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                 01/21/2018 01:42 PM  
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06/23/2009 02:05 PM ID: 79294 Permalink   

Investigation Launched After US Porn Star Tests Positive to HIV


California has launched an investigation into the a clinic in Los Angeles which failed to alert the authorities when a porn star tested positive to carrying HIV. The clinic regularly tests porn stars for STDs.

The Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation clinic is also responsible for issuing work certificates when a pornography actor tests negative across the board. Overall, 16 cases of HIV-positive porn stars have gone unreported since 2004.

Health official Erika Monterroza said: All talent goes through them for monthly testing and it seems like this clinic had received positive results for HIV as well as other sexually transmitted diseases and didn't report them..."

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  Well thats it...  
I'm never having unprotected sex with porn stars again---
  by: Zmethod     06/23/2009 02:37 PM     
  they will  
literally f**** you to death.
  by: thedeeder   06/23/2009 02:42 PM     
  I believe  
HIV is caused by anal sex. That's just my personal believe, i have no science to back it up.
  by: evilrat   06/23/2009 03:03 PM     
As someone who actually works along side the porn industry...this was actually caused by men having unprotected sex with men and then they slept with that female porn star mentioned and she unknowingly spread it to others. This has caused a huge huge huge storm in the adult community.
  by: orthiad   06/23/2009 03:33 PM     
  I seriously don't wish them ill  
to each their own and all but if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.
  by: VermiciousG     06/23/2009 04:43 PM     
HIV is not CAUSED by anal sex, it can be transmitted by anal sex.

It can also be transmitted from good ol' fashion heterosexual penis into vagina sex as well.

Its hard to really see the context of what you wrote because you may have used the wrong words but it comes off as very ignorant and prejudice against homosexuals.

If you truly believe that anal can cause HIV (as if the friction of a penis into someones ass magically creates a virus) you have no grasp of science and may need to be sent back to repeat grades 2-12.
  by: the mobile kid   06/23/2009 05:29 PM     
  @the mobile kid  
Son, I believe you have been trolled...
  by: Common_Tater   06/23/2009 06:16 PM     
LOLz! Nah, evilrat's been around too long to be considered a troll. Stupid, sure. But not a troll.
  by: VermiciousG     06/23/2009 06:41 PM     
Thanks for defending me. I did read many studies which showed a link between anal sex and HIV. This would also explain why it is so common with homosexuals and not with heterosexuals. I am no scientist or doctor, this is just my personal opinion. It may be wrong.
  by: evilrat   06/23/2009 06:53 PM     
  @The Mobile Kid  
Since we made several scientific discoveries about HIV, I have been quite terrified of wiping my butt. What if my finger wonders a little too far and end up simulating the act of anal sex on my own ass. I have no direct evidence to support the relation between HIV and my ass, but there had been quite a strong conflict in the scientific community on the matter lately and you can even feel the blowback of this conflict on this thread as well.
  by: kmazzawi     06/23/2009 06:53 PM     
Well, believe it or not there is in fact some small truth in what you say. Statistically you are far more likely to catch AIDES from a person with AIDES by having anal sex as opposed to vaginal sex. However, you are even more likely to catch it by sharing needles with a person with AIDES. If you get a blood transfusion or an organ transplant from someone who's got AIDES it's almost dead certain that you'll catch it.

I received two units of blood when I was 21. I got tested for AIDES for 5 years afterward.
  by: VermiciousG     06/23/2009 07:06 PM     
  Just to clarify  
The blood wasn't a birthday present. I had my left kidney removed.
  by: VermiciousG     06/23/2009 07:08 PM     
  And before you ask  
No, it wasn't elective surgery.
  by: VermiciousG     06/23/2009 07:09 PM     
  Oh wow  
This is terrible.

Makes you think about considering a career in the adult entertainment industry.

I would like to know who went down.
  by: Mannyishere     06/23/2009 10:21 PM     
Well, ALL of them at some point.
Kind of a job requirement.
  by: VermiciousG     06/23/2009 11:45 PM     
Your comments are so very, how shall I put this... uh, christian! Yeah, that was the word I was looking for.

  by: bbeljefe     06/24/2009 01:53 AM     
"HIV is caused by anal sex." WRONG!!

Transmission and causality are not the same thing at all. Anal sex does NOT 'cause' HIV or AIDS. It can transmit the virus from one person who has it to someone who does not have it; but so does vaginal sex.
  by: Lurker     06/24/2009 02:56 AM     
wouldn't the introduction of feces to an open area of the body cause some diseases though? I may be totally off base here, and it's more of a question than an opinion. But i guess it would make sense in my head that if you're putting something in someone's body that is trying to be expelled from the body, the result would be....well...not so great.
  by: ludwitr   06/24/2009 06:20 AM     
Most commonly, a urinary tract infection. Hence, condoms...yeah.

Observation about US Porn:

Having sex: Legal
Having sex after paying for expensive meals/entertainment: Legal
Having sex and paying for it: Illegal
Having sex, paying for it and video taping it: Legal

  by: Kolman   06/24/2009 07:45 AM     
...Having sex without a condom: Lethal
  by: VermiciousG     06/24/2009 02:17 PM     
Finaly! We wont have to pay as much healthcare taxes on the dumb celebrities anymore! He got what was comming to him if you ask me.
  by: Dolphin Commando   06/24/2009 06:50 PM     
Anal sex just simply has a higher rate of transmission because quite often during it the walls of the rectum get small tears because, well, the anus wasn't designed to do that. the vagina is designed for that kind of activity, but is not immune to that same type of tearing.

Feces do have bacterias in it that aren't healthy, but usually when someone pursues anal sex they would "clear the path" to put it lightly. People uhhh... eat feces on a regular basis. it doesn't kill you, but I wouldn't want to rub some on a large open laceration on my arm. the micro tears acquired through vigorous anal sex heals much faster then anything outside your body does. Kinda like how your mouth is one of the fastest healing parts routinely exposed to outside dangers.

hmmm, didn't know I knew this much about anal sex. ;)
  by: Trevelyan   06/24/2009 06:50 PM     
  Working in the Biz  
The risk is known and small in the industry. The fact that one of the clinics isn't reporting properly is a large concern as expected.

As with the case in 04, most of these cases involve performers that work outside of the US (brazil, prague, etc) and don't wait the minimum time before testing and continue to work without telling anyone.

Male performers are cheap, female performers are expensive, with the cheap ones going for 500+ for an hour shoot. Which is fair considering there is no such thing as royalties in the adult industry. But when producers send there male talent off out of the country they work for 100-200 a day with dozens of foreign women who are not tested or use fake docs. The male performers think there safe, come back, don't wait the required 60 days and just keep working. That and many performers 'moonlight' with internet companies.

I could go on, this is a huge issue, so many performers have some STD (Hep B is really common). Not testing and not following guidelines needs to have legal repercussion regardless of the actual infection or not.

Shooting porn should require a simple license if the intent is distribution, start holding the producers liable and watch the rules change.
  by: god-failed   06/25/2009 12:15 PM     
  The gift that keeps on giving...  
Was he straight, bi or gay?
  by: aysos   06/28/2009 11:19 AM     
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