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                 01/18/2018 08:34 PM  
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07/24/2009 10:23 AM ID: 79830 Permalink   

Eight-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped


In Phoenix, Arizona, four boys aged from 9 to 14 tears have gang raped an 8-year-old girl in a vacant shed. She was lured to the shed by a promise of chewing gum. She was restrained and then sexually assaulted.

The 14-year old boy, Steven Tuopeh, was charged as an adult with two counts of sexual assault and one count of kidnapping. The other three boys have been charged as juveniles. The boys have admitted to being involved in the crime to police.

All of the children involved belong to families that have immigrated to the United States from Liberia. Her parents have blamed the young victim for the assault. Child Protective Services have taken custody of the girl.

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I thought about putting this one up. I am glad you did because this is sick and kids or not IF they are found guilty should have the full maximum time that is possible with NO chance of getting out early, if at all.
  by: TaraB     07/24/2009 10:54 AM     
think there was nobody beside the girl who supervises her for not occuring a case like this.
  by: vizhatlan     07/24/2009 12:21 PM     
  a quote  
I wanted to quote the girl's sister, who was supposed to be watching her and obviously did a pathetic job of it. But her views are so outrageous that they deserve to be quoted. She said, "I came to her and said it's not good for you to be following guys because you are still little." She also said that she wanted the suspects to be released from jail because "we are the same people." Also- "When she comes back I'm going to tell her don't ever do that again because all of us, we are the same family, we are from the same place. Now she is just bringing confusion among us. Now the other people, they don't want to see her." So in summary, the sister believes the little girl is to blame for being raped because she was hanging around older boys and she's also to blame for getting fellow Liberians into trouble. It's mind-blowing.
  by: gryphon50a   07/24/2009 12:27 PM     
From the article "Child Protective Services has taken custody of the girl after police said her parents blamed her for the assault."

That right there tells you the mindset of these people. Please whoever is in charge do not EVER let this little girl go back to these people. The sister didn't watch her, the boys told her she would get gum, she knew the boys from around the complex. Yet somehow, for some reason this little girl is responsible for being gang raped...and I know someone is going to bring up that's how it is where they originally are from...tough shit! They immigrated here, they swore the oart to become a citizen and they have to lean that in their new country we don't allow little kids to get raped over gum and if they do it is NOT their fault.
  by: TaraB     07/24/2009 12:42 PM     
  Deport her scum family as well.  
As Tara has said they became American citizens, and should respect nd appreciate its laws. I think both our countries should make this perfectly clear, if they break the law to the point of hurting another human being, then out the should go, if they want rape and killing, let them have in in their own country, why allow them to soil our land with their filth.

  by: captainJane     07/24/2009 01:06 PM     
I don't think we can deport them. I think once you are a U.S. citizen you can't be deported. I just wish there were higher standards for citizenship to start with.
  by: VermiciousG     07/24/2009 03:05 PM     
  Bring Shame On The Family?  
Yes there is shame on the family. The behavior of the mother and father of the girl is one of the most shameful things I have heard of.
  by: ichi     07/24/2009 04:49 PM     
  Unbelievable, even more than the assault:  
The outrage over the allegations has intensified when police said the girl's parents criticized her after the attack and blamed her for bringing shame on the family.

"The father told the case worker and an officer in her presence that he didn't want her back. He said 'Take her, I don't want her,'" Hill said.
  by: AccessG     07/24/2009 06:05 PM     
" I just wish there were higher standards for citizenship to start with."

Laws need to CHANGE, there was a case here in the Wolverhampton court, where one man who came from Bolivia, attacked people here with a knife within days of arrival, it was only when he slit a girls throat he was detained and was given the grand total if 15 months sentencing furthermore it was heard in court by my friend on jury duty, he had every intention of breaking our laws just so he could live in our prisons for free.

People on entering these counties for citizenship, should be made to sign an agreement promising to uphold the laws of the land before they enter and if they commit a serious crime, they will automatically be deported after serving prison time! It is the only and obvious solution! Why the big wigs can't work this out is beyond me, they should not be making the laws if they have no common sense.
  by: captainJane     07/24/2009 06:23 PM     
Sounds like a plan to me. Where do I sign.
  by: VermiciousG     07/24/2009 06:45 PM     
  I Wonder ...  
... if the boys are considered blameless and can return to their families without shame.

Poor little girl - but not surprising once their origin is known.

I suppose the boy's 'crime' (as far as their families are concerned) will be considered trivial compared to the little girl who obviously 'forced' them to do it.

Too many such people bring their third-world cesspool standards to the USA using their new-found freedoms to continue their cruel, inhuman practices and then cry "oppression" when told it is not acceptable behavior.

Diversity for diversity's sake is a cancer of no merit because appearances take precedent over quality. The only way to meet the standards is by lowering the standards to silence the whines of those who will never meet the standards by any other means and fully know it.

They put dirt in the tea because it makes the tea a prettier color, but could care less about bad the dirt makes it taste. Same with misguided cultural diversity. That's primarily because the people who push the diversity agenda the most don't drink the same tea they pollute with it.

Diversity in itself is not the problem as much as the motivation and agenda behind it.

Some 'human' cultures are no better than disease cultures.

In this case, no family at all is better than what that little girl has.

  by: DeepSand   07/24/2009 06:46 PM     
  No Suprise  
It’s no surprise the family is blaming the girl. Women are thought of as sex fueled dogs in many African cultures. A large part of the nations of Africa still practice female circumcision as a way to "curb the lust". Any woman in the US or a EU nation who thinks they have it bad needs to spend some time in the rest of the world to get a taste of what being a woman is really like.
  by: count minkula   07/24/2009 07:25 PM     
  This could of been  
consensual , I'm pretty sure I read some where that certain groups of African American's engage in sexual behavior at an earlier age.

Plus they could have all been some really dumb immigrants.
  by: Mannyishere     07/24/2009 07:44 PM     
  @count minkula  
"Women are thought of as sex fueled dogs" - count minkula

I'm sure many africans would not appreciate you saying this of their mothers. I don't know what kind of troll you are - but Stormfront is a good place to start.
  by: redstain   07/24/2009 08:17 PM     
Just kill them all, parents included.

Problem solved.
  by: N3T_K1LLA     07/24/2009 08:58 PM     
i kind of agree. but lets kill the boy first. i will pay to watch and pay even more to participate. they deserve to have their dicks shot off. 2 choices 1 you microwave his dick off with a 12 gauge. the others you shoot pieces off at a time like with a .22 so they feel more impact. the others. i dunno burn it off or something. or tap dance on them with cleats on some one else dream up a wonderful way to rape their manhood.
  by: drk   07/24/2009 09:32 PM     
  Rape The Father  
Let him explain the shame he brings on his family. Oh, that is probably different.
  by: ichi     07/24/2009 09:41 PM     
I think he means women are viewed to be controlled by lust in their natural state. That is the mentality behind female genital mutilation, which is mainly practiced in Africa- that if women are not "modified" in this way, they will be overly sexual and uncontrollable (and therefore dirty and shameful, naturally).
  by: gryphon50a   07/24/2009 10:09 PM     
Over 2 million women were genitaly mutilated last year alone in Africa. Someone doesn't need to be a member of Stormfront to find that repellent. I like your politically correct stance though.
  by: count minkula   07/24/2009 10:34 PM     
"I'm sure many africans would not appreciate you saying this of their mothers"

Haha, I don't think Count Minkula was trying out a new "Yo Mamma" joke. He was making a legit point. Besides, I doubt women in/from these parts of the world are too concerned with what we ShortNews commentators have to say about their moms anyway.
  by: barryman9001   07/24/2009 11:14 PM     
  Why the F*&K  
do we let people from these African shit holes immigrate here? The rape statistics for Africa are mind blowing. I read once that 1/2 (HALF!) of all women in South Africa can expect to be raped at some point in there lives. In Congo it is just as bad, if not worse. Do we really want to embrace their cultures?
  by: rippler2k3   07/24/2009 11:17 PM     
  The mutilation of the females  
is intended to removed the females pleasures during sex, the theory is it helps ensure the "wives" stay true to their "husbands" and not end up with other males and pregnant when he's not around.

This procedure is more common now in communities where the men leave for months at a time to find work in the cities. Unfortunately they pay for sex with the aids infected prostitutes in those cities and then return home and spread the gift that keeps on killing.

We should let nature take it's course. No matter how many dollars you spend there fighting aids it continues to spread and in the end the simple fact is you can't cure stupid.
  by: Synister1   07/25/2009 02:09 AM     
  Just castrate them like they do sheep.  
Put an band around the offending part till it rots off.
  by: tarheel68     07/25/2009 05:44 PM     
right, because hysterical screaming and running from the scene means it's totally consensual.
  by: calilac     07/25/2009 05:50 PM     
Napoleon once said "All women are whores except your mother, out of respect."

It is unfortunate that there entire countries that still think like Napoleon. Of course, you can keep banishing people to stormfront until it sinks in.
  by: kmazzawi     07/25/2009 07:25 PM     
Look at the comment made by Count Minkula. This is what he thinks of African women

"Women are thought of as sex fueled dogs in many African cultures." Arabs are amongst those who still practice Female mutilation in Saharan counties. Maybe you should address his concerns??

@Count Minkula.. You are a Wide MOFO. Now let me get banned for this comment. Will happily accept.
  by: skcusswentrohs     07/25/2009 09:58 PM     
  Yes Manny  
Because someone has to assume that an 8 year old little girl was asking for it.

Some gum for 3 boys to rape her and lose everyone she knew of as family. Yep that's what most 8 year olds think about when they wake up in the morning!
What the f'k is wrong with some people?
  by: TaraB     07/25/2009 10:34 PM     
His problem is that he's one of the same 3rd world "types" that usually do this kind of thing.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   07/25/2009 11:08 PM     
  @kamazawi: napoleon quote  
"All women are whores except your mother, out of respect." - Napoleon
"Women are thought of as sex fueled dogs in many African cultures." - Count Minkula

One's a misogynistic or even a cynical commentary on other people's misogyny. The other is a disparaging comment on another culture. Can you tell which one is which?

If you want, we can inspect the many different angles on how this comment is far from harmless, and expose it.
  by: redstain   07/25/2009 11:18 PM     
  @ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  
I would really hope not, that being said it wouldn't surprise me either. The attitude of some people when an innocent child get's raped and then abandoned really disturbs me.
  by: TaraB     07/26/2009 01:55 AM     
  I hope she'll be better off...  
... whatever happens to her next. It's odd to think anyone could be better off in the US foster care system, but if there's ever a case where that could be true then it's this one.

Plus, with all the attention this has gotten she might just be adopted by a really good family. I'm looking for a bright side here, because frankly this whole thing just makes me sick.
  by: mystylplx   07/26/2009 05:05 AM     
  Why blame the Africans?  
I really don't see why everybody is dumping on the Africans.
Here in Australia, in the Aboriginal communities, gang rape of children is considered normal.
In fact, it is also normal for six month old babies to be admitted to hospital with advanced STD's and genital injuries.
In the past when the children were removed from their drunken, rapist parents and community, the bleeding heart liberals caused such a ruckus, that not only was the practice stopped, but the Australian government apologised to the Aboriginals for having the temerity to try to protect their children.
So in Australia, if you rape a white child, you will go to jail. If you gang rape an Aboriginal child, you will not only not get jail time, but you will get an apology from the government. Especially if you are an Aboriginal.
Don't believe me? Google "aboriginal gang rape in Australia".
  by: Aussie2009   07/26/2009 06:37 AM     
  @aussie: personal aboriginal agenda  
"Here in Australia, in the Aboriginal communities, gang rape of children is considered normal." - aussie2009

Thanks aussie2009. Abuse of children is a world wide problem - an issue that causes ire and a lowering of IQ. Which is why it's a favorite for the Trolls.

Whether you're in a trailer park, a cellar-converted-to-permanent-prison or in the bush chid abuse is still child abuse.

But if you want to talk about social issues, it should be done with a clear head. If you feel horror, righteous indignation, pity - chances are your ability to make assessments have been compromised ... or been trolled.
  by: redstain   07/26/2009 11:15 AM     
  Genital Mutilation  
Some of you are mentioning female genital mutilation as being a sign of a horribly backwards thinking third world country. What about the genital mutilation of the male that occurs every day in most of the 'civilized' countries that you hail from? Circumcision to expose the glans was intended to stop masturbation and keep a boy 'pure' for god. How is that any better?
  by: jbloodthorn   07/27/2009 03:28 AM     
There is absolutely no comparison. Male circumcision does no harm. Female circumcision mutilates a woman for life. I was circumcised after I was born. I am grateful.
  by: Lurker     07/27/2009 04:28 AM     
Not to mention it prevents penal cancer.
  by: VermiciousG     07/27/2009 05:27 AM     
Can you offer proof or just statistical correlation?

[*shush* no one ciriticise rabbinical practices.]
  by: redstain   07/27/2009 10:10 AM     
I'm an actuary. Statistical correlation is all the proof I need unless you've got evidence that circumcised men are 100 times more likely to wash their penises with cancer killing soap or some such.
  by: VermiciousG     07/27/2009 04:03 PM     
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