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                 01/16/2018 10:25 PM  
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08/23/2009 05:56 AM ID: 80341 Permalink   

GOP Leader Supports Terrorism


California House Representative Wally Herger (R) has expressed support for right-wing terrorism. Herger was hosting a town hall meeting when citizen Bert Stead called himself a “proud right-wing terrorist.”

Herger responded, “Amen, God bless you. There is a great American.” When Marisa Hewitt heard this she stood up and called the majority anti-health reform crowd “a bunch of racist haters.”

The crowd responded by grabbing Hewitt’s arm and ejecting her from the town hall meeting. Herger also reportedly told the crowd, “Our democracy has never been threatened as much as it is today.”

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you should Ben posted this.

I find this sad on so many levels. This type of stuff gets us nowhere.

From the house member supporting this to the woman who cursed and called the crowd racist its very disheartining.

I feel bad for America all the way around for both sides have totally destoryed what we are about.

The politcians have us fighting amongst ourselves. What a sad sad day
  by: willyshawker     08/23/2009 06:00 AM     
  i meant  
I bet you thought not should on the comment lol
  by: willyshawker     08/23/2009 06:01 AM     
I looked at a couple other sites reporting on this. It doesn't seem to have made the mainstream news outlets yet, but ThinkProgress had a very similar story. Didn't mention Hewitt's incident, though.

That said, check out this coverage (

"After denouncing the Obama plan to wild cheering, Herger offered a few solutions of his own including opening up competition among private health care companies by forcing companies to sell policies nationwide rather than just within individual states, tort reform to bring down malpractice costs and “risk pools like automobile companies” for those with preexisting conditions who Herger conceded are unable to get coverage. He also suggested “bargaining groups and associations” could help bring down costs."

Some of that stuff actually makes sense. I would point out, however, that Herger's proposal to force insurance companies into the national market sounds like a *hell* of a lot more government intrusion into health care than what Obama has proposed. That is, of course, if you accept that the public option really is optional, as it is written in the bill.
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/23/2009 06:11 AM     
thxs for the link and sorry about my outburst earlier. I just thought it was really bias when we should be objective writing these pieces.

My outburst earlier is exactly what I preach against and thats the in fighting we do as Americans which IMO is what the Government wants, a nation divided means a nation for the taking.

I posted this piece to show I go at both sides just not the liberals
  by: willyshawker     08/23/2009 06:15 AM     
You're new here, so I'd like to say something to you and to all the more recent conservative users we have on this site.

I don't hate conservatives. I have conservative friends and family, and they mean the world to me. I disagree with the majority of conservative ideas, but there are some conservative ideas I agree with.

What I don't like is when a group of people tries to pass itself off as patriotic, upstanding citizens and then they do things like pulling gun on a homeowner. What if a Democratic Party organizer pulled a gun on a homeowner? I bet Rush Limbaugh wouldn't shut up about *that* for three or four weeks.

Sen. John Ensign, a Republican, and Gov. Mark Sanford, a Republican, both cheated on their wives. Both condemned Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife. Both said Clinton should resign. Neither of them has resigned.

It's hypocrisy. I know nobody's perfect, so it pisses me off when people act like they are.

And here's my other major problem with conservatives that has nothing to do with conservative beliefs.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is 42 percent Arab, a Kenyan national who won't produce his birth certificate and is a secret Muslim who carries a statue of a Hindu god around with him, which also makes him a secret Hindu. He's also a member of a black separatist church with a racist pastor. He has connections to terrorists and refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. He has a youth army akin to the Hitler Youth. He's going to ban the Boy Scouts, however. He's going to take away all of our guns. He's taking over the banks and the auto industry. He's trying to have the government take over health care. He wants to euthanize the elderly. He's leading the Francification of the Unites States.

None of this is true; almost all of it is absolutely preposterous. And so many conservatives eat, drink, sleep and breath this stuff. It's not a political position; it's not a point of view; it's not even an opinion. It's just a lie. As in, the opposite of true. And that's just the tip of the iceberg; I didn't even talk about the lies spread about Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/23/2009 06:40 AM     
just hope the people there work things out together and not rip each other apart.
  by: captainJane     08/23/2009 07:12 AM     
I totally agree with the hypocrisy and most of them in office are like that on both sides. I guess its just human nature?

You know I'm for getting rid of all of them for the most part. I persoanlly think a majority of them are low life hypocrites.

I agree with you about the so called "birthers" and people who say he is a muslim and such. I can't stand it at all.

As for Pelosi don't get me started on her, I just think she is a evil witch (nice words) who is on the same level with Dick Cheney those 2 will lie about anything, most politcians do but IMHO Cheney and Pelosi are the worst. Hopefully CA realizes that and doesnt keep her.

Gore- I think he is hypocrite to the worst degree. When I was a manger at McDonalds, I was taught to lead by example something Gore needs to learn if he ever to win me over.

BIlly Boy and Hillary- I like those 2 they arent so bad. I really like when Clinton and Bush Sr get together they do some good things. I think those 2 are good friends in real life.

On your comment about Limbaugh if it was a democrat who did the gun thing we would hear about it for weeks because he is a nutjob thats why I got so pissy when in your story you made the point about the guy being a republican becuase I hate when people like Hannity and Limbaugh do that stupid crap.

As for respect after the post you just wrote you got it back from me.

I'd like to get your take on the media. The more I watch of the cable networks and the local stuff I'm starting to feel its nothing but a big fear tatic and a propagenda machine not just Fox News but all of it and not just about politcs but stuff like the Swine Flu and orange juice and eggs being bad for you.

Seems just like a big old fear factory to me and I never used to think that way
  by: willyshawker     08/23/2009 08:05 AM     
Ok Bitchy pet peeve I know, but I need to point this out.
" I just think she is a evil witch (nice words)"

Willy this just isn't towards you so pleae don't think it is. Don't be nice and call people a witch instead of a Bitch which is what they are. Some of us witches take offense. Plus if the person or thing is being a Bitch then call them out on it, no need to be nice about them if they are being a bitch, like Pelosi who I think is worse than a Bitch personally. SHE does nothing for the Democrats agenda. In fact her and Rushie should run off, get married and both move to some island where there is no way to get news about them.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest or mind whichever or both.
  by: TaraB     08/23/2009 08:18 AM     
  The only terrorists  
Are the politicians on both sides of the aisle manipulating and deceiving the great people of this nation. They want you to buy into a right or left wing thinking platform because no matter what, it will always support a pro-government, pro-corporate agenda. Divide and conquer at its finest.
  by: DoubleTake   08/23/2009 08:47 AM     
What exactly makes Americans great people?
  by: shiftyfarker   08/23/2009 09:26 AM     
Well the same thing that makes Aussies great or most Canadians(there is one I don't like at all) or Brits or any one. We are really cool citizens who most of us live our days trying to do the best we can. I am proud to be an American just like I am proud to be many things.
  by: TaraB     08/23/2009 10:59 AM     
I gotcha. I'll just call her a bitch next time
  by: willyshawker     08/23/2009 03:16 PM     
  "great americans"???  
if they were great people, they [government, corporations and media (which ties into both)] probably wouldn't be able to deceive them so easily... americans are no better than the people of any other nation (though many of course do believe so)... and given the fact that haven't had a revolution against their own imperialist masters... i'd actually go so far as to say the people of other nations might well be "greater" (if such can be said) due sheerly to the fact they refuse to overthrown their government which is just a puppet, and not a government by, of and for the people, as many other countries had (despite that in many cases they years later wound up with a very similar governments to their previous government via global influence, but atleast they try, as a country and not just a few "anti-government" people that due to how few actually make a stand they can just be brushed aside as a handful of rogue citizen, and demonized for not supporting the countries leadership and/or direction)... many countries and their people would have raised up against the government for putting up with even a fraction of what american have been putting up with throughout their history but esspecially since the introduction of the federal reserve (but american-imperialism stem decades before even that, and great people in my opinion wouldn't aceept imperialism... much less be proud of it, and in the case of the US several states were litteraly founded on imperialism, it wasn't something that just became accepted over time its something millions of people states were founded on and have always been based on, namely southern states and hawaii) which took even the US (and hence their people's) ability to even do such a basic national function as regulate their own money supply... basically everything including both major political parties are owned by corporate interests, not the people.

people aren't great... their actions are what *WOULD* make them great, and by that definition greatness is few and far between... "american greatness" seems to be as simple as relizing one party is corrupt and voting for the other despite that both are equally corrupt, or even simply ebing born i nthe US to some people. whereas actual greatness would be taking their country back from both; and the corporations/industrial-complex's which also control both.
  by: HAVOC666     08/23/2009 04:38 PM     
  more specifically...  
"and given the fact that haven't had a revolution against their own imperialist masters..."

atleast not since the american revolutionary war 230 years ago
  by: HAVOC666     08/23/2009 04:49 PM     
  Well deja vu.....  
I just posted pretty much this same sentiment about the GOP just a few days ago.

To reiterate:
"The Republicans have been pushing the fear tactics just like the Nazi’s did in Germany. There is no difference. I am sick and tired of watching my country being torn asunder by these criminals. The GOP is nothing short of the most dangerous ‘terrorist organization’ this country has ever known. They are the greatest threat to freedom the people of this nation have ever faced. The party should be banned and its leaders rounded up and shot for high treason against the Constitution and the people of the United States. If allowed they will continue to use fear, lies and subversion until they finally crush the free will of the people and destroy America the Land of the Free."

And I still stand by it and now present this as more irrefutable evidence of the fact.

So where is our precious (and over budgeted) Department of Homeland Security...cavity searching an 80 year old woman at the airport? Listening in on erotic phone calls between husband and wife? Gloating in their new multi-billion dollar ivory tower?

This town hall meeting sounds more like a NAZI PARTY meeting than democracy. Belittle and throw out any dissenters. Call for blood. Pat each other on the back for their extremism. Not much different from the, the KKK, the Nazi's, Al-Qada, the Taliban.....only we're good Christians. Extremism at it's finest. The skunk is showing its stripes and it stinks. This cancer needs to be removed. Organized religion will be the death of mankind.
  by: valkyrie123     08/23/2009 05:00 PM     
  Well Deja Vu for me 2 Valk  
The Liberals are also the greatest threat to this country like the GOP. What you described is both political parties in America
  by: willyshawker     08/23/2009 05:11 PM     
  Call Rep. Herger  
at 202-225-3076 and tell him what you think about domestic terrorism. Keep America safe!
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/23/2009 05:58 PM     
I understand where you come from, but don't be so quick to judge Americans, because a majority of Canadian trade and economics rides on the coattail of us imperialist Americans. Obviously, not all of us agree with this in both countries, and some of us are fighting the imperialism here, but there are good people in all countries, unfortunately so many are so blinded with media manipulation, you can't blame people and lump them all into one category. Some of us down here are doing our damndest to stop this, but we need people all over the world to wake up as well.
  by: DoubleTake   08/23/2009 06:26 PM     
"I understand where you come from, but don't be so quick to judge Americans, because a majority of Canadian trade and economics rides on the coattail of us imperialist Americans."

and i hate the fact that canada has BEEN MADE slave to the us, esspecially since WW2. they took over our best aviation company for the "promise of protection" (from what, until recently we never had enemies), they desimated our agriculture industry with freetrade... and nearly annilated most of our manufacturing jobs with globalization via multi-national mega-corporations.

"Obviously, not all of us agree with this in both countries, and some of us are fighting the imperialism here,"

very few actually are, and even fewer on a serious capacity... and those that do often become rediculed for it.

" but there are good people in all countries,"

oh no doubt... many people just blindly think i hate americans, despite the fact that i was litterally a day away from marrying an american (in the south no less).

lots of good people... but very, very few great people.

"unfortunately so many are so blinded with media manipulation,"

absolutely... its amazing that int he US the best sources for news are satircal news programs like real time with bill maher, the daily show with jon stwert and the colbert report... but thats the society we live in in bnorth american... canada and the US alike... though in my opinion our media is alittle bit more free from corporate and government manipulation, though even thats been changing more and more recently, esspecially as a result of the recession.

"Some of us down here are doing our damndest to stop this,"

playing right and left politic when both partyies are right wing, when both parties have virtually identical policies in many case aside "little things" like healthcare, and gun control which while a big thing in america is small peanuts in global matters, like imperialism, which they above anyone other countries population has the ability to stop... yet i would bet the people actually willing to stop it dont even total a million, and very few of them actually have any power or influence.

"but we need people all over the world to wake up as well."

indeed thats been the problem with every revolution, once the people topple the corrupt leadership, global influence just brings more in (such is is what happened and is happening in china)... or worse, generates extremism (like happens and still continues in iran).

the next revolution needs to be a global revolution because the problem as been globalized.
  by: HAVOC666     08/23/2009 07:00 PM     
  Ben "omething or other"  
There is at least one thing about Barrack Obama that is a fact, that is the fact that he has not got a birth certificate from American sources, on the basis of your laws he should have produced one, he still has not, if the law allows himself to define whether he is an American, so am I, my birth certificate was burnt up in the same fire in Hawaii, that his was, however I can not point to any certificate that shows his mother had given up her citizenship bedore he was born or to overseas certificates that exist for his foreign birth and school attendance, in the same fashion that the state department can, but I believe this to be the case,and from research know this to be true, so I wonder if the silence engendered by the race aspect of this election is there because it pleases his supporters to have it that way, and it is another way of playiong the race card, without being called on a bluff
  by: Active1   08/23/2009 07:30 PM     
Give-it-a-rest! You birthers are an embarrassment to all Americans.
  by: Lurker     08/23/2009 07:48 PM     
  Active And Friends  

I hope you find this helpful:
  by: ichi     08/23/2009 08:09 PM     
boooooooooooooo. garbage
  by: willyshawker     08/23/2009 08:28 PM     
  by: Lurker     08/23/2009 10:13 PM     
Growing up in Australia over the years i have heard Americans refer to them selves in political speeches, movies, TV shows as the greatest country on earth, great people of [insert American city or state] .... I just wanted to take the opportunity to understand why exactly American's feel as if they are so great, i think that this kind of talk may at least partially be the problem with America, it's propaganda, propaganda aimed at US citizens, the idea that no matter how farked everything is, no matter how much you exploit the 3rd world or damage the environment use are still the greatest people on earth.
Also for the most part Australian's are patriotic, they don't generally fly flags out the front of there house, they don't refer to them selves as great people and they generally don't look down at the rest of the world as if they know better.
  by: shiftyfarker   08/24/2009 12:43 AM     
  Active 1  
Just once I would like to see any tiny amount of evidence that says unequivocally that Obama IS actually an American, buty all I do see is evidence to the contrary, and a nation so up itself, that they will not even address the code of silence about the matter of racism inherent in this election Stop pretending that race did not play a part in all of this and whote guilt nor that the candidate in question used this guilt, and avoided answering questions, to his advantage I watched just about every minute of coverage of this race, and if any independebt observer watched what happened here they would know that this IS what went on, and America and it's "free" press said and did nothing, and while we are on the subject just who was it in the position to force banks and savings and loans companies to give out mortgages, to people who could not pay them back ! after bans and mob handed picketing outside the very institutes who are now facing the abyss when these loans went rotten, I suspect that it was not J.McCain
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 06:12 AM     
  Dear sweet lurker, and ichi  
Sad, very sad, when grown ? people actually believe that something that EVIDENCE exists for, is cause for denial, but Americas whole history is the belief that as the new Roman Empire it can not possibly be wrong, but then again America is really big on denial, thats why it believes that only it can solve the rest of the worlds problems, despite the rest of the world saying NO, NO ,NO !!! do you n ever learn ? do none of you learn critical thinking, in Americas, ( 17th in the world leagues of schooling ), education system...? surely this is also how the new Romans will also fall, the utter belief that they and they alone can possibly be right !!!
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 06:21 AM     
I ask this in all seriousness, have you been smoking PCP?
Have you been diagnosed with any psychological ailments?
  by: shiftyfarker   08/24/2009 06:46 AM     
  Shiftyfarker ?  
I ask this in all seriousness, are you a product of the U.S. schools system, by any chance ???

Could you explain, from your point of view, just what you believe is the worlds attitude to the much vaunted American superiority, and just why they still have not convinced the rest of us peasantry, adter all the attempts at persuasion, thought so !

Perhaps, it is because you are in denial ?........
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 07:16 AM     
You aren't by any chance a former American now living in Australia, are you?
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/24/2009 07:38 AM     
Your a douche, i am Australian.
I just don't understand why people like you still argue that Obama isn't a US citizen when evidence has shown otherwise.

Personally i don't see what the country of origin really has to do with a Presidents ability to do his duties any way.
I am in no way Pro America, in fact i find my self frustrated at the level of control that the US has over other country's including Australia.
But Obama's citizenship has nothing to do with this.
  by: shiftyfarker   08/24/2009 09:06 AM     
  Replies For All  
Willy- Thanks :-)

Valk- I agree with you Organized Religion will be the death, and I agreed with what you posted a few days ago then and now.

DT- You are about to start talking in circles and getting a migraine, take something to head it off now.

Shifty- I do fly a flag outside my door. My Grandfather, Father, and many of my family members have served traced back to the Revolutionary War through this screw-up he was already in the Marines in his case(my cousin) before 9/11.

I will fight for my country as I would think anyone if there is a good reason, this current mess is not the fault of our soldiers as it is of who was in charge at the time I feel. My love for America doesn't mean I do not like and in a few cases love a few other countries.

Active1- I do hope you realize that a Short Form is accepted by every state as valid proof of birth. It is acceptable to get a passport, to join in any of the armed forces and for proof of residency anywhere in America. I know I have one.

Now please give it up or show proof where every single president has had to show a long form and where the copies are for any American to see at anytime they wish. I want to see Bush, Nixon, Carter and Johnson's before midnight EST thank you.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 09:18 AM     
  Dear me every body,  
1. it is "required" that candidates provide proof of US citizenship and BIRTH, to the authorities before any election is permitted by law, and to take part in the presidential race.

This does not seek a short form, but an actual BIRTH certificate, be provided, or

2 Evidence that if birth takes place abroad, that the parents PROVE that they are US citizens by BIRTH, ( and the "short form" is NOT Acceptable for this purpose.

3 So tara B, look it up in the constitution, and the library of congress has copies of every past candidates birth certificates not just those of the presidents,

And shiofty farker, It does matter, because evidence has shown otherwise, in fact their has been only one version of any form of birth I.D. shown anywhere and it was a forgery, put up by a local democrat when it became clear that this was the case it was taken down from the internet, after he admitted it was a fake,

Obama currently claims that his birth certificate was lost in a fire at the hospital he was born at, in Hawaii, he has not nmow, or ever offered any other form of I.D. that is in any firm long or short to show this to be true, But the hospital , at the end of the day says that all records show that on the day in question there is NO birth recorded, that fits his physical description as to race or ski9n colour, in the wards that day, they know this to be truwe because all the other births that day are recorded, at the local authorities offices, are you saying that only Obama's is missing, ? just where can you show me any evodence that shows that Obama mrt thid requirement, because I must hjave seen about twenty interviews of the man being asked about this and the story changes after every two or three, interviews, but never has he produced any document, that says this is true, and as for the president saying that he does not wish this to be disclosed to the public, and using security legislation to ensure this happens, ( unlike every president before him ), as he has, just what possible reason does anyone have for this stance ?

Honestly, people, people, people, just what news service are you listening to ? Listen With Mother

And it is not whether the origin of the presidents land of birth would affect his ability to do the job, BUT it does affect his right to be president, if he is not native born American he has no right to take part in an election for the post, it is quite simply the law of the land, and I do question his honesty in this matter, and therefore his suitability or intent as a candidate with Americas interests at heart

" Your a douche, I an an Australian"

That is a really cogent argument for forcing you to become a republic, because it seems that until you do and face reality, your politicos are never likely to do anything about your wretched education system, just how do you believe , without knowing about any aspect of the American constitution regarding the native born status of candidates, that this is OK, I ask again just where do you get your info ? Any Pandy ? or winnie the pooh at pooh corner, and just where do you thinkl that there is evidence that the president has actually shown any evidence that he was a US born citizen when it is clear from state department documents thjat his birthj mother was a foreign natyional at the time of his birth having givenm up her status as a citizen signed sealed and delivered before his conception, to the state department, and there is in existence, in his fathers land, where he was born, and a certificate exists for that as well, with the name Hussein Obama, and his mothers name and fathers name, or are you going to tell me, that he has a brother of exactly his age, and with a similar name, hell of a coincedence, Sherlock look it up for yourself, because I find that where people choose not to believe, no words will suffice, so I am stopping this missive while my mind is still intact, and will only continue it when the "proof" you think exists is somewhere other than in that tiny space left in your head, because believe me, if you think that, you and others have not been paying attention to this fraudulent man.......
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 10:09 AM     
  PPS as well;  
I can legitimately claim American citizenship by the same manner that he does, and with as much right as well, after all, my birth certificate was burned up by a fire in a hospital in Hawaii. Honestly.

Surfs up suckers, and where are the beach bunnies, ? it is every citizens right, surely, in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Where no one listens to the real news, and no one knows the constitution, or cares, ( which they have every right to do, as well ), but please don't tell anyone else you know what you are talking about, because all you do, is annoy those of us who really do...

Nighty, Night, children, Daddy is going up the wooden hill, to the land of Nod, and does not want to hear any more fairy tales tonight !"!!
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 10:20 AM     
  Can't believe I'm answering this Pt1  
It seems someone let Rush Limbaugh and Glen Becks love child have an internet account.

Other than that the 14th Amendment Is where any of the insane birther's could easily find their answer that Obama is in fact a legal US citizen even IF Hawaii has not showed the Short Form (which they did), and so many other places. I can not believe I am going to reply, but since I was was asked if I knew the Constitution I wonder if they do. I am placing my own # and notes for people to see where sections apply amd since there will be a lot of reading and there is no highlighting it will be of assistance. I am also going to include parts that would be of no importance just so no one accuses me of *hiding* some secret proof that he would not be a Citizen.

#1-The 14th Amendment defines citizenship this way: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." But even this does not get specific enough. As usual, the Constitution provides the framework for the law, but it is the law that fills in the gaps.
#2-Currently, Title 8 of the U.S. Code fills in those gaps. Section 1401 defines the following as people who are "citizens of the United States at birth:"

•Anyone born inside the United States (my note: Hawaii is part of the US so there is one strike, ahh but the short form issue happens so let us carry on)

•Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person's status as a citizen of the tribe(my note: not needed, but included so bithers do not think something is being hidden from them.)

•Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.(My note:Again not needed, but included.)

•Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national (My note:Again not needed, but included.)

•Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year(My note:Again not needed, but included.)

•Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21(My note:Again not needed, but included.)

•Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)**My note: Aha his mother is a US Citizen who lived in the US for at least 5 years so Obama IS a citizen since his mother was. So even IF IF IF he was born outside of the US his mother is a US citizen and OMG that means he is, game over.**

•A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.
Bithplaces of all Presidents, Party Affliliation, Birthday, Term and Death date(if any). Used this because it does say Hawaii for reference.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 10:51 AM     
  Can't believe I'm answering this Pt2  
Shoot forgot this while laughing. It is amazing to me that no one questioned that Obama was a US citizen during his previously held politicial position. And I was also laughing because of people somehow want us to believe that his mother was not a US citizen which makes him one. Didn't we cover this with McCain previously?
Title: To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee's statement of organization a copy of the candidate's birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution.
Sponsor: Rep Posey, Bill [FL-15] (introduced 3/12/2009)

I wanted the cosponsors included so you could see it is a totally REP deal because they need to cry they lost. They want to AMEND to require COPY of a birth certificate. You notice the bill is still sitting there since March?

We beg to differ. staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false. We have posted high-resolution photographs of the document as "supporting documents" to this article. Our conclusion: Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.

Birther said-"But the hospital , at the end of the day says that all records show that on the day in question there is NO birth recorded, that fits his physical description as to race or ski9n colour, in the wards that day, they know this to be truwe because all the other births that day are recorded, at the local authorities offices, are you saying that only Obama's is missing, ? just where can you show me any evodence that shows that Obama mrt thid requirement,"

(My note:WAIT WAIT I thought Hawaii didn't confirm it?)
Update, Nov. 1: The director of Hawaii’s Department of Health confirmed Oct. 31 that Obama was born in Honolulu.

(Tara Again: Wow another lie shot downand here is some info for Birther Nation)
The certificate has all the elements the State Department requires for proving citizenship to obtain a U.S. passport: "your full name, the full name of your parent(s), date and place of birth, sex, date the birth record was filed, and the seal or other certification of the official custodian of such records." The names, date and place of birth, and filing date are all evident on the scanned version, and you can see the seal above.
The long form is drawn up by the hospital and includes additional information such as birth weight and parents' hometowns. The short form is printed by the state and draws from a database with fewer details. The Hawaii Department of Health's birth record request form does not give the option to request a photocopy of your long-form birth certificate, but their short form has enough information to be acceptable to the State Department.

Birther Said-"1. it is "required" that candidates provide proof of US citizenship and BIRTH, to the authorities before any election is permitted by law, and to take part in the presidential race.
**This does not seek a short form, but an actual BIRTH certificate, be provided,***"

If you really need more information that I suggest that Birther Nation book a cruise and flights to Hawaii and touch it yourself.

I know of 3 states at least and I am sure other SN contributers can add to them that will NOT give you a long form if you ask for a replacement, even if you specifically ask for the long form. Illinois, New Jersey and Hawaii are 3.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 11:24 AM     
  I can't believe I am bothering anymore either  
The status of an Americans right to citizenship is not the problem here, the status of an American to be president is, and "naturalisation" is NOT acceptable, the reason that Obama has spent $80,000 dolars in legal fees to prevent his full details being shown, IS cause for concern, quite legitimately, particularly since he also has prevented his application for a student scholarship being shown, ( this would disclose whether he had applied as a foreign national with the various proofs required to access college funding as an overseas student ) and the matter of the adoption of Obama by his Grandfather, IS an issue, as it also is blocked from view, by Obama, this would show what nationality was claimed at the time of adoption for this child as he then was.

And I have just spent the last hour checking the details that the Hawaiin hospital has permitted and they do not include the full certificate and their argument is that this is no longer issued, as they have gone over to a digital system, and no longer have the details, ( this, after he himself claimed that the original was burnt to bits ), I am sorry if you feel that you need to resort to this nonsense to argue your point of view, but there is ample evidence, that he had dual nationality, from Indonesia, ( and in the past, Kenya ), it seems that like his Mother who HAD given up her American citizenship at the time of his birth,and a father who never had American citizenship, he can not, by the American laws become president even if only one of his parents was non American, even if he WAS born in the U.S. hr would have citizenship, but is not considered a native born American even when all things are taken into consideration, this was the very issue under which Obama alleged during the election that McCain may not be eligible...

But the facts are, that he will not permit this to be displayed or examined, because he would have to admit that the Full certificate shows the true nationality of his father, and his mothers nationality status, and as a consequence denies him the right as a man to be president,

And, as a simple matter, he could solve all these questions, with one simple act,



Want a bet that never happens ? and this ,man will still be supported by those who stood by, when money he appropriated from state funds ended up as a $200,000 RAISE for his wife, at the University of Chicago, one of the worst of any higher institute of education in America and now on the verge of bankruptcy itself, or when he convinced banks and savings and loans, by force of demonstrations and blacklistings and politics to lend to people that could not and never would pay this money back, by his activism in "ACORN"



all of this, and America can only blame Bush, you need to look a lot closer at all your prejudices, before defending this position, because close examination shows it to be indefensible,

It is no more than white guilt dressed as holiness that allows this to go on unexamined by most, and is the saddest part of it all, that race does, and did play a major part in this happening, America still has it's demons and still it's guilt, and it is facing neither, and by the way all previous presidents were availablr as copies on the library of congress books even the ones like Washington who was English born ( and incidentally not the first American president either ), just think, all he has to do is to disclose these documents, and the arguments are over, don't think I will be the one to hold my breath while I wait...
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 12:52 PM     
Hawaii has said that it does NOT have the full certificate, because it was destroyed along with many others when they were digitised. ( This, today at 11:57 a.m. Greenwich meantime,),

Look on the site and you will see only incomplete info, relating only to the COLB, which does not contain details relating to the parents status, just the names, how convenient for the people who do not want to know the truth, that they think this gives them the right to disagree with a large and growing section of people who simply want the truth from this man, and are clearly not getting anywhere near it, and to insult those with what I can only call a "Tag and slag", attitude, that if they lable the opposition, they do not have to deal with the issue, just the lable... just tag em, and slag em, seems to be the only approach they have when they call people "birthers" they are simply avoiding the truth, in much the same way the left slags off the right and vice versa, they do not want to deal with the questions that arise, just want denial, they have an agenda that is less than honest, if it will not address the real problem , that of Obamas dishonesty....
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 01:07 PM     
  Oh Goddess  
You bring up ACORN now I thought it was his birth.

George Washington was now not an American Citizen?
"Born in 1732 into a Virginia planter family, he learned the morals, manners, and body of knowledge requisite for an 18th century Virginia gentleman."

Maybe Obama isn't answering any more questions because he already has said what needs to be.

I don't think it is American's trying to make up for anything when it comes to Obama's race since he is a mixed race president anyway. I think it is people like you Birthers who are scared that a MUSLIM might be president.

This is so funny, please continue and keep the rest of the birthing clan busy so we can actually get some things done while you are still believing this.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 01:14 PM     
And I am NOT a lefty so please don't ASSume that...oops too late as I see from your last post.

Oh and we are still at IL,NJ and Hawaii that only gives short form certificates for replacements. Others will add states as they can..but please continue to be more worried about that and his mom somehow not being a US citizen so we can all get on with things as I said before.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 01:20 PM     
  Fact check org ?  
I looked at this, and recommend that any one who reads it, does so with a pinch of salt, because when the site for the hospital is accessed that is NOT what was said there, what they say, is that this is "not available any more, since the certificates were digitised an many were disposed of afterwards", by the way, have you actually seen any site, that has checked this site for honesty, because I can not find a single one, just who decided they were the font of all wisdom in this debate, there is only one man who knows the whole truth and he is not saying, I wonder why ?, the answer is the man himself, as I said earlier, there is only one answer,


Because until he does, this will not go away, and selecting sites that support your attitude will not convince anyone, especially self appointed guardians of the truth, you will tell me next, that the national enquirer is a valued source of facts for Americans.

I can only say, that

"the truth is out there",

and can be proved if only he would open these documents that he has spent so much time, effort and money, to hide, and until he does the only word I can think of, is "Liar"

There is simply no other way, or reason for not doing so, except that he does have something to hide, and NO, it will not go away.....
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 01:24 PM     
  From Now on this is where I am sending all Birthers for I seriouly think they have taken this too far and now believe in their own lies and propaganda.

"Because until he does, this will not go away, and selecting sites that support your attitude will not convince anyone, especially self appointed guardians of the truth, you will tell me next, that the national enquirer is a valued source of facts for Americans. "

Yeah good one for selecting sites heh. Also this whole Guardian of Truth thing...please go to the site and find the help. Like I said I am not a lefty nor a righty but I do have something it seems the birther movement doesn't have. Common sense. Seriously get help this kind of constant worry, stressing, and both believing in and keep spouting off these dangerous lies can actually end up being very harmful.
These people are going to continue it until someone does actual violence because of it and it will be at the "self appointed guardians" feet..that whole thing there is WAY out of the normal we lap up anything Fox news says groups.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 01:35 PM     
  George Washington was NOT an American by birth l  
No, Washington was not an American by birth, and as a matter of fact he actually had an Rnglish accent akin to the North eastern manner of the "Geordies" in Newcastle upon Tyne, at the time of his birth America did not exist as a seperate nation, and no certificates were issued to the born of that land, for some time after, independence occurred, incidentally the pilgrims did not land on Plymouth Rock either, they landed in a bay around the coast from there, Plymouth Rock was twelve feet under water at the time of the landing.

Benjamin Franklin, also had an English accent, as was mentioned by a number of people during his life as being a man of some breeding and a manner and tone of speech, that was as used, in the English parliament.;

The war of independence was based on a lie, you did have representation in parliament, and it was those representatives who called for taxation on imports to pay for an army to defend frontier towns, not the King, "no taxation without representation" was a slogan that was a lie, coined by a reporter that was, by even American standards, a miserable incompetent, ( and I suspect, for all the American hype about national pride that most Americans claim to have, they could not even name the man in question ), and almost all your movies are fictional accents because no cowboy at the time these movies were taking place sounded like any American on film ever did, the American accents did not arrive till the final decades of the 18th century, prior to that they spoke just about every European accent going, but not one yankee one, it is even the case that at the time of the wars of independance, the accents of some of the country folk were incomprehensible to town dwellers, but were not American by any stretch of the imaginmation, add to the fact that we are the only nation who did not have war debt written off by our allies, the "yanquis" while all the enemies were, and we come to a real problem with attitudes to America, howabout the fact that the Americans did not find and capture the sub, that led to the codes of the Germans being broken, but the British did, ( sadly Hollywood seems to have got this mixed up for some reason,), add penicillin for the troops which was passed to America as part of an assistance program witnhout any charge or patent fees and the Americans promptly patented it and had the unmittigated gall to charge us fees on a British idea, that was intended to save Americans lives, and Radar, ( of which, a part went on to become the heart of microwaves around the world ), and the jet aircraft engine, and the hovercraft and various islands around the world that were British territories, we seem to be paying a very heavy price for our friendship with all of you, add to that the cheap and obsolete equipment that you provided through lend lease, ( and charged us for, for over 58 years afterwards !!! ), I wonder whether we should just let you all stew in your own juices for a while, if you think that you rule the world, maybe we should just see if that is true, after the debacle in the Florida votes scandal ( and the disqualification by Obama, of his parties chosen candidate, by underhand means, in a political area noted and criticised for it's corruption and cronyism and council jobs only given to party donors ), it just goes on, and on, I wonder if you have become just a bunch of yes men, people who say at voting time, what difference does it make, ? the government wins anyway ?

You get the government you deserve ultimately, and you got him, but do not try and paint him as a saving grace of American politics, please, some of us do not suffer from the "stars in their eyes" that most of America does, and like an awful lot of the rest of the world, we remain to be convinced, and right now, nothing that he does, or says, lends us to believe that this is anything but a one term man....and when we see Wally Herger as a "peoples choice" it just seems like silly season news to us.....
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 02:05 PM     
  Tara B  
Dear young lady, let me patronise you in return for the favour you have done to me, Firstly I am not a "Yanquis" and I do not care about the politics of America, like an increasing number of people I believe that America is past it's sell by date.

This sort of nonsense in a house of representatives only confirms it, I do live thousands of miles from the coastline and I am an agnostic, so I do not care, Christian, Buddhist Baptist, Jew, Muslim, I could not care less, and politically I have been a Liberal all my life 60 years now, but in the world I was raised in dishonesty is not acceptable, nor is attributing motives other than those stated, by the person expressing an opinion, someone who you disagree with is not a "birther" ( a silly lable that is intended to allow you, to insult and slag off a person, and avoid the issue while only addressing the lable, ), it is not a debate just a slanging match if I respond in a like fashion, which I will not do, it is not my president that is at issue but the cowardice and guilt of Americans that leads them to allow this sort of behaviour in their presidents year after year, after Bill, after Dicky , after Bush, the simple truth is that white America has allowed this dishonesty to thrive and it is becoming embarrassingly obvious that had any white candidate had this history, the press would have savaged him to extinction, if America is to have a future, it must have standards, and right now it appears that it clearly only exhibits cowardice, from no one checking this, to the FBI director thinking that as an unelected official he has any right to express vile opinions about any other nations government without even understanding the laws of that natiopn, ( especially about compassion, in law, as well as the reason that the world does not "horsetrade" to get convictions, by uising threats of longer sentences, thus undermining a persons right to a fair trial, or a judges rights to sentencing, using their own judgement,even American Jurists are disgusted by plea bargaining,) mostly because like most of the nations that rise and fall they do so because they can not understand that others do not want extraterritoriality to happen, we do not want you, to extend your laws, to our decisions, or our neighbours rights to the south, or a for that matter, to any one elses country, either, and the only way that can happen is for America to address it's failings, or don't Americans believe they can ever be wrong ? It starts when you act dishonestly in elections and in government, and it goes downhill from there, if you have standards , apply them, but guilt should not be a guiding reason as it clearly is here, in the minds of the white population you all feel guilty and still do not want to criticise a black or coloured person because you are tied up in political correctness, and heavens, how can you do so now ?

After all, was mayor Barry an aberration surely, black politicians do not do drugs, and black presidents do not cheat and lie, to get power ? yeah, right on bro....

New Romans rule, O.K. !!!
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 02:35 PM     
  PPS tara b  
It is about his lack of honesty, pure and simple, and the American cowardice caused by guilt over slavery that is allowing and encouraging this behaviour, so when you say "Now you bring up ACORN" as if I am moving on to another topic, I am not, the whole history of this man is in serious doubt from his appropriation of state funds, which his wife got a $200,000 RAISE from, at a university that was not then, and is not now, fit for purpose.

His dubious mortgage, through a criminally convicted lifelong friend, the deselection of his parties chosen candidate ( a woman ), on the basis of allegations that she did not have sufficient signatures on the nominating papers, something that subsequently was proven to be untrue, but by then he was the new nominee, because he had also frorced all the other candidates off the ballot cards and was elected as an unopposed candidate as a result.

His activism through ACORN, for banks, and S&L's to give mortgages to people he knew could not possibkly pay back, by use of mass pickets and boycotts, his relationship with a vile preacher, a man who practises politics from the pulpit, some christian that one is, his wifes views as caught on video, expressing the view that "now they will have a chance to stick it to whitey" in a church during the elections,

When does anyone in America begin to say, that as president he should be held to a higher standard than others, and the colour of his skin should not be a reason for critical questions not to be asked, and please people, do not waste your time claiming that this is a racist point of view, I address the issue, I will not respond to any one who simply chooses to close off debate by absurd allegations from bigots with a hidden agenda...especially people whose only response is to sling silly lables my way, or sillier names, address the issue please, not the lables. and that issue is, the man is a liar, pure and simple, and always has been
  by: Active1   08/24/2009 03:20 PM     
  Uh oh...  
Looks like havoc has some active competition...

  by: bbeljefe     08/24/2009 05:11 PM     
I look forward to Ben and Havoc engaging with you if they ever do seem to come out again. I did see your posts addressed to me, even though you seem to be talking like you are preaching. Also speaking down to anyone, especially me will not work I do not care of your advanced age, if you tend to be rude no matter how you cover it up, it still smells like fecal matter under it all and you will get nor deserve any respect.

Now I will leave as a true gentleman is showing up to my house and I rather spend time with my father than spend time on here typing to you.
  by: TaraB     08/24/2009 11:33 PM     
  Tara B  
Do not waste your time putting lables on me, I am not preaching to you, and I see not one reason for being patronised by you either, so when you do so, I will patronise you in return, get used to it, and stop talking down to people through your obviously tilted nose.

Moreover stop ditching people who you do not agree with because that is not reasoned argument, neither you, nor any one can point to any part of what I said or wrote, on any matter, as being anything related to what you describe as "preaching"

I deal with the facts, whether you find them comfortable or not, I only deal with the insults that people deal to me first, so if you do not want this in return, do not do it in the first place.

Simple really, keep your little bigotries to yourself, because I am not interested in dealing with childish attitudes, my kids have finally grown and lrft home I have no desire to play with any one elses, I prefer the company of adults......
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 08:47 AM     
  You seem to think that  
You have a right to be offensive without anyone calling you on it, M'lady let me diilluson you, if the man turning up, at your door is, in fact a gentleman, then he is not your father, and if he is actually your father, then he is no gentleman.

Because if he were, his daughter would not behave in such a fashion and as to your age, I can only say, that I care not one jot for it at all, I already told you I do not care for children anymore, nor their company, or childish games.

From the outset you seem to have taken the view that you are my superior in all matters and been offensive, in the extreme, a position that not once has been demonstrated by a single thing you have said, or done, I do not nuch care whether you are enamoured by my years, because it is of no interest to me what a childs opinion is, and if you think that you are in the right, take these printed missives to a grown up, and ask them to read them to you, in the order they were written, I think that they will tell you that you seem to have an emotional problem, I suggest that you seek help.

Because I have grown up things to do, I must leave you to your emotional sandpit, emotional masturbation, and you toys.

Yours, Active 1
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 09:00 AM     
calm down dude, Tara wasn't calling you any bigotry names or labeling you IMO.

You are being very ignorant to her for no reason IMO
  by: willyshawker     08/25/2009 09:46 AM     
For someone who's evidenced absolutely nothing, you sure do demand a lot from everyone else. Post a link; no one is going to even read what you type if you don't have any proof, no matter how insistent, verbose, or smug you are.
  by: MomentOfClarity     08/25/2009 10:24 AM     
What a sweet young thing you are, but when someone says to me, that I "am being rude and no matter how I cover it up,it still smells like fecal matter to me." just where in your life experience, is she bring polite ? or when the answer to a question is a direction to a site that describes a tin hat for the loony element to help them overcome brainwave conduction from government broadcasts ?,

Firstly, read all the comments where she describes me as a "birther", ( I am not, and my comments are about the whole history and dishonesty throughout the whole opdf his history of Obama, not just the fact that he will not provide EVIDENCE and has actually spent $80,000 trying to hide his adoption and college application and details regarding his parents status as American/Foreign nationals , and asked why the people defend this position, when all he has to do is publish and you feel that this is a good idea to respond, to this query with insults ?, and where she suggests a site that was beneficial for people who were into conspiracies, and wanted to make a tinfoil hat, just where do you get the idea that she was addressing the issues here, and not insulting me ? as well as not addressing the comments, she WAS insulting and she WAS being patronising, and I( reserve the right, like any other citizen to self defence, if she wants to behave this way, she must expect the people she offends to actually take offence, and answer back, because she is not now, and never will be my mother, if she sticks to the issues and not try to score points by being insultingly arrogant, and presuming she knows best when it is clear that she has nothing more to offer any debate except to howl with derision as if she and she alone knew all the facts, a position that is demonstrably not the case.

Then she should expect to be criticised, and if you want to do the same, I suggest that you too read all the letters in the order they are written, and then tell me where you think that she has debated a point of fact, and just where she had NOT insulted those who oppose her position, and just when did someone "be ignorant to her", it is a adjective, not a verb !, as such, you seem to be in judgement just like her, do you also come from the same home, perhaps ?, or the same school, or is your second language English , perhaps, ?

Either read the facts, or stay out of this, because you do not have any basis from, anything that I have said to her, or anyone else to presume to tell me, to "calm down dude" you neither understand the issue, nor know of my state of agitation or calm, so don't presume to offer adbvice, "wee man" ( I assume, from your infantile, "dude" that you are young, and therefore not fully conversant with the English language yet, I would suggest that until you are, and can actually understand what has happened here, and what is happening, that you remain silent, because right now, I feel it is better that you go for a nap, and mummy will wake you later and explain just what an insult is, and what a debate is, and when you understand what has happened, feel free to join a debate with the facts, at hand ), and not your little feelings going ahead of your ego, man.

Either check the history, or do not take sides, I have a life to lead and do not want to waste it on ignorant individuals who can contribute nothing but error, and bile to a dialogue, you or her....

A debate I do not mind, but her judgement and her character are as offensive to me, as her presumed superiority, there is little that I enjoy less, than this attitude she has, that "she knows best" and as a consequence she can dismiss and insult or degrade, any who disagree with her point of view, as bring stupid or just another conspiracy nut, you want insulting, ? then I suggest that you also have a grown up read the postings to you, because you clearly do not read them yourself, before you, too, open your mouth, and step right a human she is a pompous ass and she deserves to be told so, on a daily basis, by all who know her, for everyones sake.....
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 10:57 AM     
  Active1 has sand...  
in his vagina...
  by: shiftyfarker   08/25/2009 11:08 AM     
  A site that you would believe in ? oh boy.  
I have said before. that for people who choose not to believe, no words will suffice.

I could quote all the websites in the world, and all the reply would be, either "you are only choosing sites that agree with you", or "do you really believe all you read on the internet ?"

All I have asked people to do, is to actually look at his history, and answer the big question ( why has he spent $80,000 on hiding his paper work from his college application , ( did he list himself as a foreign national in order to gain funding for college), his adoption papers ( were his birth parents listed as foreign nationals when he was adopted by his grandfather, or not ), ( his birth certificate which one month is not available because he says it was burnt in a Hawaiin hospital fire, next month, was not available because it was digitised, and the hospital threw the old ones out to save space, ( in a nation that has about thirty trillion acres doing nothing, they had no space ?

Just across from Canada and its massive amount of land, and not one single person has even said a single thing except that why should he?,

You want proof? look for yourself, WITH AN OPEN MIND.and just bear in mind that this man has spent $80,000 on hiding this, why, why. WHY ? now answer the question I asked .......

Also why did he get away with getting his parties selected candidate excluded from the ballot along with all the others, as well, so he became the unopposed and elected senator,on the bassis that there were insufficient names "WRITTEN" on his opponents ballot forms, he managed to get the names excluded, because they were printed by the people concerned !), somehow, when it later turned out that this allegation was untrue the original candidates were never reinstated. he was elected senatorial candidate, unopposed !)
Just what was his role in the organisation called ACORN that used tactics such as boytcotts and mass picketing of banks and S&L's to gain mortgages for minorities, who could never pay these back ? could this have been done as a vote catcher policy ?

Why does Chicago have so many people on the books employed by them, who pay into Democrat accounts as contributors, really ? they actually love the party ? or is it because they do not get jobs otherwise ( over 80% at last check ), and which a government committee has said was precisely that, a corrupt practise , one of the worst in America,.

How did his wife get a $200,000 RAISE at Chicago Uni, just after her husband redirected funds from a federal program to his state ? coincedence, yeah right !. and why was Chicago Uni staff so desperate to pay her this amount from a financially failing and educationally failing university, making her the highest paid member iof staffer anywhere in education, higher even than the dean at Harvard, or at MIT, or Yale ?

Just what was she thinking when she WAS recorded on film, at the church, where she said that "now we will get a chance to stick it to whitey" ? What was he thinking, when at ACORN meetings,he arranged some of these demonstrations, against banks and S&L's when a former "Weatherman" terrorist was sitting beside him, thje same one, of whom has since said publicly " we did not kill enough white men " ?

There is precious little reason for anyone to believe, that this man is anything but an evasive liar, who took advantage of white race guilt to steal a victory in a presidential race, and that white race guilt, is what stops criticism of this man because he is coloured.

But all I see in return, is people who will not answer the question, resorting to abuse , either ANSWER the question, or do not waste my time, why is this man being allowed to hide so much,? do the people no longer have a right to know who is guarding their nation or not ???. And does this also apply to the local government or not ?

It has been said, that in order for evil to triumph, it is only necessary for good men, to do nothing, and this is a perfect example of style over substance, and no one seems to be asking any questions, it is not so much as a conspiracy, but collective white guilt, as I have said, he is coloured, he can do no wrong, any more than Mayor Barry was guilty of buying from undercover cops, and using cocaine while he was in office as Mayor, Black or coloured politicians can do no wrong, any more than Italian ones can in Brooklyn, and everyone can sit back and throw abuse my way but they should know from life alone, that when everybody believes the same thing, the majority has always been proved wrong, from flat earthers, to christianity in the middle ages.

I feel the absence of answers alone, is evidence enough, that I am right about this man, and his lack of honesty. and governors, senators and British Members of Parliament, continue ro reaffirm my faith in all politicians dishonesty, time after time, after time.....
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 11:45 AM     
  Shiftyfarker ?  
You are a classic example of idiocy, and I have heard this before, so, alas you not only are you not witty, you are not even original, why you wasted energy to do this, I do not know. But for future refernce, I was not addressing any question your way and never will.

If I want toilet graffito, I can easily find it in bikers bars, where I live, and what is more it has the added advantage that they at least have some wit....what you have may rhyme, but it is a waste of time...
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 11:55 AM     
awwww.... you hurt my feelings... btw what are you doing hanging out at biker bars? hoping to pickup?
  by: shiftyfarker   08/25/2009 12:06 PM     
From, your writing, it would seem that I may just have picked up you before now. are you the one that gave me my diseases, ? or are you the one I pay maintenance to every month, because if you are, I really think that it is time you got over it, and learnt to suck some one elses blood to satisfy your emotional needs, darling, it really is time to move on, if you've got a hard on for something, get yourself a young boy and stop calling me at work.....
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 12:12 PM     
Lol... just out of curiosity what country are you from?
  by: shiftyfarker   08/25/2009 12:30 PM     
We can agree on one thing. Obama is a deceptive man who is not to be trusted. On the matter of his birthplace, I suspect he may have covered something up but at this point in time it is useless for me to attempt to find out what it is he may have covered up. What is important now is for Americans to fight against the destructive liberal legislation he is attempting to enact as well as his fascist use of our monetary system.

Also, it's interesting to me that you so vehemently denounce the term birther, while at the same time obsessing over this man's birthplace. Humans tend to name things and groups of people whith similarities and the birther movement is not exempt, nor are its supporters.

On another topic, you seem obsessed with the notion that Obama somehow created our sub prime mortgage crash. Do you have a basis for your hypotheses? I'm interested to learn how you arrived at that conclusion.

One last thing. When attempting to condescend to someone by accusing them of not understanding English, I would recommend that you have at least a rudimentary understanding of spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Or, if you already do have such an understanding, I would recommend you practice it.

  by: bbeljefe     08/25/2009 03:31 PM     
  @bb, @active  
good point. Active you spend so much time on where he was born but your not a birther.

I'm sorry I know everyones entitled to thier opinion but you have a seious bug up your ass and tearing other people down for no reason. Voicing your opinion sure but tearing people down NO.

I also believe Obama has been decpetive but not of his birth but of his so called change. It's just more of the same. All politicans do is lie to get in office and laugh there way to the bank.

Thats change you can believe in......wait thats not change is it? I'm confused. Oh Well
  by: willyshawker     08/25/2009 06:40 PM     
  What a pair !!!  
Do any of you actually read what is on the screen before you, ?.

Because not once have I argued about his birth place I have argued about his status, as a native born American, the law is clear, if he is born in America, he has the right to CITIZENSHIP, but he is not necessarily a native born American, ( that requires he be born with TWO, (2) parents who ARE citizens of this nation, and as such, he would NOT be permitted to take part in an electoral race for president if either his mother or father were foreign nationals, or he, at any time gave up, or assumed a status, of foreign citizenship at any stage in his life, it IS NOT NOW, or at ANY TIME a matter of where he was born I do not give a donkeys left bollock about that, I do care about the fact that this man has constantly lied and cheated in all aspects of his life, and spending $80,000 on hiding bits of paper that could and probably do show that his status was not, by any definition a native born American even if he does have citizenship.

And by the constitution, he can not run in this race, it was the very thing that he levelled at McCain, so he should not expect to be immune from this question himself, and any time he wants to call any one a liar about this, all he has to do is show otherwise.

Remember this man when he said prior to the election, that he thought that all candidates should accept government ( i.e. PUBLIC money, for the elections thus restricting himself and others to no more than a few millions, ) and then what happens when it all starts, ? yep, funding of nearly a billion dollars later, and he is president, no wonder that the press and T.V. did little to ask about this mans background. Not only a liar, but a two faced hypocrite...

And dear boy bbeljefe, I do understand, and write English for a living, so do not confuse any error I make on a keyboard because of the size of my fingers as misspellig. If you think that any aspect of my grammar is wrong or any other technical aspect, then demonstrate it to be so, or you are just tossing yourself off, as far as I can see. Now, the next question I would like you to actually answer is just where do you think I was rude to anyone, except as a response to offensive language from them,?.

If you do not understand this Rnglish sentence, would you like me to type a little slower, or a lot slower, ? do tell, old man.

Because your missive seems a little confused as far as addressing the issues raised, and when you do not even have the energy to actually look up the figures, or have ignored them, while the recession has gone on all around you, what can I say that will convince you, after aLl, I am not your daddy, were that the case, I would be telling you to get off your fat, doughnut, behind and look at the facts, and do not question others who have already done so, until you do....
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 07:44 PM     
  I am from everywhere  
I am a navy brat, and was transported around the world, by the taxpayer, if any one really needs to know.

I have an Australian uncle, and a Scottish one, I married a German woman, ( from East Germany, a place called Hostert ).

My kids were born in England (all in different towns), and I was mostly raised in Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore, as well as America, Gibraltar, and Malta, (where one of my brothers was born ), Scotland ( where my sister was born ), and was actually born in the very place where Charles Dickens was, just outside of Portsnouth in an area known as Southsea.

After leaving school, I worked as a builder in Germany, ( East and West ), fitted floating roofs, in storage tanks at an oil depot in Norway, Sweden and England, worked overseas on a overseas aid development program, in Malawi, ( building a highway, and bridges ), went to war in Angola, and a few other places as a freelance soldier, worked in Casinos as a dealer and as an Inspector, all told I have lived or worked, in more than 50 countries in my life, and not one of them has any claim to my soul, or my mind, nor do I hold with the love affair that some nations people have, with their homeland.

There is no nation that has any real advantage over another as far as I know, when any one speaks as if it does, they are being really foolish.

I have looked around enough to know that for all their development in the west, it does not provide the human values that are needed, to comprise a decent society to the exclusion of all others.

In short, no nation has any right to think itself, or its people, any better than all of the rest of the world. and that includes Australians, English or Americans.

From what I have read on this site, my opinion is not likely to be changed by the petty and childish nature of responses to legitimate concerns, I can understand however, how America ended up with this man as president, after reading the mailings here I know that the elctorate are to blame, and if the debacle of the Florida elctionms with Gore and Bush, are anything to go, by then democracy is not sleeping in America, it is terminally ill, and the education system is to blame, as well as the parenting...
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 08:08 PM     
You've not provided any facts and several of your arguments' premises are flat out wrong, as Tara pointed out. That you just keep repeating them anyway tells us either A) you're maliciously lying, B) you're carelessly ignorant, or C) you're pathetically trolling.

I guess you could just be crazy, too.
  by: MomentOfClarity     08/25/2009 08:09 PM     
  Moment of clarity ?  
I am sorry that you have not read these postings, or you can not understand what has been said, but if I were you, I would not make my ignorance of this so clear, in a further posting. What I have said, is a matter of public record, and if you are too bone idle as to simply be offensive in you posting I will not waste any more of my time with you, because it is clear as day that you are another bigot who does not have a single working brain cell that is capable of remembering anything you have heard, or seen on a news broadcast. It is pointless talking or writing to you, so I will let you stew in your own considerable ignorance, do not bother to reply, I do not talk to other peoples children, I leave the mental health people to deal with them.
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 08:20 PM     
That has to be among the most meaningless drivel I've read in my years here. Quit making lame excuses for the lame arguments you keep repeating here and start giving them some backbone (or even a coherent structure).
  by: MomentOfClarity     08/25/2009 08:45 PM     
What a load of dung you keep writing , look it up, you bone idle sod, becaue you are clearly a person who does not understand a fact when it bites you on the arse, in short, GO AWAY YOU SILLY BOY
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 08:57 PM     
Perhaps you simply forgot to mention your current writing career in your last post? After all, with so many accomplishments listed, what's one more?

In any event, I won't cut and paste your errors and point them out to you. For one, that is annoying and for two, there are far too many of them. What I will do is explain myself. Your writings contain myriad misspellings, many of which are not obviously typographical errors. Your sentences contain far too many commas, most of which are misplaced. You use run on sentences and at one point in your diatribe against willy, you opened parentheses and never closed them.

I will paste this one though, as it lends credence to my comments above:

Do any of you actually read what is on the screen before you, ?.

Incomplete sentence with a comma, a space, a question mark and a period ending it. I'm assuming you were attempting to ask if I proof read my comments before I submit them, or perhaps you were wondering if I read all the comments in a thread before I post in it. If it was the former my answer is, most of the time and if it was the latter my answer is always. I do not enter conversations without a good working knowledge of the topic and what has already been said. Another thing I always do (this was the point I made earlier) is proof read and spell check my posts when said post pertains to me accusing someone of being illiterate. Also, willy wasn't attacking you. If anything he was attacking your actions. There is a marked difference in the two, which I will explain. Willy suggested that you calm down and explained that you were being ignorant to Tara. I'm pretty sure ignorant wasn't the exact word he was looking for but, that's irrelevant to my point. In that post, willy was addressing your actions, i.e. there was no personal attack. On the flip side, you have called me uneducated and a fat ass, which are direct attacks on both my physical appearance and my level of education/knowledge. I might add, you did so without ever having seen me and without knowing anything about by education, IQ, comprehension, Et cetera. All that, presumably because I asked you to cite your source of knowledge regarding your claim that Barack Obama somehow engineered the chain of events that we no know as the sub prime mortgage failure. I asked you a very legitimate question and you responded with a personal attack, pure and simple. I'm still interested in finding the answer, btw.

Last, with regard to the birther issue. You are using semantics in an effort to distance yourself from that group but it doesn't work. True, you never did demand to know where Obama was actually born but your entire argument is based on the premise that he wasn't born here or that his parents weren't both citizens. All of those topics are discussed amongst birthers and because of that, your specific argument fits that label. Note: I didn't say you fit that label, I said your argument does.

  by: bbeljefe     08/25/2009 09:18 PM     
You haven't supplied a single fact on this topic, and anyone who can get past your run-on sentences can see that. Come on, do yourself a favor - post just ONE verified fact so we can take you seriously!
  by: MomentOfClarity     08/25/2009 09:34 PM     
  Do you actually have any idea  
About anything whatsoever, to do with anything whatsoever, ?

Every mispelling was as a result of an attempt at humour, clearly this was lost on you, do you really imagine that I wrote "mispellig" as an error, or "Rnglish"

That alone tells me what your level of education is, and I could also have a good stab at your IQ as well, so I will say this only once, and I will use commas where they are required, or when I please.

You may criticise my style but I assure you that I know you have not ther slightest idea what you are talking about as far as the technical aspect of the English language is concerned.

You are merely trying to put someone down, and I take offence when people make the type of comment that appears, before, I respond, in like manner.

As to the "facts", it is clear that you have NOT read all the postings and that you never noticed the quotes I used, that "for those who would not believe, no answer will suffice", the simple truth is that you, as well as many others, have a position that you constantly restate, as being, "you say this, you say that, you say the other", but not one of you clearly, has read a damn thing that I have written, and that whatever I write you will, either deny, or accuse me of being selective in my choices, you simply would not allow any argument or fact to get in the way of your opinion, everything I have written comes from watching hours and hours of the interviews and video recordings of this wretched little election and if any of you had actually listened to these, you can only come to one connclusion.

So if it is clear that whatever I say will be dismissed by those with a closed mind, is it really too hard to understand, that I ask you to actually check these things for yourself ?, yet swhen I do, what actually happens ?.

Yep ! I get a list of morons who address anything but the issue in question, so I will not bother with this thought any further, because it is clear that there are few out there, who actually understand the arguments or who can do anything but be insulting in their replies, yourself included, so I will not bother writing to you in reply, or reading any future posting you put up, because it is just a waste of space, if you can not, or will not, understand the simplest of communications on this matter.

So if you write further, I shall not read it, and you can work your smug little ego into an emotional masturbatory frenzy, all on your lonesome. Because that is where this conversation is going to end.

P.S. the missing bracket that you refer to, is because I was in a hurry to get to the local shops, before they closed, but intersting that you feel that the important point you want to make, is about point scoring, and not the issue of the most powerful position in the world, being hijacked by a dishonest man, or that no one will make any criticism of him when history speaks for this dishonesty, I repeat, go and look for yourself because I am past caring about the readership who can not respond in an adult fashion.
  by: Active1   08/25/2009 09:57 PM     
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