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                 02/21/2018 01:59 PM  
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07/13/2009 08:53 PM ID: 79614 Permalink   

Webber Finally Wins One


Red Bull driver Mark Webber has fought back from an incurred handicap to win his first-ever Formula One Grand Prix. Webber was punished after he collided with Rubens Barichello and had to fight back to the head of the grid.

Red Bull made it a one-two, with Germany's Sebastian Vettel coming in second ahead of Ferrari's Felipe Massa. Current leader Jenson Button finished just fifth, but keeps a lead on the points table for the driver's championship.

Of winning his first GP, the Australian said: "It's an incredible day for me. I wanted to win so badly. The only thing in the end I thought was going to beat me, or test me even more, was the rain. But even that held off."

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