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                 04/20/2014 03:19 AM  
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07/25/2009 12:56 PM ID: 79847 Permalink   

Congressman Promotes Less Government; Promotes Conservative Spending


Congressman Ron Paul has voiced criticism over the much-debated health care plan, claiming it is too expensive. The plan is projected at $1 trillion for a 10-year projected cost, but Paul said it could reach up to three times as much as planned.

Ron Paul stated that "I think it's very, very costly and we don't have any money. And they don't have any way of paying for it." Paul has proposed a bill that would push for tax credits and savings, and to promote expanding insurance coverages.

Ron Paul stated that the Republican Party needs to return to conservative spending, less government, and less foreign spending. He also suggests bringing the troops home, saying that the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan promotes radicals.

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  by: syoware   07/25/2009 02:17 PM     
  The sad part is ...  
people who agree with Paul are seen as the fringes, extremists, etc while it's considered ok to believe in unlimited taxation, warfare , and spending, which is what the so called "moderates" in the middle seem to want.
  by: xBadMonkeyx   07/25/2009 02:55 PM     
  Anybody can have a good idea.  
Yes, Ron Paul has a few good ideas, the problem is that he's got also got a lot of bad ideas. His libertarian philosophy scares the hell out of me. If you want to live in a Ron Paul world then move to Somalia.
  by: TheBlob   07/25/2009 04:42 PM     
I wouldn't go as far as Somalia, but the mega-libertarian philosophy certainly lacks substance and is out of sync with history when it comes to government spending. Socially however, I'm probably more aligned with a libertarian mindset.

I would respect Ron Paul for refusing to vote for an unbalanced budget, that's his right, and its fiscally responsible (and he would do it to a Republican President too), but the fact is, if you look at most of man's greatest technological innovations, and look at their roots and how they emerged and evolved, you will always find one thing, GOVERNMENT FUNDING.

I cringe when I see hypocrites like Bill Maher in one breath say the U.S. should not fund the arts, and call the International Space Station a useless tin can... and then in the next breath criticize America for a lack of innovation or for its materialist culture... which way do you want it Bill? Now I'm not one to criticize the free-market, I'm a capitalist and unapologetic about it, but there are things that have to be done for the common good that the private sector won't do, and that has always been the case.

Now obviously, my points above don't really backup bailing out AIG, that's a political and economic philosophy that Ron Paul et al. have a legitimate beef with, and I'm not saying the U.S. should spend itself into oblivion either.

However, I would criticize Ron Paul for being short sighted. Here he is criticizing a $1 trillion bill that won't add to the deficit. A quarter of a trillion has already been raised from simply coming to deals with hospitals and drug makers to forgo federal payments they were already to get under existing policy - and if that doesn't expose the toxic waste on its own I don't know what possibly can... that in a couple of months a quarter of a trillion in savings can be located.

The reform will go beyond one single bill, since it is tackling both an economic and moral issue. The moral issue is how does America justify standing by with 50,000,000 uninsured citizens when poorer countries can provide healthcare to everyone at the same quality at much lower costs? And how can it stand-by while insurers can run circles around people not to pay their bills or with 12,000 losing insurance a day in America. So that;s the moral issue.

The economic issue is that the healthcare costs already coming under current policy (and not simply projections) are unsustainable, over $30 trillion to medicare alone, not to mention the cost to the economy of healthcare-driven bankruptcies that take down legitimate American businesses. The #1 priority of the Concorde coalition, and other groups dedicated to getting America's finances under control, is healthcare reform, even before ending the wars. The cost of the wars pales in comparison to what healthcare is set to cost America.
  by: Dela     07/25/2009 05:05 PM     
Too bad we can't rate comments, because I'd give that one 5 stars.
  by: mystylplx   07/25/2009 06:53 PM     
I tried really hard
  by: sour4d20     07/25/2009 09:25 PM     
  @ TheBlob  
you are ridiculous.

Somalia's main religion is ISLAM and from what I've gathered is that ISLAMIC nations to be extremely CONTROLLING and believe in A LOT OF GOVERNMENT POWER.

Where as RON PAUL is a libertarian and they tend to believe in LESS government and LESS government POWER; he mainly believes that local government should play a bigger role in dictating laws that will effect local citizens lives.

I don't think that promotes anarchy; it promotes a more local based programs and laws. The Federal Governments role in AMERICANS lives has been debated since this countries start. Since World WAR II we have been caught in a MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-CONGRESSIONAL-COMPLEX which has increased GOVERNMENT SPENDING in all of those mentioned institutions said in the complex. The spending is so large and out of control we only have estimates on spread sheets. I have read that the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have exceeded $1 TRILLION DOLLARS and we are still there paying MORE to rebuild nations that we blew up because of a personal vendetta that the president had with Saddam

(I see the value of finding OSAMA BIN LADEN but why did we stress IRAQ so bad; OSAMA is still on the loose 8 plus years later.)

We, as AMERICANS, need to look past our comforts, look past party lines and really look at other parties perspectives. We do not have a sustainable economy; record spending is creating record debt and NO ONE has any really plans to get under control. None that I have seen publicly detailed with all the fine print.

GIVE OTHER PARTIES AND IDEAS A CHANCE and look into their perspectives. That is what AMERICA was founded on.
  by: sour4d20     07/26/2009 02:35 AM     
Spot On!
  by: shiftyfarker   07/26/2009 03:01 AM     
hack my head of guys but I like what I hear about this Ron Paul. I am in the UK, so not for me to say to much when only looking over from the other side of the pond.

  by: captainJane     07/26/2009 03:20 AM     
I like Ron Paul too. He does get a lot of stuff right. It's just that when he's wrong he's REALLY really wrong. And this is one of those cases where he's REALLY really wrong. He wants to block health care reform because he thinks we can't afford it, when the real truth is we can't afford NOT to do it.
  by: mystylplx   07/26/2009 04:25 AM     
Are a democratic lobbyist? You sure sound like that. I hate when people say that we shouldn't question bills that our government is trying to pass.

Yes, universal health care plan does sound nice, but that is about as far as it goes. Our debt is skyrocketting and printing more money like the fed does only fuels the inflation.

RON PAUL is a man that has WOKEN UP to the current political landscape and is a VETERAN STATESMAN. I think there a lot of things that need to be ironed out on the health care plan.

The plan projects a 10-year-cost of $1 trillion dollars, but RON PAUL insists that it could be double and even three times as much as that. All I'm saying is that an aging baby boom generation is going to put a lot of pressure on a universal health care plan. I'm all for RON PAULS call to bring the TROOPS HOME!!!!!

These WARS that we are fighting come with price tags people! No only do they cost human lives but right now we are paying for their security, we are paying for their rebuilding, we are paying with american blood. The fiscal price of the wars are estimates nearing the $2 trillion dollars.

Bush promised that the wars cost would be the billions.

We have promoted anarchy in those countries by sending para military corporations and no-bid contract corporations that have tarnished the WORLDS view of AMERICA.

  by: sour4d20     07/26/2009 05:56 AM     
Sounds like you should start a church. I doubt even Ron Paul himself would sanction it, but perhaps he would be secretly pleased. Hey, if someone started a church in my name I wouldn't sanction it either, but secretly I would be pleased.
  by: mystylplx   07/26/2009 06:13 AM     
I think we all got a little dumber after reading your rebuttal.
  by: sour4d20     07/26/2009 08:31 AM     
You really should try only speaking for yourself.
  by: mystylplx   07/26/2009 09:32 AM     
Are you a Ron Paul lobbyist? You sure sound like that. I hate when people say that we shouldn't question ideas that Ron Paul comes up with.
  by: darkshanker   07/26/2009 05:33 PM     
  @ darkshanker  
At what point did I say we "SHOULDN'T QUESTION RON PAUL"?

I didn't and if I did it wasn't meant to be typed.


I believe in the many sayins of THOMAS JEFFERSON and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN who said things like a nation must be fertilized by the blood of tyrants and patriots...... I believe in a more modern sense of the quote as saying that we need to continual fight for power over who runs this question....


I am not a "RON PAUL LOBBYIST" i just believe he has a lot of good ideas.... I would love to learn more about them if mainstream media would pay a little more attention to politics....

I can't believe for 1 full month they have had MJ on the mainstream media.... just looping the same bullshit....

Answer me this though, why do you never see them break down laws into their original text and explain the repercussions of said legislation? (I'm referring to TV news, mainly)



see bills in their original forms....
see who cosponsored
and the bill status....

but don't take my word for it.... Be a real AMERICAN CITIZEN and check it out.
  by: sour4d20     07/26/2009 06:46 PM     
At what point did I say you shouldn't question bills put up by our government?

Answer: I didn't. But you had no problem putting words in my mouth and accusing me of being a democratic party lobbyist. Darkshanker was just giving you a taste of your own medicine, but apparently it went over your head.

  by: mystylplx   07/26/2009 07:53 PM     

They are. It's a representative democracy, the people vote for their representatives and the federal government is formed. Ron Paul is not President, and it's not all down to the media, he was present in debates and had more Internet soldiers than anyone on his case. He isn't President because there was never significant interest in his policies. Republicans for the most part don't like him, he would have more support from political centrists and democrats than Republicans.

But all in all, power comes back to the people all the time, at the voting booth.

"I believe in the many sayins of THOMAS JEFFERSON and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN who said things like a nation must be fertilized by the blood of tyrants and patriots...... I believe in a more modern sense of the quote as saying that we need to continual fight for power over who runs this question...."

The U.S. and the world has changed a lot since Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams etc. That doesn't mean I don't have a lot of admiration for them, I do actually. I think what they dreamed up was truly revolutionary on a global scale. But they were people who lived hundreds of years ago who had no idea what the world would look like in 2009.

In their time, war was ESSENTIAL for peace and freedom to be even possible. The country they wanted to form would be free from the oppressive nature of monarchies and other forms of governing bodies that existed at the time throughout the rest of the world, therefore that's why they warned about an oppressive government, but don't even try to compare the times because today's America is more progressive, more free, and more peaceful than the America that existed when Independence was gained.
  by: Dela     07/26/2009 09:12 PM     
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