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                 01/17/2018 02:21 AM  
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06/02/2009 06:52 AM ID: 78972 Permalink   

Woman Loses 43 Kg (95 Pounds) By Consuming Nothing But 10-14 Red Bulls Daily, Has Heart Attack


New Zealand: 23-year-old Brooke Robertson has been left with long term health problems after shedding 43kg over 8 months by living on a daily diet of between 10 and 14 cans of Red Bull combined with a little dry cereal now and then.

Robertson suffered abdominal problems and anxiety attacks but maintained the 'diet' because she was losing weight. Eventually she was hospitalised with a heart attack. Research indicates that one can of Red Bull increases the risk of a heart attack.

While in hospital she suffered what doctors described as addiction withdrawals - shaking, nausea, and sweating. A spokesperson for Red Bull categorically denied that caffeine is addictive and claimed to have scientific research to prove it.

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  ummm hang on  
issnt it widly accepted in medical and scientific circles that caffeine is highly addictive?
  by: ssxxxssssss   06/02/2009 07:26 AM     
  Stupid smart guys...  
Isn't it a proven fact that caffine is addictive... And here we have a scientist saying that caffine has no addictive properties what so ever...
  by: Dolphin Commando   06/02/2009 08:44 AM     
It was a spokesperson for red bull, regardless they'll say what suits the company.

Though it is very interesting to see that the studies i've looked up so far say that it's not addictive.
  by: splicer   06/02/2009 10:07 AM     
  Does anyone remember  
what a lot of studies (funded by guess who) found about tobacco? Showing caffeine in a negative light is putting yourself on collision with some heavyweight industries.
  by: ixuzus     06/02/2009 10:58 AM     
  " Red Bull Gives You Wings."  
LMAO. Shes got her wings now...Real wons...LOL..Sorry just found the artical funny......
  by: steve2045     06/02/2009 11:10 AM     
  lest we forget  
yet there are no mentions of the high concentrations of the polyol inositol. but caffiene... yeah.
  by: chadatcondonethis   06/02/2009 11:31 AM     
  What is Red Bull?  
I'm not familiar with this item?
  by: White Albino   06/02/2009 12:18 PM     
item? should be item. Still asleep here.
  by: White Albino   06/02/2009 12:20 PM     
  that spokesperson  
is an idiot. he/she probably could have bailed out the company WITHOUT that obvious lie
  by: syoware   06/02/2009 02:07 PM     
  by: Zmethod     06/02/2009 02:31 PM     
Yes it has been proven. But now you are now entering the world of propaganda and doublethink.

War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.
  by: slavefortheman     06/02/2009 02:41 PM     
  lose it healthy?  
man, why can't people focus more on living a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight comes with it as a bonus!!!!
  by: Trevelyan   06/02/2009 03:14 PM     
Red Bull is a high caffeine/taurine energy drink, I think it's the same kind of thing as Gatorade and Powerade.
  by: TabbyCool     06/02/2009 03:15 PM     
  Gives you wings  
But not brains.
  by: Tarheel68     06/02/2009 03:15 PM     
That's got to be the most expensive diet ever thought up.
  by: lafinjack   06/02/2009 05:17 PM     
Red Bull is not the same as Gatorade/Powerade.... I dont have the two sitting in front of me at the moment, but Red Bull is a serious energy drink, Gatorade/Powerade are more for giving you electrolytes - though they're full of sugar too. (Unless you get the new ones)
  by: robplatt   06/02/2009 06:15 PM     
  Thank you, Tabby  
I will avoid Red Bull like it had AIDS.
  by: White Albino   06/02/2009 07:47 PM     
Red bull on wikipedia

Red bull is a energy drink filled with caffeine, Taurine, sugar and a shipment in April was found to contain small quantities of cocaine. This shit will get you high like doing speed or cocaine. But it will drain you by mid day and you'll need more...


Sport drink made to help the body recover from exercises,high sugar concentration but made to hydrate and keep the body balance with mineral/liquid.(Cause you can die from drinking too much water you dissolve the minerals in your body to put it simply.)

I was a heavy energy drink drinker until recently, at my peak I was drinking 2 to 2 and a half 710 ml of rockstar in one day. Never felt ill or any side effect aside from the small shaking but it is expected when you ingest that much caffeine and sugar in one shot. But I took one can of red bull,my first energy drink of that day and my last red bull to life, and felt like I was about to have an heart attack...weird feeling of something like a finger poking my heart and I'm 28. That red bull stuff will kill you.

Since then I almost stopped completely these drinks as I'm sure it weakens the heart and will have some very bad long term effect if consume on a regular basis with no exercises.
  by: Korzen   06/02/2009 08:09 PM     
  It's really sad  
that this person is happier living like a junkie than being 43kg heavier.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   06/02/2009 11:25 PM     
  about caffeine  
Just throwing this out there, what if caffeine was not addictive? It just happened to be added with stuff like sugar that is addictive?

I think caffeine is addictive but I figured I'd see what you guys have to say about it.

PS. I hate Red Bull, I think its one of the lamer of the drinks. Along with all the major brand names like Full Throttle, etc... I think Sheetz's drink has the best effect of them all. There was a drink named Lost, but I can't seem to find it anymore (I'm serious).
  by: mostra   06/03/2009 12:56 AM     
a price to pay, for being the correct body weight and what a stupid way to do it.
  by: captainJane     06/03/2009 01:04 AM     
  silly girl  
A little over 10 pounds a month is not a lofty goal if you just stick to limited calorie intake and 20 minutes of exercise a day.

She probably could have lost 120 pounds if she stuck to 5 bowls of oatmeal a day and a two mile jog. And it would have cost a lot less than the insane price of those little cans. Some people really just don't get it.
  by: teh_epic     06/03/2009 01:10 AM     
  I remember when i was younger...  
not so smart, I was probably 18 or 19 and worked shift work and was drinking quite a bit (as you do when you are young), drink of choice was Woodstock and cola(gave me lots of energy and drunkenness) any who I have had sinus issues for as long as I can remember so I would take sudofed(pseudo ephedrine), in gradually higher dosages as I was going to clubs and smoking was making my sinus worse... any who this escalated to the point in about a 2 week period I lost 15 kg, no or minimal muscle loss just fat, I went from about 85-90KG to about 70KG. Sure I was found shaking on the ground in the fetal position a couple of times but it sure as hell beats the alternative of rigorous work outs and starvation. I ended up going to about 5 doctors and 2 specialists trying to figure out why I felt like I was going in sane, then I realised that alcohol and sudofed don't mix too great(and I am pretty sure I am sensitive to sudofed anyway). Another great alternative is MDMA, sure "the government" will tell you this is dangerous but it will cause less damage to your body organs then high-level sugar and caffeine, you will be less aggressive then if you took amphetamines and it isn't physically addictive. Unless you are dumb enough to let your self get dehydrated and jump around until you get hypothermia then it is pretty damn safe. Where's my glow stick bitch.
  by: shiftyfarker   06/03/2009 01:20 AM     
Didnt you know you were supposed to take these drugs oraly..Not snif them up your nose...LMAO....
  by: steve2045     06/03/2009 06:22 AM     
  I did...  
i have never sniffed any form of drug, or injected or smoked.
  by: shiftyfarker   06/03/2009 06:33 AM     
  Too much caffeine..  
can give you palpitations and rapid heart beat leading to a heart attack. 8 months is actually pretty long for her to last.
  by: aysos   06/28/2009 12:39 PM     
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