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                 01/20/2018 12:38 AM  
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06/30/2009 02:16 PM ID: 79418 Permalink   

Squatters Move Into MPs' Home, Neighbours Support the Move


Two Labour MPs, nicknamed "Mr and Mrs expenses," have left their "main" home empty for so long that squatters have moved in. The home has been empty for almost 12 months while the MPs have made taxpayers pay for a luxury flat 9 miles away.

The squatters were made aware of the empty property by a local resident and have been welcomed with food, clothes and bedding from neighbours. The squatters held a barbecue for their new neighbours in return for the welcome.

A banner has been raised on the front of the house reading" "Reclaiming Your Taxes." Neighbours have voiced unanimous support for the squatters, saying they'd prefer that the MPs didn't come back. The MPs still claim it is their main home.

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Not that I support squatting most of the time, but in this case, I'd have bought them a beer and welcomed them too!

This shows just how much contempt the public have for MPs now, ironically, a similar level of contempt as MPs show the public. The reason that the squatters could move in was that this 'main home' was just another asset for the MPs. They're making the taxpayer pay for their actual home.

In a recession where normal people are struggling to make ends meet this bunch of scum take our money and feather their own nests with it. Presumably so they don't end up as badly off as we are.

For the above reasons, I support these squatters. Good on them.
  by: Maxx20     06/30/2009 02:25 PM     
  I'm afraid I don't...  
Two wrongs don't make a right. I've worked hard to earn my house and land, and some people just get to move into spaces and get themselves up a significant step on the property ladder - something alot of hardworking young couples just cannot do.

As much as I appreciate the sentiment, I'd rather that the property be claimed by the area residents association and then rented, leased or sold, with the earnings being banked and used to maintain the neighbourhood.
  by: chiffington   06/30/2009 03:21 PM     
  Sorry for my Ignorance  
What is an MP?
  by: bala_mt   06/30/2009 04:44 PM     
Member of Parliament. Basically the people who "Run" the UK (That is they sit in a big room and fire childish insults at the other party whilst arguing over laws, finances, etc).
Big thing in the UK at the moment that MPs have been claiming tax payer's money for multiple homes and ridiculous things like having their moats cleaned. Seriously, who the hell has a moat in 2009?
  by: sprog   06/30/2009 06:07 PM     
and wouldn't the moat, if you had one, be more effective if it's kept dirty, anyway?
  by: bluraven64   06/30/2009 07:19 PM     
wow...neo-feudalism is real!
  by: DoubleTake   06/30/2009 07:24 PM     
I do broadly agree with you, hence my saying that I wouldn't support squatting in another context. However, the UK is governed tightly, and no matter how wrongly these MPs act, no matter how corrupt they are, the law wouldn't allow the people to simply take their property for the greater good of the area as you suggest. The law will however protect the MPs, allow them to lie, cheat and steal and benefit from every moment of doing so.

What is therefore required is people like this to break the law and take from them by force. The bit I like about the story, isn't necessarily the taking of the house but the positive reaction of the neighbours. It is true to say that the squatters will be thrown out in the long term. However, the value of an entire community sticking two fingers up at these scum bags and supporting people committing crime against them serves to illustrate the utter disgust the British people rightly feel toward their 'leaders' right now.
  by: Maxx20     06/30/2009 09:22 PM     
  Who knows...  
they may have lost their homes because of the people they have taken it off. Many street people had good homes in the beginning, but the Banks and Government put pay to that.
  by: captainJane     06/30/2009 11:55 PM     
While there's no chance of the moat being "used," if it were to be used it would be more effective if not filled in with sediment. Not to mention much better looking.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/01/2009 12:48 AM     
I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I'd like to add though, government officials are not and should not be looked upon as leaders. They are public servants. Some might think I am nitpicking but the truth is that people tend to respond to words in predictable ways and the words "leader" and "servant" are diametrically opposed.

These people are employed for the purpose of serving the public, not leading it.

  by: bbeljefe     07/01/2009 05:29 AM     
Actually not being from a country and knowing what all the abbriviations mean, but being willing to ask isn't as much a sign of stupidity but the willingness to learn.

Your comment actually points the ability to be stupid on yourself for actually beliving that anyone that doesn't know everything is stupid...
  by: bala_mt   07/01/2009 06:08 PM     
  Nice comment  
  by: JayWar   07/01/2009 07:17 PM     
  I have no idea what a  
"Labour MP" is.
  by: KaLO   07/02/2009 03:29 AM     
An MP as is a Member of Parliament. I don't fully understand the US system but I think it's the equivalent of a state representative in the senate or congress, whichever you elect a representative to.

MPs are usually part of a wider political party, the 3 main ones being Labour (currently in government as they have the most MPs elected), the Conservatives, sometimes called the Tories, the main opposition with the second highest number of MPs and the Liberal Democrats, third in size of representation.

So a Labour MP is an MP who is part of the parliamentary Labour party.

As an aside, we get our prime minister based upon the party in charge electing a leader, unlike America who elect a single person themselves. Parties usually enter a general election behind the leader who will stand as prime minister so the British people know what they're getting. However, if a leader steps down like Tony Blair did, we can be governed by someone who was never voted in (Gordon Brown) and have utterly no say in it.
  by: Maxx20     07/03/2009 10:00 AM     
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