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                 01/19/2018 12:39 PM  
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09/09/2009 06:24 AM ID: 80591 Permalink   

GOP Congresswoman a Birther?


Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) is under fire after she was heard whispering to a birther, "I agree with you, but the courts don't." In 2006 Schmidt accused Democrats for being cowards for wanting a timetable in Iraq.

In a recent issue of Loveland magazine, Schmidt said: "The President is indeed a Citizen of this country. I voted as a Member of the House to certify the vote of the Electoral College electing him as our President."

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What a piece of work. She's a former bank branch manager and fitness instructor. Her "coward" remark was directed toward Democrat John Murtha, a Marine who earned himself two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star fighting in the Vietnam War. This decorated Marine apparently earned the distinction of "coward" from Miss Fitness Instructor because he suggested we pull our troops out of the Iraq war.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/09/2009 07:21 AM     
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