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                 02/17/2018 10:05 PM  
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07/22/2009 02:06 AM ID: 79765 Permalink   

The War on Drugs - Literally


The U.S. military has taken the war on drugs to a new level, dropping 450-kg (100-lb) bombs on an estimated 300 tons of poppy seeds in the province of Helman. This was then followed up by strikes from U.S. helicopters.

The bombing of the poppy seeds, which would normally be turned into heroin or opium, is part of a change of strategy to to stop the Taliban profiting from the sale of the narcotic. The number of poppy-free provinces increased by five between 2007 to 2008.

As part of the strategy, the U.S. Agency for International Development has been providing farmers with irrigation equipment and fertilizers, as well as seeds, to encourage farmers to plant wheat crops over poppy seeds.

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  and yet...  
before the US invaded the taliban was actually eradicating the poppy suppy in afghanistan... NOT profitting from them as we're constantly told.

we are kept ignorant about the the facts concerning the taliban and poppies... he're the truth. in Feb. 2001 they [the taliban BANNED] poppy production:

poppy production is UP BECAUSE of the US, not decreasing because of them.
  by: HAVOC666     07/22/2009 02:19 AM     
  forgot the link:  
  by: HAVOC666     07/22/2009 02:20 AM     
for the link @ Havoc.
  by: captainJane     07/22/2009 02:25 AM     
  Wait till..  
Wait till they start bombing us here in the states.. they're only practicing on them for when martial law starts on us..
  by: rutgers   07/22/2009 04:34 AM     
  My Question Would Be...  
After blowing the land half to hell, how long does it take for it to be usable for planting again!?

So far as to plant crops, it's got to be poisoned for a long, long time.
  by: Dooode   07/22/2009 02:31 PM     
I would figure that the soil would be even better after bombing. Wouldnt that be about the same as tilling the land? Not really sure the effects of bombs on soil are but I would guess that its not a bad thing unless they used some sort of chemical bombs.

But I would also bet that using conventional bombs against vegetation is a pretty futile act... Especially if they end up just growing back again later.
  by: slavefortheman     07/22/2009 02:42 PM     
Right away I would assume. As the poster after you stated, they are using conventional bombs, not nukes. The reason land is poisoned from nukes is because of the radiation, but with a conventional bomb, they just go BOOM!
  by: kristmen   07/22/2009 06:25 PM     
  i guess  
They had something to hide and made it disappear. If you want to kill vegetation you use pesticide or napalm or something in the lines of agent orange but not as deadly for people,not 1000 lbs of conventional explosives...
  by: Korzen   07/22/2009 06:52 PM     
has plenty of legitimate uses, (for example painkillers wouldnt exist without it) and from what I have read is one of the countries prime ways of making money (legally)... this is BS that the US Gvt is taking their stupid war on drugs into other countries.
  by: o9k   07/22/2009 07:49 PM     
  Shock and awe methods  
They probably used the half-ton bombs in order to scare the farmers into doing what they wanted. Not a good way to make long-term friends in my opinion.
  by: jbloodthorn   07/22/2009 11:10 PM     
From what I gathered from the summary, source, and video at the source, they blew up piles of poppy seed - not actual fields of poppy plants. The video made it sound like the seeds that were blown up were (at least in part) found throughout a street market. No doubt it was both a symbolic act and a show of force.

As far as the Taliban banning poppy farming, yes they did say that and did have an immediate impact. However, poppy farming has been a major industry since at least 1979 when the Russians invaded Afghanistan. The yearly crops were large. The ban worked pretty much for one year. During that time, the Taliban dealt with offenders of the ban "appropriately" - which at least included jail, but I doubt that was the extent of the punishment. After that, the crop jumped right back up because growing poppy must not have been quite as against Islam as the Taliban had originally thought, so they used it to raise revenue. Whether or not the Taliban could have maintained the ban for a longer period of time if the US had not caused instability in the region is unknown. It's likely that the ban would have crumbled anyway if the farmers could not make a living otherwise.

Given that and given how most people on this site react, I would think more would rally against the Taliban not only for having banned the cultivation of a plant, but also for doing so for religious reasons.
  by: nicohlis     07/23/2009 03:37 AM     
I agree, I would have thought napalm would have been the choice for this, it seems a lot cheaper too (then again, who cares?).
  by: nimira     07/23/2009 06:17 PM     
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