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                 01/19/2018 06:37 PM  
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08/27/2009 08:43 PM ID: 80422 Permalink   

Moon Rock in The Dutch National Museum is a Fake


The prized moon rock that was presented to the Dutch Prime Minister Willem Drees in 1969 by United States Ambassador J. William Middendorf during a goodwill tour by three of the Apollo astronauts turned out to be a piece of petrified wood.

J. William Middendorf, who was the chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1965 until 1969, was sent as an ambassador by president Richard Nixon. Middendorf said that the State Department had given him the stone.

In 2006 a space expert expressed doubts about the "moon rock." The Dutch National Museum intends to continue displaying it with the story of its interesting history.

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  now for the real question...  
did the state department know it was a fake?

or how about another...

if this "moon rock" was a fake, yet for 37 years was thought to be real how many others might be fake?, the source mentions these moon rocks were given to more than 100 countries... so how many are real and how many aren't?


if NASA had the originals and presummably gave them to state department, whom sent them to countries all over the world, did the state department make the fakes or did NASA?

though in fairness the plaque that went with the "moon rock" never claimed the "moon rock" was actually from the moon (as the source mentions).
  by: HAVOC666     08/27/2009 09:23 PM     
Let me say it for you.

Americans never landed on the MOON. Period
  by: skcusswentrohs     08/27/2009 11:07 PM     
  never once have i said that...  
i doubt the moon landing video... not the actual moon landing, in my opinion it was just a publicity stunt whether that landing from the video itself occured or not. that was its intent...

infact, i'm one of those that thinks we probably went there before we "offically" went there in 1969... and i give creedance to claims that perhaps even the nazi did since most of the technology that got the US there was actually developed under the nazi's, and carried over under operation paperclip and they themselves have claims of such, even up to the point of even having a moon base on the dark side of the moon (which has yet to be disproven, there is some evidence and testimony to its existance, and not only from former nazi's; though its not beyond doubt) and similarly the US offically had plans for their own moon base in the 50's (wonder where they go that idea from, whether based on truth or not)..

so long story short, you shouldn't speak for people you don't understand...


but by all means, lets ignore all the important questions... so how exactly did they get a fake moon rock? whose source is ultimately NASA, as its claimed that the state department got them from NASA, who got them from the moon... so are there fake moon rocks on the moon?

someone's got some explaining to do about this "moon rock".
  by: HAVOC666     08/27/2009 11:32 PM     
  Have your ever noticed..  
That most conspiracy theorists smell like farts.. (Flat Earthers, Moon landing, 9-11 ists, Kennedy Assassination, etc)

It's cause they are talking out of their A$$.
  by: CaveHermit   08/28/2009 12:01 AM     
Thats fine, as long as they don't cough.
  by: pexa02   08/28/2009 01:40 AM     
that was funny as hell.... nice imagery... lol
  by: HAVOC666     08/28/2009 02:01 AM     
The moon is brown? It took until NOW to figure out it might be fake??
  by: caution2     08/28/2009 02:19 AM     
  I'll give you $5 for it.  
I've got a divot in yard and I want to keep the earth flat. <hack, choke, poot> Opps, I farted when I coughed. :P
  by: valkyrie123     08/28/2009 02:38 AM     
  There used to be trees on the moon?  
  by: ixuzus     08/28/2009 06:01 AM     
Oh, God! Here we go again....
  by: Framtonm   08/28/2009 08:16 AM     
  Nixon sold the real rock on the black market  
because he knew he was going soon.
  by: MouseJunkie     08/28/2009 12:44 PM     
  i hate yahoo  
one click on their site anywhere and you get banners and ads... what a junk of a source. btw they link reputable sourcecs so why cant we go the extra step and get the story from the publisher...
  by: thedeeder   08/28/2009 08:55 PM     
  Looks fine to me  
Install an ad blocker if it bothers you.
  by: caution2     08/28/2009 09:06 PM     
  @ thedeeder  
Firefox, Adblock Plus and NoScript
  by: MouseJunkie     08/28/2009 09:16 PM     
  What a rip off !!  
You go all the way to the moon and get ripped of by the man in the moon selling fake moon rocks out of his tourist shop. Middendorf should have taken them a My Pet rock at least thiose are genuine Earth rocks. Or are they? Hmmmmmmm. lol
  by: snowztorm29     08/29/2009 01:57 PM     
It's not too far off to say that Nazi's may have had ideas, but to presume that people were flying to the moon in the 40's and 50's is, abit, hmm. Research may have been done, sure. Aspirations? Why not. But I'd have to question the technology. We were still trying to master flight in airplanes, let alone fly to the moon and build a base.

I think the only plausible scenario is that Germany had their research, and we may have claimed that much for ourselves. But Germans waging war on the world, while flying sheets of metal to the moon? What, was Hitler's plan to rule the world from his undisclosed moon base?
  by: Dayron   08/29/2009 03:14 PM     
"It's not too far off to say that Nazi's may have had ideas, but to presume that people were flying to the moon in the 40's and 50's is, abit, hmm."

you do know they were designing and idealizing space shuttles as early as the 30's right?... we just didn't hear about it till the 50's, we are usually 2 or 3 decades in knowledge behind what has actually been realized... and this applies to virtually anything the government or military are involved in.

"But I'd have to question the technology. We were still trying to master flight in airplanes, let alone fly to the moon and build a base."

sure, publicly in the US, but at the time germany was YEARS ahead of the US, most of the technology the US used was nazi in origin, their rockets, their bombers, their jets, their missiles... all come fro mthe nazi... its not as far fetched as most people think when you consider that.

and proving or disproving the moon base would be easy, just release uneditted pictures of the "dark side" of the moon as is where its been claimed to be both by a few members of NASA and military/intelligence agents/workers and by former nazi's, that would defitively say yes there is a moon base or no there isn't and they've had such pictures for no less than 44 years,

"But Germans waging war on the world, while flying sheets of metal to the moon?"

UFO sightings were rampant in and after WW2

"What, was Hitler's plan to rule the world from his undisclosed moon base? "

close actually, to start the fourth reich, in space, which in theory would have given the nazi's a hell of an advantage as their empire would be in a place that no-one else in the world could possibly touch, no-one else had the technology to do it, until operation paperclip that is, and in the event of the collapse of the 3rd reich the nazi empire itself wouldn't collaspe with it.

i've never actually heard of hitler himself being the ruling ideal behind the 4th reich though... that is something that is attributed to the vril and thule societies that were the real decisive force behind the nazi empire, and they are also said to be the first group to reverse engineer alien technology.. wether that part is true or not, it clearly suggests they had technolgy what was unexplainable at the time as many claim... infact to such a degree that some claim had the nazi's survived a few more months they may have actually won the war... and in my opinion they kinda did as their empire basically continued in the US, just under a different leadership.

though it can of course be argued that things like war are simply preplanned diversions for the masses in the first place and that the same shadow government (what people call the new world roder these days) controls nearly all of them, at least any of consequence.
  by: HAVOC666     08/29/2009 05:47 PM     
  I Wonder If Middendorf  
Didn't pocket the real one.
  by: ichi     08/29/2009 10:28 PM     
  Petrified wood?  
Isn't that what 80 year old dudes get when they eat Viagra?

Nah.. I guess it's what their wives get...

  by: bbeljefe     08/31/2009 02:53 AM     
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