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                 01/18/2018 11:11 AM  
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06/20/2009 01:17 AM ID: 79240 Permalink   

Unbelievable new excuses for keeping Cheney Records secret


The Justice Department recently released a jaw-dropping statement about the reasoning to keep a Cheney interview from going public.

Justice Department lawyers told a federal judge that notes from an FBI interview with ex-Vice President Dick Cheney from a CIA leak investigation should not be publicly released because of satirical late night television shows.

Their logic is that future vice presidents may not cooperate with the Justice Department, fearing their actions may be later available for public ridicule.

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Like it isn't already? Gotta love freaking politics.
  by: TaraB     06/20/2009 01:23 AM     
  The insane...  
have to be protected.

I wonder when this guy will actually land up where he should have been years ago, in the old padded cell.
  by: captainJane     06/20/2009 01:32 AM     
You know... the government used to be afraid of the Main Stream Media in this way. Unfortunately now they can be brought "in line" by threatening these media outfits with a denial of access. So now what do they have to fear? Comedy. Hilarious, and sad.

And MSM wonders why younger people are abandoning them...

why would people do things if they think they'll get made fun of later for it? OH I REMEMBER. the money!
  by: Trevelyan   06/20/2009 01:33 AM     
Their logic is that future vice presidents may not cooperate with the justice department in the future, fearing their actions maybe later available for public ridicule.

thought him and bush where used to it by now what a pair of hoons.
  by: Jammy-Doger   06/20/2009 04:17 AM     
Shoot the media, that'll work wonders for accountability & integrity.

Let's ban free speech in the name of national security also.
  by: ukcn001xyz   06/20/2009 06:02 AM     
  I think  
... someone's getting fired over this one.
  by: Ben_Reilly     06/20/2009 07:38 AM     
  Where's Obama?  
Oh yeah, that's right, he's been going to bat for the Bush Administration!

Whats funny is we have two administrations past and present 'supposedly' on two different ideological fronts, yet on every issue that jeopardizes our constitutional rights, we get boned, every time. Violations with the Bush Administration under his right-leaning slant are upheld under Obama, only to be reinforced with left-leaning policies that also attack our constitutional rights...

Can't you see there is a bigger agenda at work?

Publicly they love to throw out things like social issues and foreign policy like a piece of meat for the dogs (public and media) to fight over, and we get the dems and gop to take their token sides, stirring up the debate...all the while the real decisions that are affecting us are barely a snippet of a news article on the last page...

I hope we can figure things out before its too late.
  by: DoubleTake   06/20/2009 07:46 AM     
  The US is a sick nation  
They are just goading us into revolution arent they??? Its like saying "Yes we are ultra corrupt and what are you people going to do about it?"

The answer is most likely nothing whatsoever...

The US is just like the Soviet Union now. It allows for the corrupt activities that once happened behind closed doors to be done right in front of everyone.

Does the media try to help? No because they are owned by the same people that are running the government. Its almost as bad as state ran media. What am I saying... It is state ran media in a sense.
  by: slavefortheman     06/20/2009 05:02 PM     
  The US has been a sick nation for many many years  
and it looks like it is to late to do anything about it. You have settled for it many years ago and now you (and sadly the rest of the world) have to deal with it.
  by: Flutje   06/20/2009 05:49 PM     
You are the man. I think when at least half the public can accept this truth, we'll be on our way to revolution. Alternative media in America is getting more popular every day and soon the information being presented will build up an impenetrable intellectual beachhead, when this happens the ruling elite's days are numbered...but I don't expect them to go without a fight. I hope Jesse Ventura runs in 2012!
  by: DoubleTake   06/20/2009 05:54 PM     
Uh huh.

  by: bbeljefe     06/20/2009 09:29 PM     
Similar to the UK government recently. All the wars, expenses, and now a massive pay-rise mid recession. They are quite clearly corrupt and being very clear about the fact that the British people can't do anything about it.

Perhaps it's the way 'developed' western nations were destined to go?
  by: Maxx20     06/20/2009 10:47 PM     
  good article but  
I believe it... hence not unbelievable
  by: zatonado001     06/20/2009 11:10 PM     
  The pits of moral degradation...  
The moral degradation of the US has been so rapid and astounding that other nations raise their middle finger at us these days. One administration single-handedly destroyed everything that was so painstakingly built over a hundred years. Now countries like North Korea and Iran thumb their noses at the US with impunity. The US has never looked so bad before and it just seems so impotent and corrupt.
  by: Jayman2000BC   06/21/2009 07:10 AM     
This issue really isn't Obama's perview; the better question is where is Holder. I don't blame you, though, we all got pretty used to thinking of DOJ as a White House-run agency thanks to Bush.

But if it makes you feel any better, this issue is far from decided. The Washington Post reports:

A federal judge yesterday sharply questioned an assertion by the Obama administration that former Vice President Richard B. Cheney's statements to a special prosecutor about the Valerie Plame case must be kept secret, partly so they do not become fodder for Cheney's political enemies or late-night commentary on "The Daily Show."

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan expressed surprise during a hearing here that the Justice Department, in asserting that Cheney's voluntary statements to U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald were exempt from disclosure, relied on legal claims put forward last October by a Bush administration political appointee, Stephen Bradbury. The department asserted then that the disclosure would make presidents and vice presidents reluctant to cooperate voluntarily with future criminal investigations.

But career civil division lawyer Jeffrey M. Smith, responding to Sullivan's questions, said Bradbury's arguments against the disclosure were supported by the department's current leadership. He told the judge that if Cheney's remarks were published, then a future vice president asked to provide candid information during a criminal probe might refuse to do so out of concern "that it's going to get on 'The Daily Show' " or somehow be used as a political weapon.

Sullivan said Bradbury, who was the acting head of the Office of Legal Counsel, was not obviously qualified to make such claims and that they were in any event unsubstantiated. Sullivan said the department needed new evidence, if it hoped to prevail, and said the administration should supply him with a copy of Cheney's statements so he could directly assess whether the claims are credible.
  by: Ben_Reilly     06/21/2009 07:30 AM     
Late night comedians make fun of EVERYTHING they do...what could possibly be so bad to kill Cheney's social and political life at THIS POINT? are right about DOJ not being White House-run, however, being White House appointed, If Holder doesn't do what Obama wants, it wouldn't be difficult to put pressure on him to resign (ala Colin Powell). And since Obama was the one to bring him in, to me, that is essentially White House-run. But none of that is very likely to happen. I would just wish he stuck to his original positions on transparency and privacy before the election...the main reason I voted for him!
  by: DoubleTake   06/21/2009 03:44 PM     
  Har har  
Obama is going back on nearly every issue that got him elected in the first place (and would have gotten him reelected as well).

feel free to continue to chant "he just got in he just got in he just got in" and keep hoping for that change. I am personally sick of seeing people defend him as many had defended bush.

Your side, their side, doesn't matter when they're both up for sale. Election funding reform NOW! to focus on anything else is wasting our time because we are obviously not represented.
  by: Trevelyan   06/21/2009 10:01 PM     
  What's Unbelievable About That ?  
"...fearing their actions maybe later available for public ridicule."

I think they are more afraid of "public justice", the greatest terror of all.

  by: DeepSand   06/22/2009 03:50 PM     
  Investigate This Lying B$$$$$D  
Charge him,Put him on trial, convict him and send his lieing tail to a prison.

This is supposed to be a land of justice for all.
  by: ichi     06/22/2009 05:38 PM     
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