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                 02/24/2018 08:57 PM  
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06/24/2009 03:49 PM ID: 79310 Permalink   

Pirate Hunting Cruises Being Offered in Russia


Pirate hunting cruises along the African coast are being offered by private yachts in Russia. For £3,500 per day customers can sail along the coast of Somalia at low speed to entice a pirate into attacking.

Former special forces troops are on board to make sure no harm comes to the wealthy punters. If a pirate does take the bait, they are met with machine gun, rocket, and grenade fire. For an extra fee, customers can hire an AK-47 and join in.

"They are worse than the pirates. At least the pirates have the decency to take hostages, these people are just paying to commit murder," said Vladimir Mironov, a Russian yachtsman.

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  Sounds like a great deterrent  
Is it legal?
  by: bala_mt   06/24/2009 04:13 PM     
i understand why the pirates are doing what they are doing... but why would any any private yachts be allowed to do this even by their home country, much less that that of any country they might encounter.

my opinion... when the prirates finally catch/kill them ,i'll definately be supporting the pirates... these russian yachts are BEGGING for it.

and i agree full with the russian yachtsman, these people (and their costomers) are worse than the pirates are simply because the pirates are doing it out of desperation, these russian yachts are douing it for fun and profit.

in almost every country what they did was clearly illegal, yet because of their target i doubt anything will ever be done about them... merceneries and western terrorism seem to be perfectly acceptable in today's world.
  by: HAVOC666     06/24/2009 04:30 PM     
  I already support the pirates  
Wouldn't it be funny the pirates get theirs hands on a torpedo and blow their shitty yacht out of the water? I know I would laugh my ass off for sure
  by: Korzen   06/24/2009 04:43 PM     
  New Sport  
I understand why people rob banks, too.
But I don't support them.

Sure, blame the bank for putting a sign on the front of their building advertising that there is money inside. Gee, that entices people to get the cash.
  by: Mr.Science   06/24/2009 06:03 PM     
So you are ok with the idea of a wealthy jackass murdering a fellow human being for an amount of colored piece of paper?

Your only critisism was about me supporting the pirates in their struggle to survive,most of them were fisherman but thanks to globalism the water where they fish is so polluted they lost their only mean of bringing in money.

Here are some facts that could help you understand WHY i SUPPORT them:

"Most pirates are aged 20–35 years old and come from the region of Puntland, a region in northeastern Somalia."

"The UN envoy for Somalia, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, has stated that "because there is no (effective) government, there is ... much irregular fishing from European and Asian countries," and that the UN has "reliable information" that European and Asian companies are dumping toxic and nuclear waste off the Somali coastline"

SO they live in a polluted country that gets their border abused by other countries fishing in the region that dumps toxic wastes back in the water, and most of them are young has you can see 20-35 is not that old...

Feel free to take your head out of your ass:
  by: Korzen   06/24/2009 06:56 PM     
AND ALL ITS CRAZY IDEAS! Hmm... wait... Do we need anymore armed russians? OH CRAP! FORGET RUSSIA!
  by: Dolphin Commando   06/24/2009 06:58 PM     
  @Korzen and Havoc  
did you seriously site wikipedia?!?!
what the hell!!! not a source of real information when i can go in right now and modify that story to say what ever the hell i want... your post should be void.

let's stand behind what should be described as terrorists (aka the pirates). if these people had bored your cruise ship and robbed and possibly killed people you know i bet you'd feel different.

get your heads out of your asses for ten minutes and look around, i mean really look, open your eyes and see the world....

Mr Science has a great point! just because it's available doesn't make it alright.
  by: truthseeker78   06/24/2009 07:24 PM     
  Why pay to murder?  
When you can join the army and get paid to murder.
  by: Mr. Wright     06/24/2009 08:21 PM     
Living in Somalia's Anarchy:

Environmental Problems in Somalia

Channel 4 News :The Pirates Of Somalia - Somalia

Al Jazeera: 'Toxic waste' behind Somali piracy

Times Online
Somalia's secret dumps of toxic waste washed ashore by tsunami

All these links give you the same information found on the wikipedia page. If you are not satisfied feel free to do some more research.

  by: Korzen   06/24/2009 09:42 PM     
sorry... i'm not buying your emotional plee... these somalian pirates yhav no other avenue esspecially as the surrounging nations have raped their waters and hence endangered their very survival... not that you can think that far ahead nor what the natural impleications of such actions would be.

and yes you could change an information but without a source it will be removed rather swiftly, and if your were to continue to post misinformation/disinformation than eventually they'd just ban any submissions from you, as they have for the church of scientology.
  by: HAVOC666     06/24/2009 09:55 PM     
its not just that foreign fishermen violate their boarders, they over fish. plus the dead fish from the pollution, it shouldn't be a surprise that a good portion of pirates used to be fishermen!!!!!

where do you think they got the boats they used to pirate with??
  by: Trevelyan   06/24/2009 10:03 PM     
  Maybe it would look something like this:  
  by: slavefortheman     06/24/2009 10:38 PM     
  @ slavefortheman  
Thats about as close as it gets..
  by: bala_mt   06/24/2009 10:58 PM     
You go hang out with them if they are such swell guys. They have no other choice... MMHMMM Yeah buddy. How bout they use those boats to catch a fish instead of attack and slaughter innocent people? You would at least think they had the decency to attack countries that DIDN'T send them aide. Although both sides in these shenanigans get what they deserve. I would call it an occupational hazard. You really this dense offline too?
  by: MickPaddy   06/25/2009 12:21 AM     
You actually explained part of the problem in your sentence. The problem is they cant fish as much anymore because of the fact that massive amounts of illegal fishing boats are taking over as well as a huge amount of pollution in the water by foreign nations dumping all sorts of waste off the Somalia coast. Part of this is because there was no government in Somalia to go after any of these people.

In other words; What fish?
  by: slavefortheman     06/25/2009 01:06 AM     
  Go for it  
though don't expect any sympathy when the pirates manage to kill off a few of them.
  by: jaded fox     06/25/2009 01:17 AM     
"merceneries and western terrorism seem to be perfectly acceptable in today's world."

A news story about Russian elite shooting at Somalian Pirates and STILL you shoot from the hip with the anti west rhetoric.

It gets funnier every time

whats next?
-- Kitten gets stuck in tree --

'that kitten wouldn't have had to climb up the tree if the zionists hadn't settled in israel and had been clawning after the kitten at the bottom of the tree and if U.S hadn't modernised the city by using technology.
  by: pexa02   06/25/2009 03:02 AM     
  Poor pirates? Really??  
If these pirates are doing their thing for some admirable purpose, please tell me where all of the millions of $$ they have received as ransom has gone. When I see that money going to buy food, medicine, clothes and housing for the OTHER poor people in their country, I might have a little sympathy for them.

I don't agree with "hunting cruises" for rich patrons with more money than brains, but I do think that if more ships would be armed and resisting these bandits (And that is all they are), the piracy thing would come to an end rather quickly.
  by: Piece Corps   06/25/2009 04:01 AM     
russia IS part of the west...

now please insert your foot into your mouth.
  by: HAVOC666     06/25/2009 04:34 AM     
Instead of pirating, why not farming?

I've read in several places that only 1.6% (or thereabouts) of Somalia's total land area is cultivated. They tend to use irrigation systems from local rivers. Why not expand on this?

Nothing is forcing these people to turn to pirating. They know there's a good chance at making a quick buck and that's why they do it.

I don't support going out to purposefully engage with pirates in order to kill them but I do fully support shooting back if you are attacked without provocation.
  by: fuzz64   06/25/2009 05:13 AM     
whatever it is your on//smoking. put it down asap. or at least dont go out driving anytime soon with that last comment.

@the havoc haters. if you acknowledge him less or not at all he is the only voice in his room.

@pirates, paybacks a bitch when people make money off your life now. not when they made money off other people's life.

i do have to admit. russia is able to get away with something as ballsy as that. im kinda shocked that mercenary companies like blackwater//XE havent offered this shit. i guess they cant publically, but russia who is a bit notorious on the treatment of human life comes as no surprise.

@ the fishing thing. ok now im hearing over fishing and toxic dumping. now. that area. the aden whatever. its one of the highest traffic area's in the world. tell me how the devil are they geting away with over fishing and dumping when all and i mean ALL those boats from OTHER countries are missing all that?

personally i predict a different outcome with this pirate thing. cause your missing something here. how the F are they getting armed. specifically the RPG's they use. what is their country of origin. iran outpaced china in making the most rpg's in a single month of production they ended up becoming the number one manufacture. when people talk of legal justification it will come down to how their armed. arms trafficking or ordnance is the key of what im hinting at.
  by: DRK   06/25/2009 06:30 AM     
  Difficult situation  
On the one hand, piracy is bad. Hostage taking is bad and killing unarmed civilians for their money is also, bad.

Purposefully baiting people to attack you then killing them is also bad.

However, examine the situation, the pirates are already doing bad things. Good people without guns have failed to reason with them and sometimes paid with their lives. So, perhaps the only solution is to bring in some more bad people, only bigger, and nastier.

Take for example a smaller more localised version of the same thing; gangs of feral youths on Britain's streets. They assault normal people, they take phones, wallets, cars, watches, anything they like. They smash stuff up, they burn stuff, they shout abuse and threaten vulnerable people. Worst of all, the weak, politically correct UK law protects them (it has a lot to do with not being able to hold people accountable for their actions if they're drunk or under the influence of drugs). So, I read once that in one English town people got fed up of living in fear and suffering abuse, so they hired some big nasty men. These men kept a low profile and just watched, and when they saw someone doing something wrong, they caught them, subjected them to their own court (not quite as nice as a British court, but fair) and if they were found guilty, they beat them with iron bars. Crime went down. People felt safe. The police hated it.

Now, apply that back to the pirate situation. A pirate with a gunshot wound from a previous encounter will think twice before attacking someone else. This could save the lives of innocent people and workers aboard ships. Rumour of heavily armed bait ships will also slow down the piracy.

It may not be nice, but, it could save *innocent* lives. Don't forget, the pirates carry guns and are willing to use them too.
  by: Maxx20     06/25/2009 10:04 AM     
  I think Maxx is right  
2 wrongs don't make a right, but the second may do something about the original wrong.

And lets not beat about the bush, anyone condoning piracy claiming "It's not their fault <Insert Reason Here>" should be stuck on an unarmed merchant vessel and told to float around until a pirate ship turns up. Then they can tell the pirates themselves how they understand where the pirates are coming from and "please take all the money you want just don't kill us"!

Nuff said!


The Chimp
  by: SpaceChimp     06/25/2009 01:09 PM     
  @drk & fuzz  
"whatever it is your on//smoking. put it down asap. or at least dont go out driving anytime soon with that last comment."

pot... and evidently not enough to make sense of whatever it is your complaining about.

"paybacks a bitch when people make money off your life now. not when they made money off other people's life."

are you a moron... how else is their country going to go anywhere... THEY HAVE NOTHING, including a working government (which as a result other country have bee allowed ro poison their waters, a major and integral part of their economy), and no-one is willing to help them, but rather only to continue to rape their land (or more accurately their waters)..

and you ask me what i'm someing... its clear what your smoking... the carbon monoxide out of a tail pipe... pry your lips off... breathe... and think... i know that last part might be hard.

there's a very simple answer on how to solve this situation... but the wealthy countries THRIVE on and at the expense of the poor countries, and so long as thats the case things like piracy and terrorism will always exist, and as a result why such ideals come to exist will be justified... now like i said the answer is simple... but elimating poverty, hunger, homelessness and rich countries exploiting poor countries is not even a serious taken as a option, but rather something to, at best be humored... and yet the world is unprepared for the obvious and logical consequences and reactions of exactly such problems.... but then the association between cause and effect is too complex for many people evidently

and as for why blackwater isn't going it... simple, they have 100,000-250,000 "contractors" (mercenaries) in iraq authorized and paid by the US government... why would they take a pirate baiting job, over the largest, most expensive operation they've ever handled.


good suggestion... i looked it up as it seems like an obvious answer... turns out thats not much of an option either:

"Drought has also impaired agricultural and livestock production. Because rainfall is scanty and irregular, farming generally is limited to certain coastal districts, areas near Hargeisa, and the Jubba and Shebelle River valleys. The modern sector of the agricultural economy consists mainly of banana plantations located in the south[citation needed], which have used modern irrigation systems and up-to-date farm machinery. Somalia has meager natural resources such as oil, gemstones, and salt."
"As of January 2007, Somalia is still a fragile state with hundreds of thousands of refugees due to massive floods and the latest fighting of the civil war."
  by: HAVOC666     06/25/2009 03:50 PM     
Pirates have attacked and captured many transportation vessels carrying miltiary supplies, russian made tanks and AK-47s, RPGs and grenadess and so forth

google it, you'll find the articles
  by: thedeeder   06/25/2009 04:15 PM     
  Lessons from history  
Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates

Ships being attacked is nothing new and the “pirates” were Muslims back then, too. Things that make you go HHHMMM…
  by: Mr.Science   06/25/2009 05:55 PM     
  Hilariously bad  
I'm sure our kids kids may read about this in text books

Reminds me of reading about when canada was being settled. People would shoot buffalos from moving trains just cause
  by: JayWar   06/25/2009 09:15 PM     
  Way to go Russia  
Hell yeah sign me up, what a better way to spend a day, then sniping usless pieces of garbage that want to kill and rob innocent people on ships.
I guarentee you this will make them bastards think twice after we smoke a few of them. And all of you wusses that think its cruel just take a little cruise Thru there without a gun and see what you think when they rob you and shoot you in the ass.
  by: piratekiller   06/25/2009 10:51 PM     
My time is short these days, but are you actually saying that because Somalias former government was so corrupt and powerhungry it plunged ITSELF into the dark ages it is currently justified in stealing from private citizens of other nations? As soon as I see Icelandic pirates roaming the waters I'll give more consideration to the "they have no other choice" arguments, but as it stands, lock and load, then carpet bomb.
  by: DaReapaMan   06/25/2009 11:14 PM     
"russia IS part of the west..."

How on earth is Russia part of the any sense of the word?

  by: pexa02   06/26/2009 01:43 AM     
considers itself part of the west. Most of my friends Russian, and even those from the far east get rather insulted if you call them Asian. Old rivalry with China, I guess.
  by: DaReapaMan   06/26/2009 02:38 AM     
  @pexa & dareapaman  
look it up... geographically it doesn't make much sense, but it is indeed true, namely as they are technically part of europe... not asia... basically its a cultural thing.

but seriously feel free to look it up.


"because Somalias former government was so corrupt and powerhungry it plunged ITSELF into the dark ages it is currently justified in stealing from private citizens of other nations?"

no, i'm saying i understand WHY THEY DO IT... i understand why people in extreme poverty resorts to crime... for one its instinct, survival above all. and for two if people go into their waters of their land deliberately to fish, pollute or otherwise exploit their land, waters or natural resources than frankly they deserve what they get... IF they had a governemnt and a military their military and government would be involved.

and likewise to your point just because a corrupt government plunge its country in massive poverty, and because of harsh argicultural and livestock condition doesn't mean people can exploit their land/waters/resources and thusly take free pot shot at the people of somalia.

"As soon as I see Icelandic pirates roaming the waters I'll give more consideration to the "they have no other choice" arguments""

the iceland is in the same condition of natural climate disasters and extreme poverty then we'll talk about comparing the two, until then there is no comparison between the two.

"but as it stands, lock and load, then carpet bomb."

read the very last line of my first post... you just proved my point.
  by: HAVOC666     06/26/2009 02:39 AM     
  Purely Death Sports: with hiding behind 'legalese'  
This is the equivalent of sitting in Central Park at midnight, wearing an iPod, expensive suit, lots of gold and a concealed assault rifle in a tactical bag. Just waiting to cite 'self-defense'.

I'm not too sure about law in the high seas; Piracy is illegal, but is killing people for sport?

Say, do we operate a torture ship in the high seas too?
  by: redstain   06/26/2009 03:14 AM     
Russia sits on both Europe and Asia, but I was actually agreeing with you.

Anyway, "how else is their country going to go anywhere... THEY HAVE NOTHING, including a working government". How exactly does bringing about multinational wrath advance their cause at all? I am sorry, but acting like the pirates do in any developed nation would be grounds for execution under some very old laws. Why do these laws still exist? Because the same people who were raiding the high seas 900 years ago are STILL doing so. I do not believe for one moment that there is some international conspiracy to pillage and rape a land with no economic value that I can find. I still want to know, if the waters are so polluted, just who is stealing all the fish? And if the fish are being stolen, does that not mean there are fish there to be had? I will not sympathize with or attempt to justify the existence of pirates, especially ones who hide behind such weak arguments. You say mercenaries and "western terrorism" are acceptable in today's world, I say kill the bastards who are attempting to drag us back to the 12th century. Fire with fire.
  by: DaReapaMan   06/26/2009 03:15 AM     
We don't, but they do.
  by: DaReapaMan   06/26/2009 03:26 AM     
  @DaReapaMan & HAVOC666  
Russia is neither east or west, they are somewhere inbetween.

They are barely democratic, they are more allied to enimies of the true western countries (Iran is a good example, would a western nation warn Iran of a incoming air attack by Israel?). A lot of their natural resources are nationalised. Geopolitically they are competing for inflence and power against Western countries (the Manas millitary base in Kyrgyzstan is a perfect example of this, Russia walked away VERY unhappy about this one)

Just because they Cold war ended nearly 20 years ago doesn't mean Russia is automatically in the club of western nations.

Also even though some Russians would like to consider themselves Western i doubt the people with the power in the country feel the same way, they want their own sphere of influence rather then join an existing one.

That being said with Obama and Medvedev at the helm's it is possible Russia could join the Western World soon providing they sort out a few of their prolonging issues.
  by: pexa02   06/26/2009 03:50 AM     
  Twisted, but good.  
Paying to do this sort of thing is a little twisted, but the fact that these yachts exist is great in my eyes. I see no problem with dummy ships loaded to the brim with weaponry and soldiers to bait the pirates. Sort of like a sting op. Maybe that will make them think twice about hijacking ships in the future when the seemingly easy hijack they try to take turns out to be a naval destroyer in disguise.

And @ all of you sympathizers, oh please. That's the same crap that lawyers use for criminals in the ghettos. "they have nothing! it's not their fault, they're victims of their environment." oh, ok, so him trying to kill me over my car or a few bucks is alright. Here's my wallet. Hell, take my car too. I have enough, go ahead and shoot me a few times if it makes you feel better; after all, you're simply a product of your environment!

I've seen people citing "illegal fishing" of their waters. Great. Take your AKs and RPGs and go reclaim your waters, defend whats yours. But of course that takes risk and effort, it's much easier to rip off unarmed merchants that not only never wronged you, but who's nations ship aid to your starving country.

That being said, don't be surprised when that .50 BMG takes your head off of your shoulders from people trying to defend what's theirs you scum. I sincerely hope that military escorts that are in the area now kill each and every single pirate to ever hit the water.
  by: gyrluknouwantme   06/26/2009 05:11 AM     
  So Much For The Value Of Human Life  
I wonder if the customers consider themselves people of faith?
  by: ichi     06/26/2009 05:54 AM     
  The earth is round  
Russia is west of the USA, more than it is east.
I guess if you are one of those eastern Europeans, and you want to call yourself a westerner, you might want to claim that Russia is east.

If someone had bombed them when they first tried to ransom, the piracy would have stopped. And they might have decided to fix their government.

Piracy = Terrorism, you don't negotiate with terrorists.

  by: madmike13   06/26/2009 06:09 AM     
  get real  
im tired of hearing excuses like They are poor , they are desperate.I grew up poor/did not turn to crime.I have no simpathy for the pirates.They see this feely touchy stuff as weakness, but may respect and fear sheer ruthless force. In the past A navy would have hunted them down and stopped their actions.
  by: georgeR1957   06/26/2009 09:35 AM     
Good points. No, excuses for bad behavior.

Hunting them down and killing them is exactly what John Adams and Thomas Jefferson did circa 1830.

No "touchy, freely" there just blood and guts.
  by: Mr.Science   06/26/2009 05:41 PM     
  @madmike & georgeR1957  
maybe by a western government's defitions... but no by an objective definition:

"Terrorism is the intentional use or threat to use violence against civilians and non-combatants "in order to achieve political goals". This tactic of political violence is intended to intimidate or cause terror for the purpose of "exerting pressure on decision making by state bodies."

they are doing this for political goals or to pressure or intimmidate other government... so, no, calling piracy and terrorism the same is a fallacy.


please refrain from saying stupid things like that... i grew up very poor, one of the poorest families i knew in this city, and this is a very poor city... we don't have poverty like they have poverty.. you nor i can actually relate to that kind of poverty and you pretending to is an insult to the intelligence of everyone here and to the plight of somalia and most of africa for that matter.
  by: HAVOC666     06/26/2009 11:44 PM     
Just to throw it out there, I grew up in a mobile home in Joshua Tree, CA. We had electricity from a generator maybe 20% of the time, and even then only a couple hours at night. My parents are totally whacked. I grew up just as poor as anyone on this planet, raising goats and rabbits for food. Do not DARE tell me that poverty is ever an excuse for this type of behavior.
  by: DaReapaMan   06/27/2009 12:01 AM     
Then perhaps you can show me a rich region of the earth where the people resort to terrorism on a regular basis? The simple fact is that impoverished people are generally less educated and have nothing else to lose in some of these countries. Would a millionaire strap a suicide vest on???

You live in a nation at least that allows for you to improve your conditions depending on you willingness to work hard and push yourself. In other words there are ways out. That may not be the case in all areas on the planet.

If you lived in a nation where there was no way to elevate yourself. If there were no education provided to you free of charge. If there were no cell phones, TV, internet, or basic freedoms; Perhaps you might consider becoming a terrorist. Especially if something had happened to you or your family.

IE: Something to push you over the edge like the loss of a loved one at the hands of a foreign soldier.

You just dont snap and become a terrorist either. But generally terrorism and poverty go hand in hand. Especially when there is some sort of injustice and terrorism is seen as the only answer.

Like I said, you probably wont see a millionaire strapping a suicide vest on to blow up a crowd. Thats not to say that this wont happen. But it is infinitely more likely that the suicide bomber is destitute.
  by: slavefortheman     06/27/2009 12:19 AM     
  My point overall  
Through all my posts, has been the power of the individual. I will not go too deep into my own personal story, but I concerned myself only with myself and managed to become moderately successful. People who are truly driven will find a way out of poverty regardless of class or location. I know Kenyan tribesmen who make $200k/year as computer engineers. I know women from the farthest flung icehole villages in Siberia who own cars worth more than some people's homes. I know I started in the middle of the damn desert and will never go back, for any reason. Stalin managed to drag Russia into the 20th century in five years. People have the power to improve their situation if they really want to, but because no one over there wants to dedicate themselves 24 hours a day 7 days a week to organize a new functional government and raise themselves out of their current state as the world's supposed toxic dumping ground I am supposed to feel sorry for them? They disgust me, as does anyone who defends them.
  by: DaReapaMan   06/27/2009 12:31 AM     
go live someone that has real poverty, you live i nthe US... you have it good no matter how bad you think you got it... i live in canada, the same goes for me.

i doubt most people in developed nations can ever understandwhat its like their. if people have to resort to crime to ensure their survival then so bit it, personally i think it ought to be targetting the fishers and polluters but quit frankly no-else should be in their waters anyways.. the only reason they are is there's no government to stop them...

can you fathom a place where the closest thing to government IS the pirates and what few farms that can actually still farm as a result of the conditions there... like i said NO-ONE in developed nations can relate no matter how bad they had it.

and just because your parents decides to live isolate from society i no way ean you can relate to the conditions of africa on the whole, much less somalia which has been hard hit recently both from corrupt government, foreign abuse of their waters and the current climate plight that has plague them for 2-4 years...

thought history many societies in this condition have resorted to cannibalism...

oh and i'm sure this hijacking will be seen as karmatic, or if nothing else eye-browrising:

i'm not opposed to people stopping the piracy of their own ships, but i am against people going their deliberately to bait them into doing it with the purpose of killing them, as that is a clealy worse action than that of the pirates since the pirates aren't actually trying to kill people just get money, its as simple as that... other countries should be trying to help them not make targets of them beit political targets or firearm targets.

how hard would it be to monitor those waters for pollution and illegal fishing, or get their argiculure back on its feet... but no target practice is easier.
  by: HAVOC666     06/27/2009 12:41 AM     
  @HAVOC, obviously  
Perhaps in the end, I can not. You are ignoring the other part of my post though. How has the Kenyan man I work with succeeded to the point where he now sends money back home which effectively runs the only school in his village? He was driven. How has the Brazilian man who owns the restaurant down the street from me succeeded while coming from some slum in Sao Paulo? He was driven. People who take responsibility for themselves get ahead in life, and you can make the argument that their real success was coming to America, and I will admit that helped things. I will point you back to Stalin's 5 year plan and how much it helped Russia in the long run as one of, if not the greatest examples of what a man in modern times can do if he puts his head to something.
  by: DaReapaMan   06/27/2009 12:57 AM     
  Perfect Solution  
This is a perfect example of how free enterprise can solve a major international problem that governments have not been able to solve even after hundreds of years of trying.
  by: rb12373   06/27/2009 01:36 AM     
  Really Sick  
If you have to take a mans life in defense of life that may be necessary. To take another human life for sport is is about as low as anything I have heard of.
  by: ichi     06/27/2009 03:43 AM     
Next they will be able to take heads home to hang on their wall, for an extra charge.
  by: captainJane     06/27/2009 03:55 AM     
  Met by armed assult?  
Why try and arrest that ****? Sounds fun getting out there and setting traps for people who'd shoot first before taking the opportunity to be arrested.

Russia does do some neat things from time to time :)
  by: LykosSN4   06/27/2009 06:47 AM     
  Go Pirates!  
For some reason I cannot but help root for them if they came in contact with some millionaires shooting at them. All the movies I ever have seen were people are hunting people, the hunted always becomes the hunter.

Plus since these people are just sick minded idiots that want to say they have taken the life of a human being, it would be quite comical if these f#ck nuts came home in a body bag instead of with a trophy head.
  by: slavefortheman     06/27/2009 05:14 PM     
  Old Joke!  
This is an old joke from a few weeks back. I am surprised that it was picked up and dished out as real news by Ananova.
  by: goldenstar   06/29/2009 11:43 PM     
  Old joke?  
well 12.061, looked into to see it.LOl
  by: captainJane     06/30/2009 12:04 AM     
Double the price, give the difference to AID organizations and give the hunters a tax deduction. I no longer care what some @**hole thinks is justification for his acting like a fool and kidnapping the very d@mn people who are trying to help them. Ain't no skin off my nose, either way.
  by: Tim Singleton   06/30/2009 12:22 AM     
  I'm not terribly upset.  
If you took the money out of it, it'd be a volunteer corps. I think the joke's on the rich folks, who are paying to clean up the seas.

No, I don't really feel sorry for the pirates. If you enter legally-open water, you've accepted the risk to die there. That goes for the rich folks, too.
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/30/2009 01:42 AM     
  Iran in IndoEuropean i.e. Western Culture  
Slightly off topic, but a necessary reply to a couple of compments that mention Iran (Persia), as if it were an example of a barbaric non-western country. In-point-of-fact, Iran is the true cradle of western culture (not Greece, though the Greeks learned much from Persia -- but not enough), and the majority of its originaln (and current) human stock, so-to-speak, is indo-european. The country is merely hindered at the monent by the aftermath of the barbarian conquests of Muslim Arabs -- just as europe suffered for hundreds of years at the hands of various Christian sects. Persia (Iran) is now going through the same struggles. If we (humanity) is lucky, the 21st century may bear witness to another vibrant culture (Persia) shedding the shackles of organized religious dogma.
  by: PECB   07/05/2009 04:32 PM     
  research your comments  
´Western terrorists´ and mercenaries or PMC are subject to harsh regulation and it is not uncommon for them to receive the death penalty from militairy courts, something that is looked down upon when used against non ´western´ terrorist.

I am not passing judgement either way, merely adding onformation to what I beleive to be misinformed and judgemental comments I read on this article. terrorists are not ´western´, ´eastern´ or anything else, they are criminals and so are pirates.

Pirates terrorise honest people, taking and often killing hostages after weeks of torment, these Russians are providing a service by lowering their numbers where national militairies lack resources to do so and making themselves extra money on the side, good luck to them if they are willing to take that risk, whether their drive be to protect yachtsmen or pure profit the result is the same, less victims.
  by: Chegs   07/24/2010 11:21 PM     
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