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                 02/25/2018 12:31 AM  
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06/08/2009 08:10 PM ID: 79085 Permalink   

Flower That Smells Like a Dead Body Blooms After 14 Years


A flower at the University of Missouri has bloomed for the first time in 14 years. The event drew hundreds of visitors and spectators via
the Internet.

The 5-foot plant is referred to as the 'corpse flower' because it emits a smell similar to that of a dead animal along the road. The odor is produced
to draw insects that help with pollination.

Greenhouse manager Kathy Upton said that there is no way to tell when it will ever bloom again.

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  "Amorphophallus titanum"  
I'm growing 3 of them. Mine are very very small about 3 years old. It's going to be a long time before they bloom. I can't wait.
  by: valkyrie123     06/09/2009 02:41 AM     
  valk if you want them to bloom ...  
go on vacation. Sods law dictates they will do it when your not there.
  by: AccessG     06/09/2009 05:17 AM     
so wait you mean to tell me the name of this plant is "Amorphophallus titanum" which roughly translates to "giant misshapen penis" then again when you see a picture of it, its what i thought.
  by: VeWDeW   06/09/2009 12:01 PM     
Misshapen penis flower?! Must be a Greek thing, those guy are crazy...
  by: teh_epic     06/09/2009 10:51 PM     
  Yes, it's known as the penis plant  
There is actually a society of penis plant owners.
  by: valkyrie123     06/09/2009 11:25 PM     
  That odor from a flower?  
Dang! And all this time I thought it was from my mother-in-law's cooking.

I call her kitchen the Death Camp.
  by: White Albino   06/11/2009 06:39 PM     
  @White Albino  
I know about mother-in-laws' cooking. Mine used to put a half-teaspoon of arsenic in my oatmeal to make sure that I had strong bones and teeth.
  by: John E Angel     06/11/2009 07:02 PM     
  @John E Angel  
I must have the recipe!
  by: White Albino   06/11/2009 09:52 PM     
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