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                 02/19/2018 01:01 AM  
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05/04/2009 10:36 PM ID: 78567 Permalink   

Nine Inch Nail App Rejected From Apple App Store; Trent Reznor Not Happy


Apple's App Store has been seeing its share of controversy with the release of the Baby Shaker app that was later pulled from the store. This time it has to do with an app that was designed for use by Nine Inch Nail fans.

The app was designed to allow users to access the forums in a simple manner, use the GPS to see other fans in the area and upload their NIN pics. But according to Apple the app contains "objectionable content" from The Downward Spiral, a 1994 album.

Trent goes on to post on the NIN forums about how by their logic, if this app is rejected then they must also remove the Mail program and Safari from the iPhone since those apps also have means of delivering "objectionable content."

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  poor trent reznor  
will that guy ever be happy? why can't he just sit back and enjoy his hundreds of millions and stop whining for once!
  by: djskagnetti     05/04/2009 10:46 PM     
...I heard he lives in an abandoned slaughterhouse and tortures himself to sleep every night whilst cursing the myth of happiness and the lie that is the suburbs.
Oh wait...
  by: captainchainsaw   05/04/2009 11:17 PM     
LOL. I think Mr. Reznor is much better suited for utilizing his talent with NIN.

@Article: He has a valid point. They offer a service that caters to many different tastes and should not censor some and not others. That being said, they are a private company and can offer what they choose to. If people don't like what they offer, they can patronize another service.

  by: bbeljefe     05/05/2009 12:01 AM     
  thank you captainchainsaw  
that was an awesome link
  by: djskagnetti     05/05/2009 02:06 AM     
  if you haven't read already...  
TrentReznor To Wed
Nine Inch Nails front-man Trent Reznor is to marry his rocker girlfriend Mariqueen Maandig.

The couple announced its news on the Web site for Maandig's band, West Indian Girl, over the weekend.

The post reads: "In case (you) haven't heard the news, Mariqueen got engaged.
"Everyone in the West Indian Girl camp is super excited and happy for her. Q's an awesome person, friend and bandmate, and she couldn't be marrying a cooler guy."

I guess Trent is happy after all, who knew!

In an off note, does Trent look a lot like Bruce Springsteen in this pic with his fiance?
  by: RAD     05/05/2009 05:34 AM     
If you want to run around looking like your a somebody but in reality you're a nobody, there's an app for that.

If you want to sit around with your iphone 24x7 while looking like a deutch bag, theres an app for that too.

Introducing the iPhone.
  by: Jediman3     05/05/2009 02:26 PM     
  Trent Reznor Went On To Say  
No! You Can't Take It!
No! You Can't Take It!
No! You Can't Take That Away From Me!
No! You Can't Take It!
No! You Can't Take It!
No! You Can't Take That Away From Me!

Head Like A Hole!
  by: VermiciousG     05/05/2009 02:56 PM     
  Trent reznor  
Trent Reznor wrote the soundtrack to Quake 2.

  by: thedeeder   05/05/2009 08:38 PM     
Quake 1 as well.
  by: doogrin   05/06/2009 01:40 AM     
It's clearly not up to the hipster standard of Apple.
  by: alcred   05/06/2009 03:27 AM     
  @ RAD  
More like Jeff Anderson! (Randal from clerks)
  by: dook   05/06/2009 05:41 AM     
It's okay ... just follow in Bono's steps and support the Blackberry.

Turns out that he didn't like his options on the iPhone either.
  by: Daev     05/06/2009 03:47 PM     
Blackberry Storm > iPhone
  by: Daev     05/06/2009 03:48 PM     
  when will i snort be added to the app store?  
  by: shaohu     05/06/2009 05:21 PM     
  @shahou: excellent find!!  
Very funny.

Unfortunately could offend some sensitives; but it brought a smile to my face.. >sniff< *khkk*
  by: redstain   05/07/2009 01:25 AM     
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