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                 01/18/2018 08:27 PM  
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09/02/2009 06:38 PM ID: 80500 Permalink   

What Do Two Sheep, a Spiderman Costume, and Adult Toys Have in Common?


These are just a few of the items that have been left behind in Australian hotels last year. Three Aussie online agencies conducted the survey last year. 67% of the guests surveyed said they had never left anything in a room.

According to the survey the most common items left behind are cell phone chargers, toothbrushes and underwear. Some of the more unusual items found in hotel rooms include a man handcuffed to the bed, a prosthetic leg, and a deceased man.

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  My fault  
I am responsible for the 2 sheep and adult toys. What sick freak left the Spiderman costume?
  by: snowztorm29     09/02/2009 06:47 PM     
that man at least was handcuffed to the bed in a good place.
  by: vizhatlan     09/02/2009 07:35 PM     
  Dead Skin  
Don't forget a lot of bodily fluids are left behind as well. By the boat loads.
  by: Vhan     09/03/2009 07:44 AM     
  the maid...  
Having a job as a maid in a hotel sounds like it would be rather interesting...

but i dont think i'd have the stomach for it! lol
  by: LhiannanShee   09/03/2009 07:10 PM     
Man handcuffed to the bed or a deceased one doesn't sound like unusual items.
Ok, a prosthetic leg? One has figure it out how the owner left the hotel without it...
  by: fileno22   09/04/2009 01:14 AM     
Probably checked out half legless :)
  by: Ph33r_This   09/04/2009 04:22 AM     
that's cause after he took off his spider man costume he left it in the adjacent walk in hotel room where the hooker was with all the sex toys. she had to haul ass and left the sheep cause she took his wallet. then then we realize this guy actually had a fake leg and trip over the the cell phone charger and died on the bed in which him falling on it he meraculously hand cuffed himself to it.
  by: DRK   09/04/2009 04:22 AM     
  by: ru18yet   09/04/2009 04:41 AM     
I have this crazy feeling that the spiderman suit would fit your sheep perfectly.
  by: Maddhatter   09/05/2009 05:58 AM     
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