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                 01/16/2018 02:36 PM  
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05/17/2009 07:31 PM ID: 78781 Permalink   

The Pirate Bay Returns Fire!


After a ruling in April that sent hordes of Pirate Bay demonstrators -- a .torrent distribution website -- protesting in Stockholm, Sweden, The Pirate Bay has began a new attempt to stop what they see as an unfair and possibly illegal ruling.

The new attempt, which is referred to as a DDo$ attack (Distributed Denial of Dollars) has fans of the site sending in very small amounts of money to help pay off the $3.6 million dollar debt that was placed on them as a result of that suit.

The goal of this new tactic is to actually make it more expensive to report the amounts received, than the firm would be making, since doing so is required legally and will require a lot of extra man-power.

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Lots more at the source, didn't have enough space to put the finer details, so please read it.

It's hilarious how a couple of kids from Sweden are really sticking it to some of the world's largest companies. I love every minute of it.

  by: NicPre     05/17/2009 07:34 PM     
The news source is old. This ended up not working because the firm closed its account.
  by: vant   05/17/2009 07:40 PM     
The news source is posted as of May 15th, it's 2 days old - not "very old"

And whether it worked or not, I was attempting to report on the intellectual superiority of these individuals.

If it forced them to close their account, even more power to TPB. That's even funnier.
  by: NicPre     05/17/2009 07:42 PM     
  Larry Flynt did something similar  
He paid a court fine in $1 bills. He had the fine delivered to the court in a wheel barrow by a couple of scantily clad models.
  by: tomblik     05/17/2009 11:41 PM     
Shouldn't closing the account give reason for another appeal?
  by: Kroww   05/18/2009 01:36 AM     
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