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                 02/19/2018 10:52 PM  
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07/13/2009 01:29 PM ID: 79604 Permalink   

Japanese Beer Giants Set to Merge


Japanese brewing companies Kirin and Suntory are looking at the possibilities of a merger in the face of the economic crisis. If the merger goes ahead, it will create the world's 5th-largest food group.

One analyst said: "If a merger is realised, that would give them the market share to take leadership in pricing and help their soft drinks businesses - a chronic weak spot in a ultra-competitive market. It's a huge positive if they can do it."

The merger will need to be approved by regulators.

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How does Coca-cola and Pepsi stand in this?
  by: nimira     07/13/2009 03:38 PM     
  since when?  
when did beer become a soft drink?

P.S. i know the source called it soft drink, but soft drinks cannot contain alcohol.
  by: HAVOC666     07/13/2009 03:53 PM     
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