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                 04/23/2014 11:53 PM  
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07/19/2009 06:11 PM ID: 79719 Permalink   

Dog Learns to Read


New York: An English terrier cross has been taught to respond to written commands by trainer Lyssa Rosenberg. The dog is able to recognise words both handwritten and printed out on a computer.

The canine literacy program started when a friend bet Lyssa a trip to Mexico that she couldn't teach the dog to read. Lyssa, who trains dogs for the advertising industry, had her dog Willow recognises written commands within six weeks.

"She's an unbelievably quick learner. She can do 250 different things and I used to joke that I would teach her how to pour me a martini... I won the bet and Willow came with me to Mexico," said Rosenberg.

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another source for those of you who don't trust ananova.
  by: ixuzus     07/19/2009 06:13 PM     
think the dog can recognise the whole sentences but the separate words can not.
  by: vizhatlan     07/19/2009 08:41 PM     
  I wonder...  
If this will turn out to be another animal like Clever Hans.

If it is, the dog may not know how to read but would be a better poker player than any human. lol.
  by: qwerty017   07/19/2009 09:39 PM     
it can read at all.
  by: captainJane     07/19/2009 10:22 PM     
  Teach it to write...  
...then I'll be impressed.
I would write the dog a note that said "quit eating cat poop".
  by: captainchainsaw   07/20/2009 09:12 PM     
Amen! They just can't get enough of that stuff.
  by: favoritesaviour   07/20/2009 09:52 PM     
you guys are revolting.
  by: captainJane     07/21/2009 12:58 AM     
  Dogs name  
The owners surname is Rosenberg. The dogs name is Willow. Coincidence or a Buffy fan? :D.
  by: Eidron   07/21/2009 01:31 PM     
  Buffy connection  
Willow the dog is 12 years old, I don't know how long the show aired for, but she (Willow the dog) was named after the weeping willow tree, not the character. :)
  by: WillowRosenberg   09/04/2009 10:06 AM     
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