) Take the old company to court for unpaid wages.

Nowhere on my list is there any mention of eating my fingers..
  by: fuzz64   04/28/2009 03:12 AM     
or ladyfinger.
those who don't know...
  by: Razaq   04/28/2009 03:15 AM     
Do you like Fishsticks?
  by: NicPre     04/28/2009 03:29 AM     
  If he would of cut off his carrot....  
I would of been impressed!!
  by: bbymkr29   04/28/2009 04:52 AM     
You're a gay fish! ahahaha

Oh man this story is priceless though. That would be funny if they hire back everyone after that demonstration but not him because they claim he is insane.
  by: Anthrox   04/28/2009 03:12 PM     
I don't know if the ends, justify the means
  by: crosimoto     04/28/2009 04:25 PM     
  @capt jane  
Eating one's own finger is peanuts compared to BBQ'n yourself up.

The only extreme i see in these peoples protests, are the lengths the opposition goes through to ensure the people BECOME this desperate.
  by: thedeeder   04/28/2009 05:17 PM     
he definetely convinced me of his cause now.
  by: RyanB     04/28/2009 05:21 PM     
  he was later asked a question  
and he couldn't remember the answer to it. try as he may, it would just not come to him. "It is on the tip of my tongue," he stated, "but i just can't put my finger on it."
  by: djskagnetti     04/28/2009 11:04 PM     
  His next feat  
Is to cut off his nose to spite his face.
(American saying meaning don't screw yourself up just to prove a point)
  by: redheadedwonder   04/29/2009 11:39 PM     
Do. Not. F***. With.

They. Are. More. Crazy. Than. J00.
  by: Big Bird     05/02/2009 02:53 PM     
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