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                 01/24/2018 08:11 AM  
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05/28/2009 03:25 PM ID: 78922 Permalink   

National holiday declared over fist bump


A national holiday has been announced to celebrate the fist bump.

Once a shared symbol of respect between friends, the fist bump has hit main stream.

The holiday is set to be on June 3rd, when Barack Obama and his wife shared a fist bump on air during Barack's campaign in 2008.

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Every thing I have loved an enjoyed in life has been utterly corrupted by modern main stream culture. Here comes just another round.

The fist bump (AKA Respect knuckles) has been a long favorite of mine. I found it to be a quick, more efficient version of the hand shake. Plus you avoid sweaty palms (I know some of you have that problem!!!)

But now its dead to me, everyone will be doing it soon and I will have to dig into something long out of use to use as my new method of greeting people.

So, what to use?

Its time for people to reconnect, to get close to one another. to cement the bonds that are between us all no matter what race/religion/orientation. I'm thinking.... the roman forearm grab.
  by: Trevelyan   05/28/2009 03:45 PM     
So now we have Obama day in Alabama BEFORE you were elected president and now you have your own fist bump day? WTF

Is it me or are people retards? Who really cares about a fist bump day? Honestly? And to commemorate it on a day for a president, it seems absurd. No offense, I kind of like the guy, but it seems childish that this is what people care about!

I suppose the only hope we have for this extremely lame nation (i live here..) is that we don't accept it as excitedly as the main stream wants it to be.
  by: mostra   05/28/2009 06:59 PM     
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