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                 01/23/2018 04:41 PM  
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07/13/2009 04:40 PM ID: 79609 Permalink   

Man With Hiccups Has Brain Tumour


A man who had hiccups for two years was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was told that there is a 1.2 cm tumour on his brain stem. His family believes that this brain tumour is the reason why he gets the hiccups.

He estimated that he hiccups once every two seconds for 12 hours, has 1,800 hiccups an hour, 21,600 hiccups a day, and an estimated 7.9 million hiccups a year. He tried every known cure for the hiccups, but none of them worked.

His life become a misery for him because he had to give up working and driving. He also struggles to sleep and keep food down. A therapist tried to cure his hiccups early this year but couldn't and the man had a MRI where the tumour was found.

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possible to hope only that once a distinguished dortor realises the problem, certainly there are others who suffer from the same one.
  by: vizhatlan     07/13/2009 07:42 PM     
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