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                 02/17/2018 10:21 PM  
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07/13/2009 08:22 PM ID: 79613 Permalink   

Brüno Tops Box Office


Sacha Baron Cohen's mockumentary "Brüno" about a gay, Austrian fashion journalist's escapades in the United States has opened in the number one spot in North America on its debut weekend. However, its resulting numbers weren't terribly promising.

Raking in just US$30.4 million in ticket sales, nearly half of those came from sales on Friday, its opening day across the country. Numbers then tapered off considerably on the Saturday, which is usually a solid moviegoing day.

One analyst said: "It is unusual for a film to drop on Saturday. Normally, you expect the film at least to be even on Saturday or above compared to Friday, because Saturday is the biggest moviegoing day of the weekend."

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I'm pretty impressed by the success of this film. I have yet to see it, but it has gotten great reviews. I just hope the scene with Ron Paul doesn't hurt Paul's image at all.
  by: Mr. Wright     07/13/2009 08:29 PM     
  I highly doubt it  
He handled it great considering being put on the spot like that. I really didn't see anything funny about it. Maybe if I was 12 again...
  by: DoubleTake   07/13/2009 08:33 PM     
There are ways to make yourself feel 12 again.
  by: John E Angel     07/13/2009 08:37 PM     
I saw this Friday the night it opened and was nearly fighting back the tears from laughing so hard the whole time. I personally thought the whole thing was great. To each his/her own though I'm sure... and I can DEFINITELY see why some folks might be offended by it. IMO if you know anyone who is prudish in general or very homophobic... insist that they go see it with you - they will either be cured or scarred for life. Either way it's win/win.
  by: spiggy   07/13/2009 10:09 PM     
  @John E Angel  
Been there, done that. Gets really cold down there without hair.
  by: DoubleTake   07/14/2009 06:15 AM     
my big sister saw this and said " Don't waste your money on it because it was the worst movie ever"
  by: rachel1085     07/14/2009 02:15 PM     
  Good at pushing the limit  
of what people find offensive. Great movie to showcase people's in-tolerances. People need to lighten up.
  by: OrIgInAl_ThOuGhT   07/15/2009 02:03 AM     
  Should of stopped after Borat..  
This movie is all staged and full of actors(odd that i say that, its a movie:)... It may be pretty funny, it has its moments but all in all its fake. All those people you think are just meeting the bruno character in the movie met him way back and rehearsed with him. They all get paid. Would have been funny if it was more like Borat, which it was to an extent but lacked the impulsive behavior/reactions of the pedestrians/unnamed people to the lunatic they encountered :-/
  by: pineal420   07/15/2009 05:51 AM     
  @ John E. Angel  
Congratulations on winning my "Creepiest Posting of The Day" award.

I don't know what you meant. I don't know if I want to know either.
  by: Rakulus   07/15/2009 07:04 AM     
  @John E Angel  
Sleepovers at Michael Jacksons?
  by: Jediman3     07/15/2009 07:01 PM     
Good one.
  by: Claridus   07/15/2009 11:24 PM     
The teenagers with 6-year-old minds will love this trash.
  by: Lurker     07/15/2009 11:45 PM     
  Wasn't great, but...  
I thought the swinging penis that eventually screams, "Bruno!" was pretty hilarious.
  by: Dayron   07/16/2009 11:35 AM     
sucked compared to Borat. I actually found Borat incredibly funny a lot of the time. Bruno followed Borat's formula almost to a T, but was full of "shock for shock's sake" and random talking genitals that just made me feel like I'd have appreciated it more if I had been about 15 years younger. I went to see it a few nights ago and was one of 4 people in the theater. I think it lost it's flame pretty damn fast, as everyone watching it realized it was just a lame attempt to regain the popularity of his first movie. For his own sake, I hope SBC can get out of his character-acting long enough to score a real movie where he's not just some ten-minute character, or his fame will fade pretty quickly.
  by: wreathofbarbs   07/20/2009 05:53 AM     
  i'm watching it right now  
on surfthechannel. on the stupid break Megavideo makes you take after 72 minutes. it's really freakin funny. i can't believe he did some of the stuff he did. the guy is insane. pure genius
  by: djskagnetti     07/21/2009 04:03 AM     
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