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                 02/19/2018 10:51 PM  
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09/05/2009 05:11 PM ID: 80546 Permalink   

Truant Students Dragged Out of Bed, Taken to School by Police


Australia: Police taking part in 'Operation Chrome' launched a crackdown on truancy and break-and-enters in Logan City, with officers in cars and on bicycles, trail bikes, and horses, taking 63 students to school and speaking to a further 100.

A local shopping centre is also cooperating by refusing to serve students in uniform without a leave pass. Senior Sergeant Andrew Dupere said that parents of repeat truants will also be the subject of police action during the 12 to 18-month operation.

"Several of the 63 were roused from their beds and taken to school. They’d never had a police officer turn up at their house and drag them out of bed and take them to school," said Sgt Dupere.

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forcing the kids to go to school and charging parents actually bring good results?

Thats not the system here in Canada and I was just curious on if it actually seems to work.
  by: the mobile kid   09/05/2009 05:36 PM     
Didn't work with me, I doubt they will suddenly get different results.

All in all this is a huge waste of time and money. I bet the criminals really like these days though.
  by: splicer   09/05/2009 07:37 PM     
I agree, this is retarded.
How is it that these parents couldn't do anything to get their kids to go to school that they needed the police to waste their time and do it for them.

Step up to the plate parents! The police have a job to do, they are not your nanny.
  by: skittlesloli   09/05/2009 08:33 PM     
"Step up to the plate parents! The police have a job to do, they are not your nanny."

well they are public servants, i'd be asking them to get me a glass of water while they're at

i agree though utterly stupid.
  by: HAVOC666     09/05/2009 09:11 PM     
  Wow what Heroes the cops are!  
But has anybody thought over whats the problem with the school system? Why don't the Kids want to be there. Its not because they are lazy! Its because they don't want to brainwashed and indoctrinated in these prisons that call them selfs schools any longer. By reading Wikipedia for a week one can learn more then in one year of highschool! We are living in a "Prison Planet" and are managed and regulated from Birth till Death. It makes me sick, where is Freedom? Todays schools main job is to create drones for the system. No wonder they have to force the Kids!
  by: evilrat   09/05/2009 10:39 PM     
  I wish...  
"Step up to the plate parents! The police have a job to do, they are not your nanny."

The police are our nanny here on the order of government and we are not allowed by law to drag our OWN kids to school, if we did and did it more than once we would be imprisoned for assault.
  by: captainJane     09/05/2009 10:53 PM     
  Truant kids  
are responsible for a lot of crime. The cops are actually doing their jobs. And when kids reach a certain age the parents lose control.
  by: walter3ca   09/05/2009 11:55 PM     
Yes, but why do so many students not want to go to school that such a drastic police action is necessary?
  by: evilrat   09/06/2009 12:06 AM     
  Just ..  
my theory but one of the reasons is boredom, other ways of teaching need to be applied, making learning a more interesting thing.

This was done years ago through TV but never seemed to make it to the schools. For kids that have concentration problems, it can be very difficult. Then they fall behind and feel they have to compensate by being the biggest prat in the gang.
  by: captainJane     09/06/2009 12:25 AM     
I don't think it's any one's job to invade homes to kidnap children.

But hey - the law's the law!
  by: H. W. Hutchins   09/06/2009 03:06 AM     
  I Quit High School In my Junior Year  
Totally bored with it.
I joined the Air Force and was stationed in Oahu Hawaii.
While in Oahu I started night classes at McKinley High taking accelerated semesters with the most fantastic educators. I can not believe the interest that these people instilled in me. I ended up finishing my senior year and starting at the University of Hawaii before the class I would have been in at home graduated. Again I took accelerated classes. A marine scientist handled the psych courses I attended tying the his studies to the courses, spinning them in magic.

I remember when I quit high school at home having the principal tell me that I would never be anything.
If I would have stayed in his school I would have been nothing.

My respect to the inspired educators.

Something else to the ones that are just biding their time.
  by: ichi     09/06/2009 03:34 AM     
  evilrat ,have you ever  
thought about the fact that if someone can get something given to them and they do not need to do anything to get it, there is no need to learn or work. that is what obama is trying to do in america. at least there someone os trying to get the lazy kids into school to learn. parents go to work and instead of the kids going to school, they wait till mom and dad are gone then go back to bed. in los angles years ago the police picked up kids in the street durning school hours. crime rated dropped quite a bit.
  by: shannon853   09/06/2009 05:10 AM     
  Look ...  
some of these parents dont give a rats ass about their kids and that isnt fair on the kids. While the police might not be the first choice they are the best equipped to deal with it. They have a piece of paper to say they can man handle you and they done it appropriately.

I think its a good idea actually, assuming that is the fining wasnt working.

Next up though are cops done for breaking & entering, child abuse and assualt.
  by: AccessG     09/06/2009 07:14 PM     
A lot of kids are lazy - they aren't just skipping school because it's a "prison" and they don't like being "brainwashed and indoctrinated", they are skipping school because they can't be bothered with it and would rather play computer games, watch TV or do whatever else it is that they enjoy doing. Also, kids like to rebel against authority, whether that be their parents, teachers or anyone else imposing rules upon them. They are young and can't accept that sometimes you have to do things you don't like in order to get by. Most of us probably have to do things at work or in our private lives that we don't enjoy, but we get on with it and make the best of a situation. I didn't particularly enjoy going to school, I hated being told what to do and found a lot of the work boring, I still went though as I knew that I needed to get an education in order to be able to get a decent job and make a living for myself. I also hate the idea of my parents not being proud of me, I like to do well for them as well as for myself.

I don't know about the US, but in the UK in poor areas it is quite common for people to sit around on benefits and not work - the parents often get more money from benefits than they would by getting a low-paid job. A lot of these people don't place any value on education and would rather just sit around watching TV thinking the world owes them a living. With parents like that, it's no wonder that so many kids don't realise the importance of getting an education and doing something for themselves - why do that when it's so much easier to skip school, get pregnant and be given a council house and benefits forever?
  by: TabbyCool     09/07/2009 02:24 PM     
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