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                 04/23/2014 11:13 AM  
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09/04/2009 02:52 AM ID: 80526 Permalink   

High-School Quarterback Saves Bus Full of Kids From Gun-Wielding Girl


Twenty-two children ages 5 to 18 were saved by Kaleb Eulls, the quarterback of the Yazoo County High School football team in Mississippi, when he tackled a 14-year-old girl who brought a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun on board.

"I'm just extremely happy this young man took the bull by the horns and stopped a potentially deadly situation," said Yazoo County Sheriff Thomas Vaughan. He said the girl paced the bus aisle, shouting and pointing gun at students.

She threatened to shoot children she accused of teasing her. Eulls, who made a verbal commitment to play for Mississippi State, distracted her so that other students could evacuate the bus, then suddenly rushed her to the floor and took away the gun.

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  I hope  
he also got in a few punches.
  by: John E Angel     09/04/2009 04:34 AM     
18yo quarteback vs pissed off 14yo girl with gun;
tough call

Good job dude. Way to man up.
  by: VermiciousG     09/04/2009 05:39 AM     
hope that girl was beaten well. Well, that's America, even a young girl can get a dangerous weapon.
  by: vizhatlan     09/04/2009 05:01 PM     
  I hope he stuck that gun so far up her ass  
that she'll need dental surgery to remove it. Justice served.
  by: White Albino   09/05/2009 10:26 PM     
  Good guy...  
i hope this little cow will be watched in future.
  by: captainJane     09/09/2009 12:17 AM     
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