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                 01/21/2018 03:21 PM  
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05/25/2009 02:47 AM ID: 78872 Permalink   

DVDs Enter the 5th Dimension


There may be more life in current DVD technology yet with Australian scientists revealing they have unlocked the potential for DVDs to hold 10,000 times their current limit.

The scientists from Swinburne University have achieved this by adding two extra dimensions for the discs to hold data on, one being the colour spectrum and the other being polarisation. Polarisation is achieved by layering data at different degrees.

There is still work to be done as the researchers are yet to determine the recording speed of the discs. They estimate we won't be seeing this technology for around five years. Korean company Samsung has signed off a deal on the research.

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  One question...  
How much is the drive going to cost that will read all this wonderfulness?
  by: White Albino   05/25/2009 03:21 AM     
  @White Albino  
Hard to say, due to it being half a decade away.

I would like to say not too much as it would just require some extra laser assembly as far as i can tell.
  by: pexa02   05/25/2009 03:34 AM     
and IF it comes out it will be ridiculously expensive but then so was the cdrom
  by: monstrddg   05/25/2009 03:35 AM     
but why wouldnt they apply this idea to blu-ray discs, instead of a technology that is currently being replaced?
  by: elijah     05/25/2009 04:23 AM     
because nobody currently dreams of needing fifty thousand gigs? i don't even know how to translate that... i could but it's already hurting my brain. one of you smart asses do it you know you're about to anyway....
  by: mrmarler     05/25/2009 04:33 AM     
I just looked over at my 750 gb hard drive and suddenly it seemed antiquated.
  by: John E Angel     05/25/2009 04:54 AM     
50,000GB = 50TB

now if it was 1,000,000GB it would be one petabyte, if they applied this to a double layer blu-ray it would be exactly half this amount., and for refence to how much information that is, its about 60% of EVERYTHING (about 1670TB; or 1670000GB) acessiible by and that would be pretty damn impressive for a blu-ray disc, or even a tenth of that for DVD's.

after petabyte the names start getting stranger: exabyte, zettabyte and finally yottobyte (in that order).
  by: HAVOC666     05/25/2009 05:08 AM     
  @john E angel  
they got 2TB internal hard drives out already:

now if only they would make hard drive this size in 10K and 15K RPM formats.
  by: HAVOC666     05/25/2009 05:12 AM     
Would you want to be stuck paying royalty's to Sony? I am real glad that Samsung is the major player here, I think there business models is somewhat more aligned with today's consumer interests. Also blu-ray disks cost more to manufacturer so does the hardware, when you have a disk capacity of 10000 x a DVD you are not going to be super concerned with space requirements, at least not in the near future.
  by: shiftyfarker   05/25/2009 05:39 AM     
  No doubt  
US company GE was doing this a while back with holographic technology (as mentioned in the source) which would probably be cheaper.

It will cost more than bluray, and slowly fall. Probably more slowly than bluray has fallen in price (Still too expensive) especially considering there is not much market for this aside from geek culture.

Plus, life expectancy is supposedly somewhat less than a normal dvd right now.
  by: o9k   05/25/2009 06:07 AM     
  1000000 gigabytes  
I'm still trying to find enough space to store one more power tool in my tool shed.
That will probably be a lot cheaper.

Is anybody wondering why there still isn't a large capacity solid state drive on the market? That would be of much greater interest to me.
  by: White Albino   05/25/2009 08:41 AM     
  Blu-Ray vs Standard DVD  
Bru ray R/W = About £90 and the disk's=£20 for 1.

Standard DVD r/w = Around £30 and Disk's
Around 25p each.So do the math and tell me what you would sooner buy..This means 80 Standard Dvd Blanks for £20 and only one Blu-Ray disk...Also blu ray holds only 25Gigs, each standard DVD disk holds 4.7 gigs...
I declare the standard DVD the Winner...
  by: steve2045     05/25/2009 10:30 AM     
Both storage solutions are stupid, its much simpler to buy a bunch of HDs and save everything on it. Its much less hassle. What i like about Blu-Ray is that it does not scratch as easily as DVDs do thanks to the protective layer.
  by: evilrat   05/25/2009 11:28 AM     
  @too much info?  
Didn't bill gates once say 512kb of ram will be enough for ANYTHING people could POSSIBLY want?
How wrong was he? lol.
  by: silentrage   05/25/2009 04:31 PM     
I aggree,But,Some DVDs do not copy over to Hd at all, I too have several HDs but i still have to have a DVD player as i said some do not or will not copy over..

Very funny..LOL
  by: steve2045     05/25/2009 05:53 PM     
"I declare the standard DVD the Winner..."

try looking at these specs instead like a hardware expert would:

Read mechanism 650 nm laser

10.5 Mbit/s (1×)

Capacity ~4.7 GB (single-sided single-layer),
~8.54 GB (single-sided double-layer)
~17.08 GB (double-sided double-layer—rare)

Read mechanism 405 nm laser

1× at 36 Mbit/s (4.5 Mbyte/s)
2× at 72 Mbit/s (9 Mbyte/s)
4× at 144 Mbit/s (18 Mbyte/s)
6× at 216 Mbit/s[1] (27 Mbyte/s)
8× at 288 Mbit/s (36 Mbyte/s)
12× at 432 Mbit/s (54 Mbyte/s) Resolution 1080p Full HD

Capacity 25 GB (single layer)
50 GB (dual layer)

because of these three areas DVD can never be a supior format to blu-ray... cost isn't even a issue... if you can recall when the CD player/rom and DVD player/rom originally came out they were price equally on par to blu-ray then they first came out.. whene newere technology come out for the first few years you pay a premium for all the research dollars spent on it, after 5 years it starts to level out 5 more years down the line and you'll be buying 100-pack spindles of blu-ray as cheaply as dvd's.

bottom line the superior technological format is blu-ray, the specs speak for themselves, its a result of much smaller wavelength of the recording laser that allows a blu-ray disc to hold 6 times more on the same amount of area on the disc.

also triple layer blu-ray discs (75GB) have been in the work since 2006, single layer (25GB) is all you can get for recording but double layer blu-rays (50GB)...

whgihc by the way if you conjoin this 5th dimension technology with the triple layer blu-ray format 0.75 petabytes (750TB) of storage on a normal sized optical disc... there was also plans for going well behind even triple layer they even planed giving DVD up to atleast 10 layers (47GB), as far as i know it was demonstrated at up to 10 layers at CeBit about 3 years back also, they now, as i've just read planned to go to 20 layers (94GB).

however here's the problem... then you take the same manufacturing technique to give you say 20 layers on DVD and use that on blu-ray you will ALWAYS end up with around 6 time more space on the blu-ray which as freakish as it is would be 500GB (the same size as the GE holographic disc, without being holographic in nature itself... then of course if you through in the 5-demiensional recoring technique and you have 10000 times that which would amass a whooping 5 petabyte (thats 3 times more content than everything on many torrent sites)... at that point you can start storing entire segments of the internet dats on an optical disc...

at this rate hard drives wont be able to ever match optical discs again... atleast untile holographic hard drives are commonplace
  by: HAVOC666     05/25/2009 06:41 PM     
  Go Aussie GO!  
Seems we still lead the world in a lot of areas
  by: blackshroud   05/26/2009 06:25 AM     
.75 pedabytes sounds like a nice sweet spot i'll take a drive and one rw disc please thanks.
  by: mrmarler     05/27/2009 07:27 AM     
  i hate the 5th dimension  
it makes me feel all creepy. but I did love the band.
  by: John E Angel     08/08/2009 10:07 AM     
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