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                 02/22/2018 05:32 PM  
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08/18/2009 12:32 PM ID: 80257 Permalink   

Canada's Health-Care System "Sick" and "Imploding"


The Canadian Medical Association on Monday reported that the universal health care system in Canada is running on empty and not giving patients quality care, with officials saying the current system is "not sustainable."

“We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize,” says incoming association president Dr. Annie Doig, saying that the sick and their families have not always been helped by the system.

The current president of the association, Dr. Robert Ouellet, believes that there could be a huge role in the public system for private health care to step in, saying "that competition should be welcomed, not feared."

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if you think this story is a + for the obama care model you need to sit back read the bill and realize that this bill drowns out the private system so in the future more and more get put on the public option, that would then turn it into this basket case of a system that canada has in less time. with medicare and medicaid bankrupt, you think this will be run any better?

as obama said ups and fedex are doing better then usps, lol.

like long waits at the DMV?

wheres havoc when you need him to combat the "great ole canada system" he always spoke so good about?

yes our system needs reform, but the government needs to BUTT OUT, there are ways to fix this that are cheaper, government free and frankly just a better choice, look up congressman paul ryan's plan.
  by: cray0la     08/18/2009 12:52 PM     
  form the cbo  

From the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office(CBO):

CBO: "According to the assessment, enacting the proposal would result in a net increase in federal budget deficits of about $1.0 trillion over the 2010 thru 2019 period."

CBO: "Once the proposal was fully implemented, about 39 million individuals would obtain coverage through the new insurance exchanges. At the same time, the number of people who had coverage through an employer would decline by about 15 million (or roughly 10 percent), and coverage from other sources would fall by about 8 million, so the net decrease in the number of people uninsured would be about 16 million."


CBO: "Rapidly rising costs for health care have generated rapid increases in the price of health insurance, an important factor behind the ongoing increase in the number of uninsured people."

CBO: "Many analysts would agree that payment systems should move away from a fee-for-service design, which tends to encourage the delivery of more services and should instead provide stronger incentives to control costs, reward value, or both."

CBO: "Savings from some initiatives may not materialize because incentives to reduce costs are lacking."


As I have stated all along, the key to reducing health insurance costs is REDUCING THE COST OF CARE, not straling via over-taxation to just "give" everyone insurance...
  by: cray0la     08/18/2009 01:06 PM     
love socialism...
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   08/18/2009 02:24 PM     
  @this is american republican propaganda  
#1 i take offense, someone is working this from behind the scenes
#2 all Canadians receive top notch healthcare regardless of race location and income, my dad just had open heart surgery, he was promptly treated, and had access to the best experts in the field,any prescription drugs were covered as well, you pay for them, but the money is reimbursed after you reach your deductible which i think is 2 or 300 a year

sure it is a man made system, and like any system there is exceptions and horror stories, but this is just a ploy for more funding, and someone is grossly taking advantage of the American political climate, shame on these doctors,
  by: voxerly   08/18/2009 02:49 PM     
Carazy0la. Please stop posting lying BS.
  by: Lurker     08/18/2009 03:23 PM     
  Bad idea  
adding competition in the mix. We used to have an excellent health care system here in the Netherlands but some asshole in the government thought that it would be a good idea to let insurance companies take over so the competition could keep the costs down. I now pay several hunderds of procents more for my health care insurance than not even 10 years ago.
  by: Flutje   08/18/2009 03:40 PM     
and now I am not even insured for everything I used to be insured for. If I want to be insured for all I was 10 years ago I need to get another level of health care insurance and the perectage in cost will exceed 1000 in comparison to 10 years ago.
  by: Flutje   08/18/2009 03:42 PM     
  Canadians perspective  
You forgot to add that the main reason behind this so called "OMG the sky is falling unless we open to private healthcare" is the fact doctors want to makes more money and they can't through government run healthcare. Don't get me wrong, most doctors don't do it for the money, but some greedy assholes will try to make you believe the sky is falling in order to line their pockets. Their plan is to leave the government medicare plan, in which they are paid a fixed amount per medical act and open a private clinic in front of an hospital and start charging more as they see fit. I fail to see how paying the same doctor 500k instead of 125k to perform the same medical act will suddenly make healthcare faster or more accessible.

It's already possible to use private medical care in Canada is you want to pay for it. But it's really expensive, so it's mostly only available to rich people. The current system means you'll be treated adequately, with the best specialists of the public system, no matter what your income is. If you wanna get treated faster, pay for private and you'll get it.
  by: Ryuken   08/18/2009 04:30 PM     
It's incredibly disingenuous to use the problems faced by the Canadian system as some sort of argument against the reforms proposed in the states. The core problems faced in the Canadian system have to do with increasing cost of health-care, a problem that is faced around the world. In fact, in the source, it talks about other possible steps... wide privatization as a substitute for the public system is not even in the cards.

While the talking heads in the US go on and on using the Canadian system as so sort of warning against socialized health care, they ignore the fact that almost every Canadian citizen still believes in universal coverage. There are limited resources for health care, and as a society, Canadians still fundamentally believe in prioritizing care based on need rather than personal wealth. Americans need to do their own soul searching on the issue instead of constantly distracting themselves from the core issues.
  by: bane39   08/18/2009 04:45 PM     
Saskatoon is One of the most 'dragging behind' provinces. They had been receiving money from the other provinces for decades. They have much bigger problems then a weak health care system.

And I can assure you Crayola, that a private health care system, like the one in the States right now, will not help people in Sask One bit. Because no private run insurance will want to touch those people who are broke to begin with.

  by: kmazzawi     08/18/2009 04:49 PM     
I meant Saskatoon is a city, not a province :)
  by: kmazzawi     08/18/2009 04:50 PM     
  No way...  
... American Republicans resorting to lies and fearmongering towards an uninformed American public to try to avoid changing the status quo? Never!
  by: captainchainsaw   08/18/2009 05:36 PM     
  Nothing is perfect  
Health care here in Canada is good, but if you live in my area, there is a severe doctor shortage. I just got a Dr. after waiting 12 years! There were cutbacks and so hundreds of doctors ended up moving to the U.S. just so they could get standard pay.
  by: Pandaemonium   08/18/2009 06:07 PM     
One of the issues in Canada is we have 30 million ppl living on the 2nd largest country in the world. Population density is sparse and man doctors do not like to live in places that does not have a lot of customres surrounding them.

Not to mention some areas are friggin cold and doctors who have a higher then average income can get to choose wherever the hell they want to live.
  by: kmazzawi     08/18/2009 06:18 PM     
with Canadian health system is the Doctors and not the system itself. Doctors in this country want to have a system that will allow them to bill their patients whatever they want.

Unfortunately for the few who can pay for it, think it is a good idea, because then, they dont have to wait. However the very same principle, does not mean anything has changed, except that now a you can look at a Doctor and tell him when you are ready, not when he is ready, since you are paying for it.

Some Docs in this Country are already charging a membership fee, which is a loophole in the system. The way it works is, you become a member and pay your doctor a $1200 flat fee for a year. When you walk in his clinic, you dont need an appointment, and when you arrive, you show up your card; and even if you were the 45th patient, that same Doctor will look at you first before those who have been there since wee hours of the morning.

When you think of that, then you realize, the whole quagmire is about money and not the system. This is their 1st issue.

2nd issue is, lack of the professional due to bottlenecks created by the Mulroney Government, which stipulates that, a Doctor from any other country can not work in the country as a Doctor unless they do a 2 years internship, which is, will equal their credentials to Canadian standard. Telling a Doctor from lets say Egypt, you are not good enough of a doctor, while he has been performing surgeries in Egypt for over 20 years, now s/he has to follow the equivalence hurdle is simply creating a shortage.

3rd: Because of this shitty system they have, Canadian Doctors also end up in places where money is the purpose to practice medicine, like USA.

"Obtaining a medical licence is a major barrier for IMGs wishing to practise medicine in Canada. Physician licensing falls under the jurisdiction of provincial regulatory authorities and there are wide variations across provinces with respect to access and granting of medical licences.10 Requirements for a full licence are similar across provinces, contingent on successful completion of Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada evaluating and qualifying examinations and Canadian postgraduate training. However, because of the limited availability of residency positions, many IMGs are unable to obtain full medical licences.11"


There are many Doctors from India and other 3rd world countries, who are ending up working in different fields, while there is a shortage of Doctors.

Politicians are aware of this situation, but they just dont know how to circumvent it and sell it to public. So instead they have opted to side with the Doctors, by creating these hurdles, until public opinion veers towards two tier system by default. In other word, misinform the public about the situation, you know, like the War on terror.

If you want MRI in Canada, waiting is approximately 7-10 months, if you can pay for it, it can be done yesterday, and the ones who are running these private MRI's are the same freaking DOcs who are also saying they are overbooked. Question. Why is it when one is capable of paying they get quick service, but not the ones who follow the channels!? How come the same Doc is available at the sound of cash register but not at the Public Health facility? How is it, the same Doctor provides attention for double the number of patients at his private clinic but not the public?

Because they are all in it for the wrong reasons. MONEY.
  by: skcusswentrohs     08/18/2009 08:50 PM     
I understand you pobably have some family members and/or acquantances who have some excellent degrees as surgeons from where they come from, and are forced to work as butchers in Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver.

However. What happens is that when a canadian fails to become a doctor or a pharmacist in Canada, they get out to their original country, then use money and family influence, to get themselves a degree. Then they expect to just come back and get the position for which they failed to qualify for in the first place.

I am sorry. i will use Egypt as an example since u mentioned it. 50yrs ago, they had 3 universities in the top 100 in the world. Today the top 3000 universities, non of them are Egyptian. Now plz explain, Mulroney or not, why would I want an Egyptian surgeon to do anything for me other then chop some tenderloins and top sirloins for me?

And my 2 uncles are Egyptian surgeons, I love them very much and I think they are super-competant. I also think they can pass the equivelancy if they decide to shift to canada.
  by: kmazzawi     08/19/2009 05:51 AM     
@ skcusswentrohs, u must be canadian, i couldnt agree more.

@ kmazzawi, all true.

@ Lurker, your a riot, short & sweet comment hehe.

@ cray0la, nothing is perfect, like the "Imploding" US of A that is "not sustainable", major changes need to be done, tho i love the states & only hope for the best.

ok maybe our system needs a tune up, good, been over 40 years with no change, still by far the best medical system i seen, tho i stated in earlier posts my sentiments about the negtivity i witnessed throu it. Aussies, Brits & more are way ahead of the states here in good health care, time for the states to get on board.

"wheres havoc when you need him to combat the "great ole canada system" he always spoke so good about?"

u lose sleep at night cause somebody is proud & lives in one of the best countrys on earth ?

anyways i seen the story u posted on my local news & its pretty much fact, a few adjustments & it be grand again, tho its not lost any of its luster.

i dont concider myself racists but, im not happy bout obama pushing this, just seems he might be trying too impress the lazy druggies, ghettos, welfare, illegal immigrants, criminals & losers who can work but dont need too when its so easy to get a simple disabilty check monthly, & still do the country wrong in ever way they can, heres your government tax payers free health card,,, i hope i'm wrong.......
  by: Molsy   08/19/2009 07:41 AM     
1st off: Canadians who fail and leave, only to be back with purchased degrees are not Canadians. Since your sentiment is, this happens to immigrants, eventhough born and raised in Canada, according to you an immi, is an immi, is an immi. Racist sentiment.

2nd: According to Canadians, your uncles surgeons in Egypt, are only good as Cabbies in Canada. Because they also bought their degrees.

3rd: If your uncles can pass the equivalence, there are many butchers who can too, it's not limited to Uncles and Aunties of your family.

However if they lift this sanctions (Stupid)they may solve a very big problem of backlogs, they have a very good system. Only it is being screwed by Doctors for their gain.

Oh yes: I have family members who are Doctors in canada simply because they are UK citizens. They are prefered, before the Egyptian certified surgeons. Racist innit
  by: skcusswentrohs     08/20/2009 06:43 PM     
"However if they lift this sanctions (Stupid)" Doesnt sound right.
Maybe. However if they lift this (Stupid)sanction.
  by: skcusswentrohs     08/20/2009 06:46 PM     
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