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                 04/20/2014 10:58 PM  
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07/05/2009 05:59 PM ID: 79477 Permalink   

Man Has His Boss Killed By Colombian Hitmen to Avoid Being Sacked


Spain: Police have arrested a man for allegedly hiring six Colombians to kill his boss because he feared he would be laid off in a company restructure. His sister, who allegedly acted as a go-between, and the Colombians, have been arrested.

The murder of this employer marks the latest in a series of increasingly desperate acts carried out by people fearful of losing their employment in the rapidly worsening depression.

Other extreme reactions to the worsening conditions include a construction firm head who threatened to torch himself unless people who owed him money paid up, and a builder who held his bank manager at gunpoint.

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  end result  
got two people out of the work force including his sister, and created more work for the legal system in that country! Nice going!
  by: zortona   07/06/2009 02:18 PM     
I thought he got 8 ppl out of the workforce.
  by: kmazzawi     07/07/2009 01:22 PM     
9 ppl were taken off the workforce, I just read the source and realized the boss was actually killed.
  by: kmazzawi     07/07/2009 05:11 PM     
  Unclear on the concept  
"include a construction firm head who threatened to torch himself unless people who owed him money paid up"

Can I get the dealership I bought my car from to torch itself too? I'm sick of making this payment every month.
  by: DaReapaMan   07/10/2009 02:45 AM     
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