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                 01/24/2018 06:58 AM  
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07/21/2009 08:37 AM ID: 79745 Permalink   

Amatuer Astronomer Discovers Earth-Sized Collision With Jupiter


Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley was the first one to discover an impact zone on Jupiter the size of Earth. The impact has been confirmed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA. It is still not known exactly what hit Jupiter.

This is only the second known object to hit Jupiter, the first being Shoemaker-Levy 9 in 1994. The object will only be visible for a few more days. This object will help scientists better understand Jupiter's role in our solar system.

"We are extremely lucky to be seeing Jupiter at exactly the right time, the right hour, the right side of Jupiter to witness the event. We couldn't have planned it better," said NASA scientist Glenn Orton, who confirmed Wesley's discovery.

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HRMMM crash sight for an alian mother ship?

Seriously though, I find it interesting that NASA would miss something the size of EARTH!!!! on a collision course with Jupiter.

What worries me is something the size of Texas impacting Earth, whoops, we missed that too lol.
  by: kristmen   07/21/2009 06:19 PM     
Its impact zone is the size (diameter) of Earth. The object itself was much smaller, I guess. Perhaps maybe a ew miles in diameter?
  by: Fonzo   07/21/2009 06:42 PM     
  We couldn't have planned it better  
NASA taking credit or something? Are they saying they seen the object impact? But didn't say anything until this guy mentioned something?

Very cool though. I can see how we missed this object though, even for its massive size.
  by: Vhan     07/22/2009 12:20 AM     
whats with all the hatin on NASA

If you read the source you will understand why NASA didn't catch it and this guy did. All the large telescopes cost millions and millions of $$ so the people looking through them have to follow the agenda's of the people funding it.

Whereas amateurs can look at whatever they like.

Also the difference between spotting a object that will hit a planet 700 million miles away and an object that will hit earth is completly different.

I doubt it, i'd say they mean we couldn't have planned the timing to take a picture of a large impact on jupiter any better, which is how far away jupiter currently is and that the object impacted jupiter on the side that is facing earth.
  by: pexa02   07/22/2009 12:53 AM     
  Wonder what it looked like.  
That would have been awesome to see. I mean look at this image, you can see where it tore through the clouds. I think there is a shadow on the right making it appear to be a dome, but you don't see any other impacts it make on the planet.

What a site it would be to see a Neptune sized collision with Jupiter.
  by: Vhan     07/22/2009 10:33 AM     
  Belly button  
I wonder where the newspaper got that picture of my navel?
  by: billycan   07/23/2009 03:52 PM     
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