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                 01/21/2018 09:34 AM  
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08/20/2009 03:55 AM ID: 80293 Permalink   

Obama's Fault the US is in Recession, Says 2/3 of GOP


A new Rasmussen opinion poll shows that two-thirds of Republican supporters blame Obama for the recession. 39 percent of the general population believe the president is responsible for the recession, which is up from May.

A gap between the two parties is noticeable: 82 percent of Democrats blame President Bush, while 64 percent of the GOP blames Obama for the financial mess.

Voters who are not affiliated with the Republican or Democratic party blame President Bush by 82 percent.

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Let me know how it is.

For the record I don't blame Obama for the recession. I will only blamee him from what occurs from March 2009 to the future (March becuase I give Obama 2 months in office to get set up).

I think that is fair. For those who blame all this on Obama are plain dumb
  by: willyshawker     08/20/2009 04:03 AM     
  It's not his fault  
I don't particularly care for Obama's administration and tactics, but by no means is this his fault. However I do blame him for "In my opinion" not helping. His solution to this problem has failed in the past with the NEW DEAL, No one can spend their way of debt, just create more in the end.
  by: Hellblazer     08/20/2009 04:42 AM     
  Gettin' there, willy  
Remember to capitalize everything but 1-3 letter words in the headline.

The insane gap seen in this poll fits in perfectly with a segment I saw on polls ran by cable news networks.
  by: caution2     08/20/2009 05:17 AM     
  I guess the GOP...  
is quick to point the finger at Obama, even though the recession DID start in 2007, when Bush was in office.
  by: SunDown   08/20/2009 05:26 AM     
  thanks caution  
I'm really trying here
  by: willyshawker     08/20/2009 05:36 AM     
  Looks Like Another IQ Test  
Two thirds failed.
  by: ichi     08/20/2009 05:36 AM     
  Cognitive Dissonance in action!  
Seriously, everyone with a lick of sense, GOP or not, knows Bush ran up the deficit and put us in the current predicament. However, Obama is spending wildly and making the problem even worse. If you're going to point the finger at Obama, point two right back at Bush.
  by: DoubleTake   08/20/2009 06:24 AM     
  Pick a stock  
any stock. What did it do in September 08?

Yep, Barry's fault.
  by: mcink2   08/20/2009 06:33 AM     
What about bus, car, mrs, key ... ban? :) hehehehe
  by: AccessG     08/20/2009 06:53 AM     
I imagine that if the economy recovers that they'll shift the responsibility back to bush.
  by: splicer   08/20/2009 07:08 AM     
  Haha woops  
I meant connective words. AG :P
  by: caution2     08/20/2009 07:49 AM     
  well things happened  
to cause this mess in the first place,
it started with the housing market with no government oversight, while bush and co called for more government oversight a bunch of times, while chris dodd, barney frank and other prominent democrats still in power called government overisight a "waste of time" and "not needed" while other called the subprime market "riskless".

but that never stopped dodd from getting his sweetheart morgage rates, aka THE VIP PROGRAM that many democrats got into (look it up)

this started the stack of dominoes that continued to fall with companies and investment firms that had allmost all there money in bunk subprime home mortgages, often lended to people who couldnt afford homes, or home loans given to illegal immigrants back by people like obama, clinton and many others in the Community Reinvestment Act.

so it was alot of things stacked together that made the house fall, but it all started with the housing market, then it went to banks and lending/investment orgs, mainly all because of things like sub prime home mortgages and the community reinvestment act.

so much for those "riskless" loans.

look at freddie and fannie, backed by the government, but run like shit, full of corruption, and you expect these people to run your healthcare?

  by: cray0la     08/20/2009 08:01 AM     
I think you have your parties mixed up.

Soooo let me get this straight... You're saying Republicans desperately tried to push through more gov regulations to save our nation from evil capitalism while the Dems tore the country apart with free market economics?

Sounds like you don't know your head from your ass on party platforms. How you're convinced that the parties suddenly switched platforms on this one issue at the particular time the country's financial system blew up...., I can only imagine.

Sounds like Fox News talking points. Yes, down is up and up is down.

You only need to google Republican Phil Gramm to understand where this over leveraged financial mess stemmed from.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   08/20/2009 10:29 AM     
  My opinion  
I blame the financial industry: 80%
I blame congress: 20%.

I don't really give Bush or any one else that much credit.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   08/20/2009 12:06 PM     
he must have some amazing abilities, to destroy the country's economy before he even got into office!
  by: gryphon50a   08/20/2009 12:09 PM     
Well he IS Barack Obama...
  by: StringBlade   08/20/2009 01:17 PM     
  GOP is crippling attempts at US recovery  
Character assassinations.
Astro turfing.
Negative spin/propaganda.
Outright lies.
Blame shifting.
Sabotage Lobbies.

I will add to to the list as and when they come to me. Anyone want to add to this?
  by: redstain   08/20/2009 01:43 PM     
Drive a bus toward the edge of a cliff for eight years, then when you're 3 feet from the edge, let a black man in office and blame him for letting it go off.

The GOP are retarded. I agree with others, this seems like an IQ test and 2/3 of the GOP failed.

It couldn't have possibly been the deregulation of the markets and billions a month being spent on wars around the world... No. It was the black guy.

Grow up, idiots.

  by: NicPre     08/20/2009 02:36 PM     
  Democrats - Republicans Bullshit  
They are both the same, just a trick to divide you. The republican failed, they put a democrat in, the democrat fails, they put a republican in and you think your vote matters. It is both party's fault that the US is in the state it is now!
  by: evilrat   08/20/2009 02:48 PM     
  I Think  
Americans are Idiots. No offence to the other 82%. I cant imagine what would the situation be, if it weren't for the stimulus package and bail out!!

Even those who had jobs, would have been licking dust, because there would be NO payrol. How do you blame Obama for this mess, beats me.

Media what a powerful tool.
  by: skcusswentrohs     08/20/2009 02:51 PM     
  Tow that party line.  
They're saying it because they know that if they repeat it enough times then people will begin to believe it.
  by: VermiciousG     08/20/2009 02:59 PM     
  actually for those that dont recall...  
the GOP deregulated many things... not the least of this was mortgages (which clinton also did) and the banking industry in general (which the democrats were against) but the housing bubble started IMMEDIATELY after 9/11 not before. when the intrest rate got cut down to nothing making it possible for people that couldn't afford a house to get a house (even under the the previous deregulation), then when the intrest rates went up along with unemployment hundreds of thousands or a few million could no longer afford their homes.

the GOP also deregulated electricity rates... hence why electricity price are at through the roof.

and as far as clinton's deregulation goes it was aimed at making sure minorities weren't being discriminated again for mortgages, and while it was technically clinton's deregulation it was the REPUBLICAN controlled congress which approved it...

the real mess wasn't so much caused by deregulations as the faultering economy, which is what made the people who were already approved and handling their home and bills just fine... but unemployment ususualy don't cover expenses like that, so people were forced to default, not by the deregulation but from but from lack of employment.

and this wasn't even the primary cause for people defaulting which was actually medical related costs, which has always been a problem in america for tens of millions and getting worse by the day.

between, deregulation allowing people to meet a lower standard of financial security to qualify for a mortgage, of course them must be able to afford it under the lesser-regulated guidelines which were aimed so that home owenership would be more common amongst minorities rather than being a white-priviledge type deal (whites are typically far more well off financially than minoities), deregulation of electricity companies, which was supposed to lower electrical prices, which in reality have in many cases more than doubled prices, and the clinotn authorized republican banking deregulation (which was in reality the deregulation of insurance, stocks and banking... allowing the giants of other fields to get into all three at the same time, which they couldn't do before the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 was signed, and millions for jobs lost since 2007, lack of a public healthcare option which leave million with medical bills and no way to pay for them in many cases...

that and of course the spend, spend, spend "or the terrorists win" bush mantra... which was basically saying its un-american to save just encase something like this happened (and it did).

these are the real reasons the housing bubble formed and burst... the mortgage dergulation was only a small part of it, but becasue it was mortgages being defaulted people usually only look to that as it it was the sole cause, when in reality it wasn't even the primary cause.
  by: HAVOC666     08/20/2009 03:18 PM     
  Havoc hit the nail...  
Right on the head...

Rebs lead the deregulation charge and dems cheered them on. It was mutually beneficial for both parties...

rebs got their deregulations + special interest kickbacks + dems got poor people that couldn't afford homes into 0% down mortgages + and got there share of kickbacks also.

Both parties are to blame in this mess. If you think otherwise you either don't know what your talking about or a raving nutjob like cray0la.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   08/20/2009 04:45 PM     
  Like anyone listens to the GOP anymore...  
The current depression is obviously Dubyas fault but the overlying problem needs to be shared between every President and Congressman for the past 90 years, especially this man

Little has been done to prevent this disaster and the conclusion to the actions was inevitable. Any government that is run without a balanced budget will succumb to this fate sooner or later. If sooner, the fall will be shorter, if later (our path) it will be devastating in the end. It ain't over till the fat lady sings and I haven't sung yet.

The 'Bail Out' I do blame on Obama, he signed it, he could have vetoed it. It only delayed the end and dug our grave deeper.
  by: valkyrie123     08/20/2009 05:47 PM     
  Tired of it...  
I am SO sick and tired of politicians pointing fingers at each other and not doing a god damn thing to fix the problem.

STOP POINTING FINGERS AND WORK ON THE ISSUE INSTEAD. Pointing fingers, no matter what side it's on DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM, it only makes it WORSE.
  by: elderban99     08/20/2009 06:13 PM     
  In other news  
Approximately 2/3rds of Republicans have the memory of a goldfish.

When Bush was in office we either blamed Bush or Clinton. Now that Obama is in the office we can blame either Obama or Bush.

Just another study proving that people cannot think for themselves and they will listen to whoever is the better salesman.
  by: teh_epic     08/20/2009 06:19 PM     
  The recession started  
in December 2007. Obama took office in January 2009, over two years later.

Am I missing something here?
  by: barryman9001   08/20/2009 06:19 PM     
  I believe this confirms that 2/3's of Republicans  
are total retards...
  by: slavefortheman     08/20/2009 06:24 PM     
"Character assassinations.
Astro turfing.
Negative spin/propaganda.
Outright lies.
Blame shifting.
Sabotage Lobbies."

Yep, they are good at this stuff. They know their lemmings will believe anything from the right. Just look at what the Swift Boat 'vets' did to John Kerry with their cooked up schemes and lies.
  by: Lurker     08/20/2009 06:46 PM     
  by: kmazzawi     08/20/2009 10:31 PM     
  This Is What They Get  
After drumming anyone with a shred of intelligence out of their party.

I wonder if they are going to try to prove Darwin right when the remnants of the party start to breed?

Scares the hell out of me just thinking about the spawn of such a union.
  by: ichi     08/20/2009 10:56 PM     
I don't know much about finance, but the line appears to be higher than it was before Sept 08.
  by: Eidron   08/21/2009 01:47 PM     
  Not his fault  
Obama is not to blame for the recession you republican halfwits, he has inherited the mess left by Bush and his band of incompetent goons. If you want to point fingers then look no further than the greedy bankers who started this mess in the 1st place. You republicans don't like it because there is a BLACK man in the WHITEhouse AND I AM A WHITE GUY FROM THE UK
  by: tenko2004c   08/22/2009 02:55 PM     
  Sorry people but he IS to blame  
Obama is the cause of this recession, he and a number of his friends were active in America for years in the area of mortgages for minorities, as well as active in the boycotting of banks and businesses, that refused to supply credit to minorities, including the physical intimidation of staff and m,anagers / share holders with spurious legal action and picketting en masse outside of bank bnranches, until the organisations caved in, and gave mortgages to people that would never have got them but for Obama,.

Number one rule of banking,


Add to that the fact that he negotiated the gift of federal funds to his state, that became part of a $200,000 pay RISE to his wife, from Chicago state university, and just what justified that one, ?

He says that he had nothing to do with this decision, but the funds used were ones he had mis-appropriated for "state use", from other programs, and he never once said to his little woman, darling this is state money, it really ought to be going to the kids to make up for the terrible standatds that exist at this underperforming institute with already over paid and inadequate staff,

When the banks that he forced using perjorative racist language, to lend to people that were not ever going to pay them back, actually had to face the fact that these peopl;e were failing to pay these loans back, and started heading for administration to avoid bankruptcy, just who was it that actually created this situation, and his name was not george bush whose real failings are bad enough, but hios biggest failing of all,was his failure to notice and deal with the increasingly underhand race card that was being played as a vote catcher for Obama, and hang the consequences......this is where the Obama victory was won, in the arena of silence that occurred because of the atmosphere of race that overhung this election, like a bad smell, the very reason was intentional on Obamas part to close down any criticism because he would not be able to produce a birth certificate and did not want to do so, and yes, he still has not, despite clainms that there exists a birth certificate for him abroad, while neither his mother and his father were Ameriocan citizens, ( he never was, shje had renounced hers before his birth or even conception, ), this was all his fault, andf it was a long time comiong, and like all of the left, they simply do not understand the economics of life, just spend, spend, spend........and no I am not a republican, but an English liberal, that is not the same as the way you use it in America, hoqwever, because we are not a fluffy bunny tree hugging party, but realists, in lifewho believe in a mixed economy, where the public anmd private have a part to play for all our benefits..,.,...
  by: Active1   08/23/2009 06:45 PM     
Now the University of Chicago is going down the plug financially just whose fault is that, ? Mrs Obama ?
  by: Active1   08/23/2009 06:52 PM     
Now the University of Chicago is going down the plug financially just whose fault is that, ? Mrs Obama ?
  by: Active1   08/23/2009 06:52 PM     
an educated troll.
  by: VermiciousG     08/23/2009 10:39 PM     
  And in other news.......  
2/3 of GOP found to be certifiably insane.
  by: Lurker     08/23/2009 10:57 PM     
So, you're basically saying the recession all started because minorities can't pay back their loans? Interesting. So, does your father happen to be your uncle too?
  by: DoubleTake   08/24/2009 09:27 AM     
Well if you REALLY want to see when the recession started happening it was about 5 years ago when Michigan started it. Everyone kept ignoring it and I remember a few on here telling me a few years ago I was lying about what the economy and the foreclosures were like here. I got news it is BOTH SIDES fault. It started with the GOP yes but the DEMS are doing nothing to stop it right now either. Just like I said on a few other threads my states politicians just let Blue Cross raise rates 24% when they wanted to raise them up to 54%.

No one is actually trying to correct things they just want to throw out things for the media to lap up so they can play politics as usual and keep spending what no one has. Bush =Guilty, Obama-Guilty unless he does something. And each state that does not stand up and take care of it's problems are just as guilty. Hell I'd love to gut the whole bunch here minus Levin and start anew.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 09:42 AM     
Amazing how a community organizer and single term senator can topple the entire U.S. economy huh?
  by: VermiciousG     08/24/2009 01:44 PM     
  Double take  
Perhaps you ought to take a look at the people that Obama was in bed with politically, in the little group that was ACORN that pressed banks and S&L's to make loans to minorities and who else was involved, including former weathermen terrorists, in this little group, and when you are done look at how much they secured for funding for people who were never going to pay it back,

Bush created the conditions, Obama created the action, and it was the actions that caused the results, like most gun nuts will tell you, it is people that kill, not guns, a gun will lie there forever, and do nothing, just like economics, and it's rules, until someone sees a chance to use it for gain, and actually does something.

And if you do not believe this, just tell me where the money is owed to, and who from, then if you still do not feel queasy, look up just how much was actually lent to people as a result of ACORN and it's operations, but no he did not do it alone, anymore than he "got" his wife a pay RISE, of $200,000 a year from a University, after he had diverted funds from a federal program to the university which is now at the stage of almost complete financial ruin, it was not then, and is not now fit for purpose, and I am sure this was just coincedence.

That a financially failing University was just so eager to hold on to such a great administrator, that it would risk all its students futures for this to the rest the primasry reason for most of what has happened does not lie with Bush, ( he is an idiot I happily concede, but the money he spent, was spent on American tools, and arms and jobs, ) what Obama has done is to create a social economic, time bomb, that created a perfect storm for lower paid workers, who lost jobs and could not meet repayments causing a tidal wave effect that ran through the economy, like a tsunami, so lets not pretend that the right were at fault exclusively, have you ever actually read his views on economics,? the only way these would pass muster or an exam board, is if the tutor was a rabid commie, obsessed by social issues and not economics reality....
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 04:23 PM     
I'm by no means an Obama supporter, in fact I do believe there was quite a bit of dirty business going on behind the scenes with ACORN and other Obama supporting organizations. What I DON'T agree with is your notion that poorer minorities, with relatively small bank loans created this problem. The Federal Reserve, banksters, bank bailouts and insider tactics have much more of an effect on this situation, and it can be proved much more legitimately. You are being manipulated by the right to blame minorities and low-income earners for relatively small unpaid loans (a typical tactic of Republicans to take advantage of deep seeded racist feelings), to cover up for what these real criminals are doing. I do agree with your sentiment that Bush created the conditions, and I also believe it was all planned years ago so a Democratic government could take advantage of the conditions. But the Republican philosophy is not going to save this country either. When it comes down to money and bigger government, the Democrats and GOP aren't so different. They all want bigger bureaucracy, less banking oversight, more military, more economic warfare with foreign nations, less constitutional rights, and of course, a one-world governing body and bank (with them at the helm, of course). The other smaller issues are just a drop in the bucket when it comes down to it, how about the 23.7 TRILLION missing from the Federal Reserve? People are being fooled to go after the figurehead (Obama) when the real criminals are pulling his strings behind the scenes. We are being manipulated by both sides, and in the end they will still get what they want, whether you vote Republican or Democrat, its a 2-party paradigm so the wealthy elites can pass their agenda either way.
  by: DoubleTake   08/24/2009 06:47 PM     
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